1-15 December 2016


Special Reports

161st anniversary of 1857 observed with a march against "sale" of Red Fort

New Delhi (10 May 2018): On the occasion of 161st anniversary of first War of Independence (10 May 1857), Anhad organised a joint public procession ‘Padyatra’ from Rajghat to Red Fort here in Delhi today protesting the “sale&r...

How an inmate tried to change the lives of Tihar Jail prisoners

With over 70 percent of the jailed population being under-trials — technically innocent yet languishing — what can be done to lessen their trauma and pain?

Taj Mahal’s Spiritual Message

Taj Mahal is known all over the world for its singular beauty and as a symbol of ardent love. But, the third aspect of its celestial revelatory panorama remains mostly obscure from the public cognizance.  On the gigantic doubl...

'Aap mujhe Farsi sikhayenge?' said Tom Alter

This disarmingly humble request from an equally unassuming actor still reverberates in my memory. This came from none other than Tom Alter, who just shuffled off the mortal coil. I vividly remember our first meeting at Film Archives in Poona wa...

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The Role Of The Cold War In Indira Gandhi’s Emergency

The Congress split of 1969 was itself an advantage for Moscow. Mrs. Gandhi had discarded the conservative, pro-capital big wigs, more comfortable with Congress stalwarts whom she had defeated in the Parliamentary party contest in 1966.

How many more will be killed by India's 2019 General elections?

The state of anarchy could pave way for more violence: not just the upcoming general elections of 2019 but also the fact stands out that till recently the masses were sitting somewhat subdued, awaiting miracles are now completely frustrated.

Karnataka Politics: Alarm Bells for BJP!

Strategies exercised by Congress party in Karnataka politics and the nature of this party’s campaign for Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are definitely suggestive of the party leaders having come to terms with the reach as well as limitations of...

The Role of Cultural Interactions and Resident Indian Communities in the GCC Countries in Shaping Gulf-India Ties

India’s ties with the Gulf go back at least 8000 years. Archaeological excavations at Dilmun in Bahrain and Sur in Oman reveal links with the Harappan civilisation that go back to 2300-2000 BC.  Cotton was a major export from...

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Community News

Help extended to destitute orphans in Moradabad village

New Delhi: A recent press report said that some young orphans in village Mandia Ganu of Moradabad are left to fend for themselves after the death of their father and mother in quick succession. The children are surviving on doles given by their...

Senior advocate Salar Khan is no more

New Delhi: Senior advocate Salar Muhammad Khan died here on Saturday, 8 April. He was 52 years old. He is survived by wife, daughter and son. He basically belonged to Jaipur in Rajasthan but had made Delhi his home where he practiced law for th...

Glimpses of good Hindu-Muslim relations despite avalanche of hate

Gujarat mosque becomes functional with Hindu help Ahmedabad: A mosque abandoned for the last 30 years has become functional once again with the help of Hindu residents of the area. This hundred-year-old mosque is situated in a Hindu lo...

AMU's Prof Samdani receives ‘Legal Expert Award’

Aligarh, November 22, 2017: Professor Shakeel Samdani (Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University—AMU) has been conferred with the ‘Legal Expert Award’ by a leading Urdu daily in a special function held at the Kala Mandir Au...

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Delhi Minorities Commission condemns the killing of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan

DMC condemns the killing of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan, holds condolence meeting and writes to the Afghan government

2019 Kurukshetra — Meaning of Latest Turn in Kashmir Lies Outside the State

Two policemen leading the mob which ultimately lynched a Muslim in Hapur is, of course, part of by now familiar communalism which has to be revved upon to a higher pitch in order to prepare the ground for the General Elections in 2019. The anim...

Kashmir: Governor rule clamped for the eighth time since 1977

Srinagar: With BJP’s decision to pull out of the alliance with Mehbooba Mufti’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), governor’s rule has been imposed in the state. The corridors of power have shifted to the Raj Bhawan here. This is...

Bengali school in Delhi claims 'Linguistic Minority Status'

New Delhi: The management of the Bengali Senior Secondary School on Shyam Nath Marg recently declared itself a “Linguistic Minority Institution” and started printing same on its stationary and school bags, allegedly to use this self...

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Ramadan Ceasefire in Kashmir Meaningless if Media War Continues

I have never seen the electronic media so totally defiant of the BJP government. Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s avowed intention to calm Kashmir by announcing a Ramadan ceasefire appears to have been dismissed as “appeasement of Paki...

Hamid Ansari, Jinnah’s Portrait and turmoil in AMU

With this AMU episode Hindu nationalist politics is killing many birds with a single stone. The ghost of Jinnah will keep visiting us, and RSS combine through its efforts will keep propping up divisive issues one after the other!

Minority Space and Majority Muddling – Riding Through the Misadventures of Majoritarian Democracy

What significance does minority religious, social, and political identity have in a majoritarian democracy? Specifically, what significance does the Muslim Indian community have in the kind of a majoritarian democracy that India is evolving int...

Rewriting of History and Sectarian Nationalism

Leaders of Indian nationalism, Gandhi and Nehru, saw the country belonging to people of all religions, the interaction between religions giving rise to a syncretic plural culture.

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