1-15 December 2016


Special Reports

Homes Charity Alliance Built for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims

We had funds to complete 32 houses and a hall. All houses are on the periphery of the plot. There are no open sewage lines, all lines are covered and supported by several large septic tanks. The plot has deep borewell hand-pumps.

Spoken with Conviction, not out of necessity: Frontier Gandhi on Sheikh Abdullah

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan aka Frontier Gandhi (1890-1988) visited Kashmir in June 1980. I, an eight year old child at the time, had the honor of meeting him. I remember being taken to a public rally at which Badshah Khan sahib made a speech in hi...

Bihar Elections: The Magician, RJD Flag and Muslims

Samastipur, October 12, 2015: At a crossroad of Dharampur, a Muslim-concentrated area of Samastipur, a small crowd surrounded a magician, who called a little boy standing in the crowd to search if there was anything in his cylinder-shaped cap. ...

The Killer Dengue and the sordid saga of poor governance!

Last week there was an outcry in the print, electronic and social media as Avinash Rout, 7, and Aman Sharma, 6, died of dengue after allegedly being denied treatment by private hospitals. Avinash's parents committed suicide following his de...

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Muslim Personal Law and Indian Constitution

People who are in favour of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) have made their mind on the following three basic assumptions:   1. There should be one common law for all citizens of the country. 2. There is necessarily no connection between ...

Sachar Report gathers dust, Abolishing Personal Laws cant change dark realities

This mid-week (22 December) several academics and activists of this capital city are getting together to ‘review’ the the Sachar Committee Report in the context of the implementation of its recommendations. As N.D. Pancholi puts acr...

The Ghost of Pakistan in our political life

If violence on the Indian borders perpetrated by Pakistan is a ground to call Pakistan a terrorist country, what should we call our country where there is innumerable records of violence within its own borders.

What happened to Dalits, isnt reservations enough for them?

What has happened to dalits? Why have they become so violent? They are getting reservation through constitution in everything, what else do they want now?

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Community News

Telugu writer brings out calendar of Indian Muslim freedom fighters

Telugu writer Syed Naseer Ahamed, with the help of Mohammed Farookh Shubli, Founder President of Youth Welfare, Vijayawada, has brought out a calendar for 2017 bearing photos of India's Muslim freedom fighters. Syed Naseer Ahamed has be...

Protest in Delhi against Israeli policies in occupied Palestine

New Delhi: Muslim Students Organisation of India (MSO) held a protest here at the Jantar Mantar on 1 July against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Protesters raised slogans and held placards aga...

Food aid distributed in Murshidabad by Charity Alliance

New Delhi: Charity Alliance trust, as every year since 2005, distributed Ramadan food packets among poor people in and around Uttar Ghoshpara area of Murshidabad, West Bengal. A total of 240 families received food packets containing six kg rice...

Mehbooba, Azaadi & Pratirodh (Resistance) Continues — Signs of the Times

CHIEF MINISTER SAHIBA OF J&K, MEHBOOBA MUFTI I don’t believe in symbolic one -liners along the strain that a woman chief minister can do wonders for the women and men and children of the State. Women chief ministers in other state...

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Kashmir: Militants killed in the Valley

Two militants were killed in two separate encounters with security forces in central and north Kashmir during the past one week. A cop and an Army personal too sustained injuries in the respective gunfights. A militant identified as Lashkar...

Kashmir: Sinha-led group calls for dialogue with the stakeholders

Srinagar: In the meantime, a five-member team led by former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha that visited Kashmir twice during 2016 summer unrest, released its report (January 7). The report said that people believed that the present lull in stone...

India and Pakistan in race for mutual destruction

Pakistan fired its first submarine-launched cruise missile Babur-3 on Monday January 9, 2017, Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said. According to Press Trust of India, the launch of the nuclear...

Stormy legislature session in Kashmir

Srinagar: The killings by security forces during the current unrest in Kashmir Valley, which started after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commader Burhan Muzaffar Wani alongwith two of his associates in south Kashmir on July 8 last year, prev...

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Time for the Ummah to unite, and yes it is possible

Both for the unity of the Ummah and for peace within it as well as peace with other faiths, a liberal and tolerant attitude is essential.

Muslim Personal Law and Uniform Civil Code

It has been the consistent line of all government of Independent India that no changes will be made in the Muslim personal laws without the permission of the Muslim community.

Why I recommend Gandhi's book 'Hind Swaraj' for Indian media?

By  Rameez Makhdoomi On night prime time shows on majority of news channels anchors in India  assume charge of justices of kangaroo courts. Distorting the image of a particular community has become their forte.  Anti-nationa...

Venerating casteism in the quest for the Idea of India

By Subhashini Ali   The idea of India has become a favoured topic in these days of avid contestation over nationalism and identity, with overwhelming majoritarianism being projected as the only real basis of national unity. How complex...

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