1-15 December 2016


Special Reports

161st anniversary of 1857 observed with a march against "sale" of Red Fort

New Delhi (10 May 2018): On the occasion of 161st anniversary of first War of Independence (10 May 1857), Anhad organised a joint public procession ‘Padyatra’ from Rajghat to Red Fort here in Delhi today protesting the “sale&r...

How an inmate tried to change the lives of Tihar Jail prisoners

With over 70 percent of the jailed population being under-trials — technically innocent yet languishing — what can be done to lessen their trauma and pain?

Taj Mahal’s Spiritual Message

Taj Mahal is known all over the world for its singular beauty and as a symbol of ardent love. But, the third aspect of its celestial revelatory panorama remains mostly obscure from the public cognizance.  On the gigantic doubl...

'Aap mujhe Farsi sikhayenge?' said Tom Alter

This disarmingly humble request from an equally unassuming actor still reverberates in my memory. This came from none other than Tom Alter, who just shuffled off the mortal coil. I vividly remember our first meeting at Film Archives in Poona wa...

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Questioning afresh Indian military’s social representativeness

The meager number of Muslims in the security forces is not limited to the period of ascent of cultural nationalism. Little was done to remedy matters in the UPA period.

What is RSS? By Madhu Limaye (1st May 1922—1995)

Madhu Limaye was veteran freedom fighter, Socialist leader and Parliamentarian. May 1st marks the 97th birth anniversary late Madhu Limaye. This piece, penned by Madhu Limaye soon after the split in the Janata Party in 1979.

Gandhi and RSS: Diverse Nationalisms

So today when point is being made about choice between Gandhi and Godse, what is being pleaded is that the choice is between inclusive Indian nationalism of Gandhi and exclusive Hindu nationalism being propounded by RSS progeny BJP.

Can a code used by the Election Commission be closed and unaccountable in a democracy?

On December 7, 2018, the day the Telangana assembly elections were held, several voters across the state protested on the streets complaining about their missing names in the electoral rolls. Several political parties and civil society groups h...

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Community News

Viqar Ahmad — An ace broadcaster passes away

Viqar Ahmad, the most outstanding broadcaster and an authoritative voice of the BBC Urdu Service for many decades passed away on 13 March, 2019, after a prolonged illness in a London hospital. He was 90. Viqar Ahmad was born in Sitapur in Awadh...

Newly elected Jamaat-e-Islami Hind chief wants Muslim youth to become assets for the nation

New Delhi, 8 April 2019: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s newly-elected Ameer (President) Syed Sadatullah Hussaini has called upon the Muslim youth to “become assets for the nation and not liability.” Left to Right: Salim Engin...

Electrician’s daughter studying in Jamia School selected for $28000 US Scholarship

Subia Parveen, a student of class 10th of Jamia Senior Secondary School has been selected for Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) scholarship, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. She will be getting 28 thousand US Dollar scholar...

The Nizam Jewelry Exhibition

The contributions of my Late grandfather was supreme in every field be it the palaces that he built, his dedication towards being a philanthropist, his massive donation of 5000 Kg gold towards the National Defense Fund, or his unique and extrem...

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For Delhi Election Duty, Police wants to forcibly occupy rooms of Shaheen Public School

New Delhi: SHO Shaheen Bagh in South Delhi tried to forcibly occupy the ground floor of Shaheen Public School yesterday. He went away after warning the school staff that if he does not find all rooms of the ground floor vacated on Thursday morn...

Delhi Minorities Commission on murder of cows in Trilokpuri

New Delhi: Taking a serious note of the murder of two cows in Trilokpuri in the morning of Wednesday and the subsequent agitation of saffron elements in front of Pandav Nagar Police Station, Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman Dr. Zafarul-Isla...

Sadhvi Pragya, saffron terror and remembering Manto

Its about time that Sadhvi Pragya’s so-called defenders should read this latest book by the former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police, S. M. Mushrif - Brahminists Bombed, Muslims Hanged.

NaMo TV controversy: Introspect on news content, EMFA urges channels

Guwahati: The gate-keeping role of traditional media has been questioned by observers, despite the advent of social media where everyone has a say but there is little credible analysis. Reacting to the recent controversy over NaMo TV, the Elect...

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Display of religiosity by Rahul-led Congress is not ‘soft-Hindutva’

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of the nation, did say that he is a Hindu; at the same time he went on to say that religion is a private matter for him. His greatest disciple Jawaharlal Nehru was a rationalist agnostic. He laid the found...

Tiding Over Controversies: AMU Fraternity must rise upto the Occasion

17th October is the birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of MAO College, which later became the Aligarh Muslim University. The university and its alumni all over the world dedicatedly celebrate this day as the founder’s day a...

Political pollution is more dangerous than environmental

I do realize I’m not being very original in stating that the political pollution together with the environmental pollution is killing us. Though a hue and cry is raised every now and then about the environment turning poisonous but what a...

After Decriminalisation of Homosexuality, Criminalisation of Instant Triple Divorce

Finally, the BJP Government has done what it believes would win them the vote of a certain section of Muslim women and might generate a kind of reaction that suits their plans for the next Lok Sabha elections. What they have done is in accordan...

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