1-15 December 2016


Special Reports

'Aap mujhe Farsi sikhayenge?' said Tom Alter

This disarmingly humble request from an equally unassuming actor still reverberates in my memory. This came from none other than Tom Alter, who just shuffled off the mortal coil. I vividly remember our first meeting at Film Archives in Poona wa...

Tarek Fatah's Anti-Hindutva, Anti-Israel past and the fatwa of 1 million on his head

The cat is out of the bag. The All-India Faizan-e-Madina Council has recently announced a “reward” of Rupees 10 lakh to behead Tarek Fatah, an Islamophobic Canadian of Pakistani origin who now frequently appears on Indian News chann...

Homes Charity Alliance Built for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims

We had funds to complete 32 houses and a hall. All houses are on the periphery of the plot. There are no open sewage lines, all lines are covered and supported by several large septic tanks. The plot has deep borewell hand-pumps.

Spoken with Conviction, not out of necessity: Frontier Gandhi on Sheikh Abdullah

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan aka Frontier Gandhi (1890-1988) visited Kashmir in June 1980. I, an eight year old child at the time, had the honor of meeting him. I remember being taken to a public rally at which Badshah Khan sahib made a speech in hi...

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Ayodhya dispute: Supremacy of Constitution or faith?

If RJ-BM dispute is news once again, there must be elections round the corner! And yes elections are round the corner!

Taj Mahal in the storm of history and propaganda

The glory in white marvel is eclipsed not by centuries of its existence on the dingy bank of Yamuna river but by ill-perception and betrayal in the hands of its own current custodians.

BJP-ruled states compete to build the tallest statues, while masses are deprived of basic needs

In the last couple of years three BJP ruled states in India have begun projects to build massive statues of their regional heroes, each costing trillions of rupees. Kaun samjhayee bhakton ko? Gujarat The first was Gujarat st...

Seven Avtars of Hinduism

Many of these traditions overlapped each other and the practiced forms of Hinduism today contain many of these elements simultaneously. The Brahmin priests dominated all learning, assimilated many traditions they wove a complex tapestry of mythology.

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Community News

Mumbai's Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui Saheb is no more

Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui (better known as G.M. Siddiqui), a writer of copious letters to the editor on all issues concerning the Muslims of India, is no more. He simply wrote his name as Ghulam Muhammed without attaching Siddiqui to it. ...

Veteran Assamese director Abdul Majid passed away

Guwahati (27 September 2017): Veteran Assamese director Abdul Majid passed away on 24 September in a city based hospital. Popular for his amiable nature among everyone in Assam, the progressive octogenarian actor and playwright was lately admit...

Delhi — Teasing and harassment of girl students in Okhla, Jamia Nagar

The Memorandum reads as under:   To   The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast Delhi) Sarita Vihar New Delhi   Sub: Memorandum regarding increasing acts of teasing of school going girls in...

Striving Against Casteism, Students' Islamic Org holds iftar with Chakliyar community

Calicut: The state council of Students Islamic Organization conducted iftar meet at Muthalamada Ambedkar colony in solidarity with the Chakliyar community, where casteism is practised against the lower castes in every nuance of daily lives. Rup...

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Pinned Against The Wall: Losing the Argument in Srinagar

Subjects that were hush-hush in the past are now part of casual conversation over cups of kahva. Democratization of corruption for instance. This the intelligence agencies have achieved – transferring cash in ever-expanding concentric circles.

Kashmir: India sends another interlocutor on futile mission

What! Now another interlocutor to settle the mess in the Kashmir Valley! With the appointment of the former IB director, Dineshwar Sharma, as yet another interlocutor for the Valley, eyebrows are getting raised and a bunch of pertinent question...

Five-day Kashmir World Film Festival: Will it help revive cinema in Kashmir?

Srinagar: The second edition of Kashmir World Film Festival (KWFF) returned to Kashmir with more enthusiasm and support from locals, eminent Bollywood personalities like Rajat Kapoor, Govind Nihalani, Aruna Raje Patel, Saeed Akhtar Mirza and ot...

Kashmir: Appointment of an interlocutor shows failure of Delhi's previous approach

Srinagar: The decision of the central government to initiate a dialogue process with all the stakeholders in Jammu and Kashmir and naming former Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief Dineshwar Sharma as the new interlocutor for the troubled state has ...

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‘History’ propounded by the Hindu supremacists is stranger than fiction

It is a tool in the hands Hindutva to justify their ideology which considers Muslims and Christians, whose holy lands are outside India (land mass from River Sindhu to Arabian Sea) as foreign religions.

Dharamyudh in Full swing

It is ironical indeed that the forces that are least hesitant to use violence as a means to establish or sustain their hegemony have been most vocal in criticising Jihad and Jihadism in Islam and Muslims. None can beat West in using force at th...

How can women 'wage peace' without talking about occupation?

I arrived early and with many reservations to the rally organized by “Women Wage Peace” in Jerusalem’s Independence Park this past week. It was the culmination of a two-week “Journey to Peace,” in wh...

Kovind, Dalit Politics and Hindu Nationalism

By nominating Ramanth Kovind as the Presidential candidate, BJP has tried to play the politics of tokenism to the hilt. Mr. Kovind is a dalit from UP. While many names were doing the round from BJP parivar, finally they settled for a person who...

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