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This  ad was posted online on 11 October 2004

Establish Namaz & Pay Zakat; this is the religion of administrative bandobast (Holy Qur'an 98:5)

(Regd. Trust)

Donors of Zakat, Imdaad, Sadaqat & other charities through Zakat Foundation of India are entitled to deduction under section 80G of the Income-tax Act.
The Foundation is also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

Regd. Office: "God's Grace", D-208 Abul Fazl Enclave, Okhla Embankment, New Delhi-110025 India 
Address for correspondence: "Happy Home", A-11, Khajuri Road, Batla House, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025 
Tel.: ++91-11-26982781, 26327031, 26827128, ++91-9818071085, ++91-9811200621; E-mail:; Website:

Allah will help those who help His cause (Holy Quran 22:40)

Zakat Foundation of India is working in India since 1998 for collection & distribution of Zakat, Sadaqat, & Imdad to the needy persons in accordance with the rules laid down by the Holy Qur'an & Hadith. The activities of Zakat Foundation of India are as follows:

1) HAPPY HOME (INDIA): It has been established in Delhi where helpless/orphan children are carefully brought up (housing, food, clothes, medical care, education, transport, etc.). Most of the children here are from riot affected Gujarat. 
The children are living in four flats given by a philanthropist for temporary use. There are 9 staff members besides 3 tutors. The monthly expenditure of Happy Home in cash & kind is Rs One lakh (US$ 2225) approximately. The children are studying in God's Grace School the well known English Medium School in the area. The School does not charge Zakat Foundation of India or Happy Home (India) for these children's fees, books and uniform.
During January 2004 a plot of land measuring 1100 sq. yrds. was identified in Okhla area of Delhi by the members of Zakat Foundation of India and in August its transfer has been registered in Zakat Foundation of India's name. Now the efforts are in progress for construction of Happy Home's own building which will accommodate 500 children having exclusive blocks for boys and girls. The budget is estimated at Rs Seventy lakh (US$ 156,000).
We appeal to your generosity. Please donate out of not only Zakat but also your Sadaqat and Imdad amounts. May God bless you and your progeny.

Children of Happy Home (India) ready for school

Children of Happy Home (India) ready for school

At homework

Dining together

2) Help of widows & other destitute persons: About 85 widows & indigent men & women are given monthly stipend amounting to Rs. 600/- p.m. upto Rs. 3000/- p.m. depending upon their respective requirements and after proper investigation.
3) Employment Programs: About 150 families have been helped to be economically self sufficient/self employed.
4) Marriage of Poor Girls: Zakat Foundation of India helps in marriage of poor girls. 
5) Education: Zakat Foundation of India helps students by way of fee deposit, admission & purchase of books.
6) Medical Treatment: Zakat Foundation of India helps the sick persons in their medical treatment and convalescence. 
7) Discharge of Debt: Zakat Foundation of India helps the needy for discharge of debt.
8) Mercy Home (India): A charitable dispensary is being run by ZFI in Darya Ganj, Delhi by the name of Mercy Home (India) for poor & needy patients. It is also equipped with X-Ray & E.C.G. machines, etc.
9) Drug Bank: In Mercy Home(India) there is a drug bank where any person can donate the extra medicines to help the poor & sick.
10) Clothes Bank: The functions of clothes bank in Mercy Home include collection of clothes from donors & their distribution to the needy.
11) Gujarat Relief: During Gujarat disturbance ZFI team visited there and provided medical assistance, clothes, hand carts, ice cream trollies, sewing machines etc. Seriously injured persons were treated in Delhi. Financial help was rendered for the marriage of girls living in camps and for construction of houses for the homeless. 

The members of the Foundation have regular meetings with Ulema and other Religious Scholars many of whom have also delivered valuable speeches in the public gatherings of the Foundation. They are uniformly of the view that, like Namaz, we the Indian Muslims should also systematically organise, as per Shariat, the collection and disbursement of Zakat. They have lauded the efforts of the Zakat Foundation of India made in this direction. These Ulema and Religious Scholars include the following:
Hzt. Maulana Rabey Hasan Nadvi Sb.(President, Indian Muslim Personal Law Board); (Late) Hzt. Maulana Mujahidul Islam Qasmi Sb.(Formerly President, Indian Muslim Personal Law Board); Hzt. Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh Sb. (Maharashtra); Mufti Fuzailur Rahman Hilal Usmani Sb. (Punjab); Maulana Abdullah Mughaisi Sb. (U.P.); Mufti Naseeruddin Sb. (Delhi); Maulana Asraar-ul-Haq Qasmi Sb. (Ex-President Milli Council); Maulana S. Aqeel Ahmad Qasmi Sb.; Maulana Mahmudul Hasan Sb.; Dr. S. Tariq Abdullah Sb.; Maulana Razaullah Madani Sb.; Maulana Fazlur Rahman Madani Sb.; Maulana Mehmood-ur-Rehman Sb.

1) Rules of Shariat are fully complied with under the guidance of Ulema. 2) We have separate accounts for Zakat, Sadaqat/Imdad, Happy Home, Mercy Home, Construction, FCRA and Administrative Expenses. 
3) Zakat/Sadaqat/Imdad are disbursed by cheque on the basis of application in prescribed proforma followed by detailed inquiry/investigation by ZFI members, written report, and its consideration by the committee under the rules of shariat and the guidance of Ulema. 4) Accounts are regularly audited by chartered accountant and returns are submitted to the Income-tax Department.

Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood (President) ++91-11-26827128
Asrar Ahmed (Vice President) ++91-11-22055598
Hakim Anis-ur-Rahman (Vice President) ++91-11-23283124
S.M. Shakil (Vice President) ++91-11-23926851
Dr. S. Najmussalam Jalali (Secretary) ++91-11-23279975
Qayamuddin (Treasurer) ++91-11-23265473
Irfan Baig (Joint Secretary) ++91-11-23243535
Tanzim Raza Qureshi (Joint Secretary) ++91-11-23263996
Dr. Mufti Mohd. Adil Jamal (Member) ++91-11-23267783
Farooq Ahmed Alvi (Member) ++91-11-23230317
Mumtaz Najmi (Member, Incharge Happy Home) ++91-9811200621
Mubashshir Hussain (Member) ++91-11-23262549
Syed Shabahat Hussain (Member) ++91-11-26315580
Rafiuddin Makki (Member) ++91-11-23239473
Abdul Hadi (Member) ++91-11-23279576
Syed Abrar Ali (Member) ++91-11-23277312

Rashid Mirza, Mohd. Zaki, Mohd. Mohsin, Kamal Akhtar, Mahmood Hasan, Suhail Razzaque, Nadeem Ahmed, Mohd. Akmal, Mohd. Kamran, Mohd. Anis, Asrar Ahmed, Mamdooha Majid, Mohd. Naseem, Mohd. Farooque, Mehtab, Mohd. Saeed, Azra Razaque, Syed Hasan Mahmood, Syed Muhibullah Abbasi, Mohd. Nafis, Sharafat Hussain, Tehsin Siddiqui, Irfan Qureshi, Nazir Ahmed, Mohd. Abdullah, Mohd. Khursheed, Munawwar. Mohd. Urooj, Firasat Ali Siddiqui, Shamimuddin, Abdus Sattar, Irshad Sabri, Mohd. Idris Khan, Asif Ali, Aisha Fatima, Ejaz Ahmed, Rehan Khan, Firoz Khan, M. Alimuddin, S.M. Sajid, Iftekhar Ahmed Hashmi, Prof. Haqqi, Syed Fakhre Alam, Aslam Islahi, Zafar-ul-Islam, M.I. Khan, Mohd. Tahir Ismail, Ameer Subhani, Ameen Zaidi, Babar Zaidi, Javed Naqvi, Masood Javed.

1) Construction of own building of Happy Home (India). 
2) Increase in the number of widows & indigent persons getting stipend. 3) Increase in the number of Employment Programs. 4) To make available mobile medical vans to the needy. 5) A large number of applicants always remain in queue. They can also be helped if we have more funds. 

Please deposit your maximum possible contributions. Payments are accepted by cheques, drafts, direct bank transfers and money orders. We have separate accounts for Zakat, Sadaqat/Imdad, Happy Home, Mercy Home, Admn. Expenses, Construction, FCRA as follows: 

Jamia Cooperative Bank Ltd.
Batla House, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025
Zakat Foundation of India (Zakat A/c No. 3432)
Zakat Foundation of India (Happy Home India A/c No. 75707)

Janta Cooperative Bank Ltd.
Pataudi House, Darya Ganj, Delhi-110002
Zakat Foundation of India (Zakat A/c No. 6291)
Zakat Foundation of India (Sadaqat/Imdad A/c No. SBF-16)
Zakat Foundation of India (Happy Home A/c No. 7631)
Zakat Foundation of India (Mercy Home (India) A/c No. 7749)
Zakat Foundation of India (Admin. Expn. A/c No. 9411). 

Bank of India
Hans Bhawan, I.T.O, Bahardur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110002
Zakat Foundation of India (Building Construction A/c 11208)
Zakat Foundation of India (FCRA Account No. 11211)

Also, you can use the Foundationís donation box kept in Happy Home (India). However, if you find it difficult to go there or to our Bank, please inform our Secretary, Treasurer or Incharge-Happy Home. They will arrange to collect the cheque/cash from you against a numbered, signed and stamped receipt.

Members of Zakat Foundation of India are responsible to transmit your Charity to the needy persons as per the rules of Shariat.


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