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Posted: 20 Nov 2003

(A National Level Modern, Islamic-oriented model residential Institution for Girls)
The Gaya Muslim Girls' Orphanage

The girls after successfully passing the matriculation examination from the school of the institution, gain easy admission in different colleges and Arabic medium institutions.
Allah (SWT) makes a place in heaven for the person who contributes to orphans from a portion of his wealth and food (Hadith) l Taking care of widows and orphans is the highest act of obedience to the will and command of Allah (SWT). It is same as taking part in (Jihad) performing (Hajj) or Observance of a regular fasting (Hadith-Muslim and Bukhari Sharif)
Day of Establishment: 21st December 1986, with three orphan girls in a rented tiled house which has now been purchased.
Motive of Establishment: Janab Late Enayeth Khan, founder of "The Gaya Muslim Orphanage", had expressed his desire for its establishment in a letter which he wrote in 1938.
Education: Primary l Middle l High School l Department of Hifz-wa-Tajwid (Memorisation of the Holy Quran) 
l Home Science and Vocational Training such as Tailoring l Painting l Mehndi 
l Designing etc. 
Educational Session: January to December
Total orphan girl students: (100)
Strength of non-orphan girls: (22) comprising of boarders and other local girls etc.
Strength of teaching and non-teaching staff: 30
Annual Budget: Rs. 11 Lakh approx.
Source of income: Donations from Muslim Ummah.
Expenditure: The institution bears the entire expenses of the orphan girls from clasp to hem.
Achievements by students: (1) Like every year, the students achieved (100%) success in the results declared for Matric examination. (2) Two students of (Class VI & IX) have become Hafaza after completion of memorisation of Holy Quran. They became Hafaza while carrying on with their studies in modern education. Other students are also undertaking memorisation of Holy Quran while simultaneously pursuing the modern education. (3) Department of Adult Education had been established on 20th June 2002. A young married illiterate woman has enrolled herself for the course and is pursuing her studies as a paid boarder. Several illiterate girls and women have also enrolled themselves for the course. The Adult Education Programme is of one year duration. (NOTE) Those young girls and women who are illiterate and wish to enroll themselves for the Adult Education Programme can contact the institution for the same.

An appeal (Kafala Scheme): Every year 50 to 60 orphan girls have to return saddened and without being admitted because of pressing financial problems. Annual expenditure for the education of an orphan girl is (Rs. 7,000/=) only. Brethren-in-Islam too can generously contribute towards this by bearing the expenses of at least one orphan girl. l If you do not care for them they would remain illiterate. Allah (SWT) would indeed hold you accountable on the Day of Judgment. l So long as the wealthy section of the community does not take the responsibility of educating at least one orphan girl, the dream of spreading literacy would never be fulfilled. Instead, the gap of illiteracy would further widen. "Educating a girl is as if a whole family has been educated" l It is the duty of wealthy persons to take care of the helpless, orphan girls of the community. Please help this growing institution through l Zakat l Fitra l Sadqah l Charity l Donation and Bank interest etc. Cheques and Drafts to be made in the name of "The Gaya Muslim Girls' Orphanage". Send your cheques, drafts and money-orders on the following address. 

General Secretary,
The Gaya Muslim Girls' Orphanage
At: Kolowna, P.O: Cherki-824237, 
Distt: Gaya (Bihar) 
Tel (+91) (0) (631) 273437

Bank A/c No. 7752
Union Bank Of India (Gaya Branch), Bihar, INDIA


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