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Iqra' Education Foundation, Mumbai

GIST of the Quran 

This book reflects the sequences of recitation observed in mosques during Tarawih prayers where the recitation of whole Quran is completed in twenty seven nights. This is for people who are not conversant with Arabic and are desirous of knowing the Quranic contents in a brief manner.

Price Rs. 40/- 
ISBN 81 23201389

138 (78), Perambur High Road
Chennai-600612. INDIA
Ph. 26624401, 26620091


Some Our Important Books

Titles  Author Price
The Meaning of the Glorious Qur’aan M. Marmaduke Pickthall  Rs. 35
Kitab-Al Tawhid S.M. Ibn Abdul Wahhab Rs. 35
Fasting in Islam Abdus Samad Sharfuddin Rs. 05
Muslim Character M. Al-Ghazali Rs. 65
What Islam Gave to Humanity Abdul Hamid Siddiqui Rs. 08
The Characteristics of the Islamic Concept Syed Qutub Shaheed Rs. 75
On The Sociology of Islam S. A. Rizvi  Rs. 25
Islam and the Modern Materialistic Thought M. Qutb Rs. 70
Life of the Prophet Mustafa Sabai Rs. 18
The Life of Muhammad (P.B.) Rs. 170
Haykal Mohd Husain  (H.B.) Rs. 220
A Day with the Prophet Ahamd Von Denffer Rs. 20
Mohammad the Prophet of Islam Prof. K.S. Ramakrishna Rao Rs. 08
Days from my Life Zainab-Al Ghazali Rs. 35
How to Call People to Islam Abdul Badei Saqr Rs. 28
Maroof and Munkar Syed Jalaluddin Umri Rs. 50
Fundamental Rights Salahuddin Rs. 65
Some Glittering Aspects of the Islamic Civilisation Mustafa Sibai Rs. 40
The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam (P.B.) Rs. 100
Yusuf Al-Qardhavi (H.B.) Rs. 140

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New Crescent Publishing Co.
2035, Qasim Jan Street Ballimaran, Delhi-110006 (India)
Phone: 3262545 Fax: 91-11-3282834



This is an English translation and commentary of the BANG-E DARA of the Poet of the Orient, Allamah MUHAMMAD IQBAL
By Dr M A K Khalil (Canada)
Foreword by the Allamah’s son, Dr Javid Iqbal. 

This is the first English translation of the whole book with four chapters on Allamah Iqbal, his biography and philosophy, copious notes on each poem and appendices with comprehensive notes on all the luminaries of Islam and other prominent personalities as well as on the concepts mentioned in the book. 

Pages: 477 (hard back) Price: Rs 800 / foreign by airmail: US$30

Pharos Media 
P.O. Box 9701, D-84 Abul Fazl Enclave - I, New Delhi 110 025


Adam Publishers & Distributors: 
House of Islamic Literature 

Sir Syed (A Centenary Tribute), Rs 500
Edited by: Asloob A. Ansari

Al-Qur’an (Divine Book of Eternal Value), Rs 200
Prof. Z.A. Farooq

Islam Muslims & Non-Muslims, Rs 150
A.Y. Alqarzavi & A.A. Nadvi

A History of Muslim Philosophy, Rs 800
M.M. Sharief

History of Muslim Spain, Rs 450
S.M.M. Khan Sabri

Decisive Moments in the History of Islam, Rs 200
M.A. Abdullah Enan

A Comprehensive Guide Book of Islam, Rs 200
Altaf Ahmed Kheri

Islam and Modernism, Rs 90
M.M. Taqi Usmani

Influence of Islam on World Civilization, Rs 275
Prof. Ziauddin Ahmed

Some Aspect of Islamic Education, Rs 125
A . Ghafur Chaudhri

Prophets Way of Worship, Rs 90
M.S. Sialkoti

An Institution of Islamic Research & Publications
1781, Hauz Suiwalan, New Delhi - 110002

Muslim India Monthly
Journal of Reference, Research and documentation

Adam Publishers & Distributors: House of Islamic Literature or visit at  

Children Books
    The Phenomenal Landing of Adam, Rs 65/-
    The City of Giant, Rs 25/-
    What Happened to Uzair and his Donkey, Rs 25/-
    The Arabian Nights, Rs 60/-
    Emergence of Dajjal, Rs 50/-
    Story of Yajuj wa Majuj, Rs 20/-
    Ring of King Sulaiman, Rs 30/-
    Hatim Tai, Rs 30/-
    Shaddad lost Paradise, Rs 50/-
    Words of Wisdom, Rs 30/-
    Qitmir the Blessed Dog, Rs 50/-

Qur'anic Stories Series
    People of Sabbath, Rs 15/-
    Army of Elephant, Rs 15/-
    The First Man, Rs 20/-
    Trenches of Fire, Rs 15/-
    Owner of Garden, Rs 25/-
    Children Book of Islam, Rs 35/-
    Names for Muslim Children, Rs 25/-
    Zakat or Alms Giving, Rs 60/-
    Ramadhan: Fasting (saum), Rs 80/-
    99 Names of Allah, Rs 55/-
    Furu ul-Iman, Rs 45/-
    Muslim Contribution to Science, Rs 175/-
    Do you know what Islam is?, Rs 80/-
    Mercy for Mankind, Rs 250/-
    Political Profile of Sir Syed Khan, Rs 350/-
    Aijazul Qur'an, Rs 125/-
    Islam and its Political System, Rs 90/-
    The Life of the Prophet in Brief, Rs 300/-
    The Beauty of Islamic Dress, Rs 50/-
    Historical Jesus, Rs 300/-
    Meaning of The Illustrious Qur'an, AY Ali, Rs 70/-


1. Kashmiri Muslim Perspectives on Inter-Religious Dialogue
2. Building Bridges of Harmony: A Speech by Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri
3. Hazrat Bulbul Shah: The First Sufi in Kashmir
4. Dara Shikoh and His Contribution to Inter-Religious Dialogue
5. Religion, Dialogue and Justice: Interviews with Indian Theologians and Activists
6.Inter-Religious Dialogue and Liberation Theology: Interviews with Indian Theologians and Activists
7. The Islamic Movement and the Political Challenge
8. Islam and the Kashmiri Liberation Struggle: The Writings of Sayyed Ali Shah Geelani.
9. The Baba Budhan Giri Dargah Dispute

These booklets are between 30 and 40 pages in length. They are priced at Rs.
10 each [Indian] or £ 1 [UK] or $1.50 [US]. Costs include postage and
packing. Cheques favouring Y.Sikand payable at Bangalore. Orders can be sent to:
Yoginder Sikand
4304 Oakwood Apts. IV
8th Main, 1st Cross


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