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Jamia Millia Islamia: Students yet to forget 9 April

The campus of the Jamia Millia Islamia wears a deserted look. Notwithstanding the fact that students have agreed to appear in the exams, their mood still reflects the agony they had to suffer in the night of 9 April, when hordes of men in khaki stormed the campus and assaulted a large number of students. Hundreds of students, though injured were then packed and taken to several police stations scattered all over the metropolis, without being given any first aid or medical treatment. A large number of them were then transferred to the Tihar Jail. The students were charged with serious criminal offences under several sections of the IPC. 

The agitated students had agreed to appear in the exams after the university administration offered solemn assurances that the cases will be withdrawn. But even after two weeks no such step has been taken. It were not only the authorities of the Jamia who had assured the students that all the charges will be withdrawn against them, even the chief minister of Delhi, Shiela Dixit, and the union home minister, LK Advani, had made similar assurances to the aggrieved students. Though the students were released following the agitation of the students and the bitter criticism from the general people, the charges are yet to be withdrawn.

The authorities who were insisting to resume the exams from 26 April as was scheduled earlier had to eat humble pie when only a few students turned up for the exams. Most of the students despite threat from the Jamia authorities abstained from examination centers and joined the agitated students instead. Jamia authorities seeing the total boycott of the exams by the students were forced to rescheduled the examination. They also assured the students that before the resumption of the examinations from 6 May all the cases will be withdrawn. But it did not happen. The exams have started, but the students are still scared. They think that at any time the cases may be revived and they may be dragged to courts for crimes they never committed. 

Abdul Hai, who is doing his MSc Maths, told The Milli Gazette that he is not sure when the policemen may come again and arrest him. He said that these thoughts have affected him so much that he canít prepare for his exams properly. Other students also suffer from similar thoughts. 

Students had dissolved the Jamia Millia Islamia Studentís Coordination Committee following the firm assurances given by the vice chancellor and teachers about the withdrawal of the charges from the students. In the place of the Coordination Committee, the students have now constituted a joint action committee comprising the injured students, representatives from the Delhi University, JNU and Jamia Hamdard and teachers. According to a member of this committee, it will keep an eye on the overall demand and monitor the progress made.

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