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Qadiyanis Are active again

Qadyanis or Ahmadis have gone on big offensive against the Muslims in Punjab. They have accelerated their activities and have strengthened their manpower. Qadiyan, a small town near Amritsar, which is also the headquarters of the Qadyanis is the centre of all their activities. On 15 March the Qadiyanis even dared to storm the Jama Masjid of the industrial city of the state, Ludhiana.

The Qadyanis have panicked since the Shahi imam of the Jama Masjid of the city, Maulana Habeebur Rahman Sani Ludhianwi has announced to counter their heinous activities. It has also prompted them to take violent steps to harass the Muslims in the state.

The story started early this year when the Qadiyanis converted sixteen families of Ghalib Ran Singh Wala village of Jagraon city to their faith. When Muslim preachers of Jama Masjid, Ludhiana reached the village, the villagers asked them to send their ulama on 2 February to satisfy the converts. They told that if the ulama could satisfy the converts, they will return to the original religion, Islam.

On 2 February, several leading ulama of the state including Maulana Habibur Rahman, Mufti of the Maler Kotla, Mufti Muhammad Khalil, Maulana Roushanuddin and Ateequr Rahman reached the village. The dialogue was conducted in Punjabi. Maulana Raushanuddin started the dialogues from Muslims side. The Qadiyanis had bribed most of the people and had assured them to pay three lakh rupees for constructing the mosque in the village. But to the utter disbelief of the Qadiyanis, all this proved of no avail as ten families returned to Islam after the dialogues. 

During last Ramadan, Maulana Habeebur Rahman Sani had appealed the Muslims of Ludhiana, not to start or break their fasts according to the time given by Qadiyanis. This was even advertised in a leading newspaper of Punjab, Hind Samachar. Since then the Maulana started receiving threatening calls on phones. 

After the dialogue in Ghalib Ran Sangh Wala village and their open defeat, the Qadiyanis again started preaching in the village and impressed the ladies of four families. Hearing this news, Maulana Saniís wife and her sister, both of whom are alimahs, and some other women went to the village and talked to those ladies. It impressed the villagers so much that all eight families who had not returned to the Islamic fold returned to Islam. The villagers forced the Qadiyani preacher to flee the village.

This all infuriated Qadiyanis beyond anybodyís imagination and they attacked Maulana Saniís house on the night of 9 February. The Maulana reported this incident to the Thana division No. 3. The police official, including the DSP, Ludhiana came on the spot and subsequently gave two security personnel to the Maulana. After this incident the Maulana and the people accelerated their efforts against the Qadiyanis. On 17 March on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, a memorandum was presented to the speaker of Punjab Assembly, to pass a bill in the Punjab assembly saying that Qadiyanis are not Muslim. And also to check the source from where they are getting this hefty sums to allure the innocent villagers.

On 25 March a Mushaira was conducted on Sahir Ludhianwi, the famous Urdu poet in Ludhiana. Several people from Qadiyan came to attend the Mushaira. They started making video film of their Qadiyani friend on the same occasion. When the organizers agitated, the Assistant Sub-inspector arrested the people who were doing it there and sent them to lock up.

After almost two weeks later, on 15 April, some eight Qadiyanis, armed with swords stormed in the office of Maulana Sani, they broke the door and attacked the Maulana and other youths present in his office. Hearing the noise, the Muslims who were returning from the mosque also came for the help and disarmed the invaders. The culprits were then handed over to the police of Thana division No 2. One of the invaders, Abdur Rahim Qadiyani, who was handed over to the police died in the police custody. The people believe that he died during the police interrogation. The behaviour of the police has changed totally after his death. According to the eyewitnesses, he went unconscious when the police interrogated him in the police post. The police then sent him to the Civil Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. The police trying to save itself from the embarrassment, filed the case of murder against the Maulanaís relatives and the authorities of the Jama Masjid and arrested three people who had accompanied the Maulana to the police thana.

The infuriated people of the state have demanded from the state chief minister that this false case be withdrawn. The chief minister has asked the DIG, Ludhiana to inquire into the incident.

On 21 March, rallies were organized in all parts of the state protesting against the incident. Leaders of all faiths have denounced the attack on the imam of the Jama Masjid and have asked the DIG to inquire and punish the Qadiyanis who were involved in the incident.

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