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INTERVIEW: Dr Rashid Shaz

Qaideen-e-Ummat Conference was held recently in Aligarh to bring Indian Muslim leadership together. The conference turned out to be a great success according to its organiser, the un-inimitable Dr Rashid Shaz, who is waging a relentless war against the marginalization of Muslim political leadership in India. He is trying to convince the Muslims in the length and breadth of the country that this way Muslims can never get what they deserve. He is trying to convince them that only a global system of Khilafat can give Muslims a respite from their present woes. He propagated earlier that Muslims should not vote for any existing Indian political party, a line of thought he consistently holds and propagates. At the end of his successfull conference this young man is full of enthusiasm and vigour. The Milli Gazette met Dr Rashid Shaz in his office in New Delhi. Following are excerpts of the interview.

What was the purpose of organizing the Qaideen-e-Ummat Conference?
It was a three-day preparatory meeting of the Muslim leadership. In fact it is part of an attempt to create a federal body of all the Muslims in the country. Though such efforts have been done in the past and at least four federal bodies of Muslims exist even now. Muslim Personal Law Board, Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat and the Milli Council are prominent such organizations. But none of these could succeed due to the pathetic condition of the Muslim leadership. Most of the people who are now running these organization have allegiance to other political parties or have been a part of the national political parties. So every step of these leaders is aimed to strengthen those political parties with whom they have been attached.

How come you can bring divided Muslim leadership to a single platform?
Till date the people forming these federations had allegiance with one political parties or the other. All such people are slaves of their vested interests and worked towards the fulfillment of their ambitions. Even when Ali Mian was alive the Muslim Personal Law Board could not take a united stand as to whom to vote because everyone had different ambitions and was attached to different political parties. So it was decided in a meeting of the Board that everyone is free to decide to whom to vote for. When important issues arise we could do nothing due to this lack of unity among our leadership. 

Do you believe that this scenario can be changed?
Yes. It can definitely be changed. We are trying to bring together those Muslim leaders who could join us on certain basic issues. We believe that the agenda of the Ummah can bring them together. This agenda will be greatest uniting force of our committed leadership.

What is this common agenda?
If any issue arises we could seek its solution according to the teachings of Islam. Not a single decision could be taken against it. There is no political party to who we can vote and feel satisfied that yes we have voted as per the instructions of the Prophet (pubh). We can not vote for Sonia or Laloo. Accepting their political leadership means that we have terminated our allegiance with the prophet (pbuh).

So how was the response in Aligarh?
Wherever we have been, people’s response has been overwhelming. We also see other Muslim leaders accepting our stand. Now Imam Bukhari and Imam of Fatehpuri mosque are trying to set up their own political parties. We see it as the acceptance of what we have been trying to convince the Ummah. 

In Aligarh it was a preparatory meeting. The concept of Khilafat party is now taking a concrete shape. But we will not go in the field till we see concrete signs of our success. In our country 24 Muslim dominated parliamentary constituencies have been earmarked for the OBCs, SCs and STs. All these reserved seats should be freed. I have written about it to the Chief Election Commission apprising about these facts. In the prevailing conditions there is no space for maneuvers either. We are trying by our these steps to finish the proxy Muslim leadership. First we are trying to marginalize these leaders and then eliminate them. We will replace these leaders by people who have courage to work as the true heir of Prophet’s (PBUH) legacy.

What you believe are issues confronting Muslims in India?
People say that education is their real issue. Some count economy as the most important issue of Indian Muslims. But Muslims are not limited to India alone. They are an international Ummah. So we will have to think of it in the greater prospect. 
We believe that greatest Muslim problem is that they are living for around last 75 years without an ‘Ameer’. Our first priority should be search and establishment of the nucleus of Ummah. It alone will solve our innumerable problems. 

Isn’t it a utopian concept in today’s world?
It is absolutely practical. We were under Khilafah for around more than thirteen centuries. It is temporary stage. Again the Khilafah is going to be established. Lots of people the world over are working for its attainment. It will be a reality in tomorrow’s world, insha Allah. World was never so open. It was never so small. Now the person sitting in Washington DC runs the world. The concept of Khilafah is more practical in today’s world than ever before. 

Will your Khilafat Party not meet the same fate as your other earlier projects like Milli Times and Milli Parliament have met?
Our earlier projects were not aims in themselves. Khilafat Party is the culmination of our earlier projects and it will be a great success, insha allah.

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