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N Delhi: Delhi High Court is hearing a petition filed against Shahi imam of Jama Masjid Abdullah Bukhari seeking registration of case against him. The petition filed against the Shahi Imam charged him with inciting Muslims against the Indian government, allegedly declaring himself as ISI agent at a public meeting and promoting communal disharmony. 

An unknown ‘Society for Securing Justice’ in its petition filed before the division bench comprising of Usha Mehra and Justice SN Kapoor sought HC’s intervention for registration of a case under section 121 (waging or attempting to wage war against the country), section 124 (sedition), section 153 (provocation for causing riots) and section 153-a (promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion) against Shahi Imam for allegedly making a provocative speech at a rally held at Ramlila Ground on 21 April. 

While adjourning the case, the bench observed: "whenever a community feels that it is loser in any controversy we pray that all issues are settled amicably. Unfortunately politicians these days are not farsighted enough as they cannot see beyond political interests. They see only years to fulfill their interests not decades.’

SSJ’s counsel Arun K Srivastava submitted before the bench that Shahi Imam in his speech had asserted that he would go to Ayodhya to lay the foundation of Babri Masjid and allegedly attacked the policy of secularism enshrined in the constitution.

The fact is that Shahi Imam made the statement not as a matter of fact but as a joke in response to false propaganda that preaches that every Muslim is ISI agent. He on the other hand had told that If all Muslims are ISI agents in the country then he too is an ISI agent. And government should arrest him if it could dare. 

Exhibition on invaluable books 
Srinagar: Breaking the tradition of silence, the University of Kashmir’s Iqbal Library took a bold step by organizing a two-day exhibition on ‘invaluable books and manuscripts pertaining to Quran and sirah’ on 10 and 11 July. However, the exhibition was not confined to manuscripts and books only as the glimpses of the modern technology being put to use to spread the word of Almighty Allah was also on display. The CD-ROM's and Internet was in full action there. The highlights of the manuscripts section were Surah Al-Falaq on papyrus, Tafseer-e-Hussaini a 430-year-old Qur’anic manuscript and verses of Holy Quran beautifully calligraphed with gold.
In the print section, one Quranic chapter on a leaf grabbed the attention of the visitors. The other outstanding features of this section were the Holy Quran with four commentaries. Two in Urdu and two in Persian. Encyclopedia of Quran and Seerah and Quranic translation in different languages were also the point of attraction.
To display Iqbal library’s advancement in equipping itself with modern technological innovations, the help of audio cassettes, computers, CD-Roms and internet was also sought. 

Assam Muslim Students in exams
A total of 3,384 candidates appeared in the Assam High Madrasah examination, 2000, conducted by the Madrasah Board of Assam. Out of this total, 1,257 candidates were declared successful. The percentage of pass is 37.14.

In the examination, Tarikul Islam and Nur Zaman Bin Farid of BAS Madrasah High School, Saniad and Touhidur Rahman Al Zaman of Rakhaldubi High Madrasah, Joypur secured first, second and third positions respectively.

It appears from the results of the High School Leaving Certificate Examination, 2000, conducted by Assam’s Board of Secondary Education that there is no Muslim among the top 20 candidates.

In the Higher Secondary Examination, 2000, Nasreen Rahman secured 7th position in the Arts stream. Adeel Sharon and Zeenat Rahman have secured 8th and 9th positions respectively in the science stream. All of them were students of Cotton College, Guwahati (MH Rahman). 

PM releases book
Chennai: The prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee released a book, Chidambara Rahasiam vis-a-vis 786, for promoting inter-religious harmony on 5 July. 

The prime minister said he was happy to release the book authored by Dr Ziauddin and added that religious harmony was the need of the hour. The first copy of the book was received by Justice Prabha Shankar Mishra, former chief justice of Calcutt and Andhra Pradesh high courts at a get together at Raj Bhavan. 

N Delhi: A seven year old girl created a sort of history by winning the first prize in recitation (Qir’aat) of the holy Quran. Shahnaz Fatima the gifted child was also selected on the same occasion to represent the country in the competition of the Hifz-e-Quran that will be held in Tehran. 
Hundreds of audience who had gathered in the auditorium of the Cultural House of Iran were thrilled by the melodious voice of the prodigy who outdid all other seasoned Qaris and won the prize. The little child facing the audience answered all the questions put up by an alim with extraordinary patience and calm. The alim would read a verse of a surah and she would read the whole surah without faltering from beginning to the end.

Shahnaz who completed the hifz at the age of six when children even don’t know how to speak learnt Qir’aat with utmost fascination and devotion. She is so extraordinary that her teachers were compelled by her sheer intelligence to devote more time to her studies and, as her teacher Qari Muhammad Ejaz Mawanwi put it, their hard work and her devotion paid off. Fatima, who studied in Jamia Qasim-ul-Uloom in Meerut, according to her teachers could read the passages with unusual ease and when she started memorizing she could memorize a parah in one or two hours. Within 18 months she became a full-fledged Qari, rather qari’ah.

Patna: The RJD president Laloo Prasad Yadav has called for immediate amendment to the Constitution to provide reservation for the most backward and Dalit Muslims. 

Addressing a function organizes to mark the birth anniversary of the Paramvir Chakra awardee, Abdul Hamid and the former Bihar minister abdul Qayyum Ansari, Laloo Yadav accused the BJP of trying to disintegrate the country. He charged the Atal Behari Vajpayee of playing into the hands of IMF and World Bank. He said the state government would work for providing reservation to Dalit Muslims in panchayati Raj institutions and local bodies. 

N Delhi: Students of Jamia Millia Islamia are demanding the removal of a two-year-old ban on elections of the students union. There has been no student representation in the campus for the past two years.

The previous vice chancellor General M A Zaki had banned students union in the campus. He issued a notice saying that the students union create problems, so there was no need of a student union. Students should contact concerned authorities with their problems without the help of unions. 
Students on the other hand claimed that the elections should be conducted in the campus as they need representation. They feel that it is difficult for them to walk in with each and every problem to the vice chancellor. 

Constable wife seeks justice
Chandigarh: Hasan Bibi in a memorandum to Punjab chief minister Prakash Singh Badal has protested against Punjab Police help to seven police personnel who have been indicted in a CBI inquiry as murderers of her brother and his wife at Tiljala near Calcutta.

An absconding police constable Bashir Ahmad and his wife Renuka Begum were killed in an encounter with punjab Police at Tiljala in 1993. As per the police records produced by the CBI in the court, Bashir had absconded allegedly because he had joined hands with terrorists. As per police sources he escaped to Tiljala and began living in the guise of Lakshmi Singh along with his wife realizing that all members of his gang had been arrested and that his planned game was over. However the cops came to know about hide-out and went to arrest him. He allegedly fired at the cops and in the encounter that followed, he and his wife got killed. 

Hasan Bibi on the other hand claimed that she was not aware of anything except that Punjab Police had informed them that Bashir had absconded and joined terrorists. She alleged that police harassed the entire family of Bashir while inquiring about his whereabouts during that period.

In her memorandum to the chief minister, Hasan Bibi has condemned the help provided by Punjab Police to the declared murderers of her brother and his wife. She alleged that Punjab Police had killed her brother who was innocent and not guilty of any charges.

N Delhi: President KR Narayanan said that former president Dr Zakir Husain was a man of culture and vision. He was a fine human being and an educationist par excellence.

The President who was speaking on the occasion of the release of Dr Zakir Husain: Teacher Who Became President at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 22 July, said that Dr Husain was of the firm belief that it was through floodgates of education India could progress.

Prime minister A B Vajpayee, home minister LK Advani and former president of India R Venkatraman were present on the occasion. Narayanan who received from the vice president Krishna Kant the first copies of the book , a special commemorative publication of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in Hindi, Urdu and English, asserted that Dr Zakir Husain’s spirit lived in his works and aesthetic qualities of which he was embodiment.

Stating that Dr Hussain stood for all the high ideals and values on which India was founded, the vice president Krishna Kant said that the special commemorative publication was an attempt to capture the full spectrum and the essence of Dr Husain’s personality. 

Lucknow: The state government has not provided any facility to the commission probing the alleged case of large-scale corruption in Shia Central Waqf Board. It was alleged by Justice Srivastava who is probing the case. High Court took note of this behaviour of the UP government and has ordered the state government to provide all facilities that are commonly provided to such commissions.

The verdict was passed by a bench comprising of Justice Syed Haider Abbas Raza and Justice RP Nigam on a writ petition filed by eminent alim Dr Kalbe Sadiq. Dr Sadiq in his petition had alleged that all waqf properties were being misappropriated by the members and officials of Shia Central Waqf Board. He had also alleged that these officials of the Board have already sold a large chunk of such properties.

Dr Kalbe Sadiq had also alleged that though the name of hundreds of properties are still on the list of the Board, but in fact these properties do not exist. He had requested the court to direct the CBI to investigate the matter.

Justice Raza on this writ petition had appointed Justice (Rt.)UC Srivastava to probe the allegation. He also directed the state government to provide staff, official vehicle and telephone so to make the commission’s work easy. But the government did not provide any such facility to the commission. At last Justice Srivastava reported to the court that no facility has been provided by the state government.

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