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Their surprise is … the ultimate surprise ! 
By Jawaid Quddus

The recent statements of our esteemed Prime Minister has taken the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) members by surprise. The BJP is committed to the Sangh Parivar's dream of establishing a Hindu Rashtra. Atal Bihari Vajpayee (ABV) during his recent visit to the U.S.A. had made it very clear that the was a Swayamsevak and will always be one. To accept that a Swayamsevak will deviate from the path propagated by the founder of the RSS is a folly and is an attempt to pull wool over the eyes of us Indians. People from the NDA who believe that the Sangh Parivar will discard their guru M.S. Golwalkar's philosophy, in response to their pleas or admonishment, are living in a world of their own. That they should express surprise at ABV's recent statements regarding Ayodhya is the ultimate surprise!! 

The NDA partners are not a bunch of naive players who are unaware of the leanings and the agenda of the Sangh Parivar. Some of these partners, perhaps, are acting under the mask of secularism and moderation, chiefly to remain in power and secretly to sustain and implement the agenda of the saffron brigade. They, for example, have known for a long time about the involvement of L.K. Advani, Dr. M.M. Joshi and Uma Bharati's in the destruction of the Babri Masjid, and yet have had no qualms in associating with them in a National Government. Why this sudden need for alarm? Why this sudden upsurge for doing the right thing? Has it ever dawned on them that when one associates with criminals one becomes an accomplice and a partner? And once this furor is over, and once they have compromised with the BJP on this issue all over again, and once they have issued their support for the Government, as some of them have indicated or have already done so, will the issues raised related to the criminal conduct of the serving Union Ministers cease to exist? Will their lust for power and position not overcome this sudden resurgence of conscience? I am afraid so! Wolves dressed up as sheep, I am afraid, will always remain wolves!! 

Our esteemed PM has stated that the construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya was ‘an expression of the national feeling which is yet to be realized.’ He added that ‘how the temple is built ‘is also very important’. Perhaps our PM is unaware of, or has purposely ignored the statistics that has been published regarding this 'national aspiration of our people. Polls conducted by Frontline and India Today indicate that in 1998 the Ayodhya issue was at the bottom of the list of priorities. This was the reason for the rath yatra and for the mobilization of the crowd in support of the Hindutva cause. This was the Sangh Parivar's only chance to win elections and form a government. But even after the destruction of the Masjid, the Outlook-AC Nielson Lok Sabha opinion surveys indicated that 34% of the people wanted a hospital to be built on the site, and 23% wanted that both a Mandir and a masjid be built. Another poll by India Today in 1993 also indicates that 52.6 % disapproved of the demolition and 52.9% believe that the BJP and the UP government broke the law!! 

So why the surprise. What the PM said on December 6, 2000 is consistent with what he had said during the meeting at Staten Island in New York recently. He had very clearly told the gathering , on their query about building the Ram Temple, that when the BJP government will become a majority government, they will then build the 'India of our dreams'. India of our dreams may mean many things to many people, but to the Sangh Parivar it means only one thing, i.e. establishment of a Hindu Rashtra. We the minorities know this, most of our fellow citizens know this, and certainly the NDA knows this. But the quest for power is such a strong force that compromises have to be made, even if it costs the country its soul, or be against all norms of a civilized and lawful society.

Strength of character, honesty, integrity, vision for a beautiful India mean nothing to these power hungry despots. A few months ago they had raised a similar ruckus about Ayodhya in Parliament but very soon fell in line with the Sangh Parivar. ABV really does not need to wear a mask because these despots are really a part of his support group masquerading as supporters of secularism. They like Bangaru Laxman, do need the minority vote, hence the charade. They are playing the same game, the game of deception, and have been taught well by their Masters. 

Any one who has studied in detail about the workings of the Sangh Parivar knows by now that they are past masters at creating confusion and double talk. ABV, who had condemned the destruction of Babri Masjid and had also indicated on July 19, 1989 to Prof. Hiren Mukherji, M.P. that ‘ it is not possible to pinpoint the exact spot where Ram was born. But it is known that Ram, the King of Ayodhya, whom vast masses of Hindus regard as an Incarnation of God, was born in that historical city and temple dedicated to him had been in existence since long’. That ABP now wants the Ram temple built on the spot where Babri Masjid stood contradicts ABV's own statements. But such contradictions are not new, they are the life and blood of the Sangh Parivar. For example, Sudarshan now claims that the Masjid was blown out by a bomb although the district Police Chief, D. B. Rai, who has also been charge-sheeted in the case has vehemently denied it. (Hindustan Times Dec. 11, 2000). If Mr. Sudarshan had evidence to prove his contention, as an Indian and being the patriot that he claims to be, wasn't he duty-bound to present this evidence to the authorities for further investigations and prosecution? Doesn't a failure to present evidence to the authorities, if one has such evidence, constitute obstruction of justice? Why has he not done so in the eight years subsequent to the destruction of the Masjid? Wouldn't it have been prudent for him to do so and absolve the Sangh Parivar once and for all? The police investigations conducted after the destruction of the Masjid never mentions evidence of bomb residues, even Dr. M.M. Joshi in his recent statement (Deccan Chronicle, December 12, 2000) has indicated that he did not know how the structure was brought down even though he was not only present there at the time but was one of the leaders who had led the rath yatra all the way from Varanasi to Ayodhya. Surprisingly even Mr. Ashok Singhal ( Times of India Dec. 11, 2000) has made a similar statement indicating that the Babri Masjid was not brought down by a bomb blast. These contradictions are just an attempt to portray ignorance of the event. Since none of them were involved in this crime, nobody really knows what had happened; the reason why everyone has a different version of the story! It is apparent that all versions of such stories are just lies, and double talk which the Sangh Parivar is so accomplished at projecting? When the Babri Masjid was destroyed in 1992, the Vishnu Hindu Parishad (VHP) at once claimed victory; the Shiv Sainiks were congratulated by Bal Thackrey for a job well done. One BJP minister even went on to claim that it was done by the ISI! 

The truth, or the partial truth is different, although many people because of their prejudiced and myopic mindset may still refuse to admit it. Or believe it or just don't want to believe it! The true facts have been well researched, documented and published. For example, India Today had published an extensive expose on the camp that was organized by an ex-army officer for the Sangh Parivar volunteers. Here these volunteers practiced for months and designed implements that they used to bring down the structure. Such implements were hidden inside the Babri Masjid with the collusion of the Police and State authorities. Once the attack on the Masjid commenced these demolition volunteers (Saffron bands on their heads, photographed by the press) went about their work by using these pre-stored implements of destruction with drilled precision. The CBI has charge- sheeted numerous individuals associated with the Sangh Parivar including Advani, Dr. Joshi and Ms Bharati for taking an active part in instigating and leading the frenzied mobs involved with the destruction. Further more, the CBI has indicated that a conspiracy to demolish the Babri Masjid was concocted at a meeting of the Hindutva Brigade that included Advani and others. On September 9. 1997, Jagdish Prasad Srivastava, Additional Sessions Judge (Ayodhya Episode), Lucknow, ‘concluded that in the present case a criminal conspiracy to demolish the disputed structure of Ram Janam Bhoomi/Babri Masjid was hatched by the accused persons in the beginning of 1990 and was completed on 6-12-1992. Shri Lal Krishan Advani and others hatched criminal conspiracies to demolish the disputed premises on different times at different places. Therefore, I find a prima facie case to charge Shri Bala Saheb Thakre, Shri Lal Krishan Advani, Shri Kalyan Singh, Shri Vinay Katiyar and others under sections 147, 153(A), 153(B), 259, 295(A) and 505 read with section 120(B) of the Indian Penal Code. But for many years the official BJP's version has been that the kar sevaks suddenly became agitated in the heat of the moment and brought down the Masjid. That there was no prior plans to do so. Those people who accept this line fail to question the fact that if there was no premeditation, where did the pick-axes and other implements used to demolish the Masjid suddenly appeared from? Also what about the photographs and the video footage reports by various journalists indicating that a demolition squad specifically trained in climbing and demolition techniques had taken over the structure and used the ropes and other implements, previously stored inside the Masjid, to bring the structure down? 

The realization is slowly dawning on the saffron brigade that the citizens of our beloved India have woken up from their stupor and have now realized that the BJP and its cohorts are leading the nation into an abyss? This is apparent considering the dismal performance of the BJP in the recent polls in Gujarat and U.P., and the growing chaos and turbulence the policy of this present government has created among the farmers and the other sections of the population. Even the recent Virat Kar Sevak Convention organized by by the VHP on December 6, 2000 to celebrate and observe Shaurya Divas failed to stir up the citizens and very few even bothered to show up. It is clear that the concept of Hindutva as propagated by the Sangh Parivar is not acceptable to the majority of the Indians, let alone inspire them. They are not taking the bait! The BJP chief's call to the Muslims 'as flesh of our flesh' and 'blood of our blood' has not gained him or the BJP the vote bank that it needs. They cannot use Kargil any more! What else remains? The Ayodhya card of course! A concerted effort is now being made to play the Hindutva card once again (Times of India 12 December 2000). 

The Masjid was demolished despite of the promises made to the supreme court and to the people of India. That the Sangh Parivar is not going to abide by the supreme court decision if it went against them (in the case of the Babri Masjid) has been stated by many in the Hindutva brigade, including Mr. Ashok Singhal. Mr. V. K. Malhotra, party spokesperson for the BJP (The Hindu, 12 December 2000) admitted that till 1998 the BJP's official positions was that 'the Ayodhya dispute could not be resolved by the courts as it was a matter of faith. But that today's stand is that the Supreme Court verdict on the issue must be accepted by all was quite different'. But having said that he also went on to say that this commitment was only while this government was in power. Meaning that they will revert back to their older stance of not being bound by the court's verdict and rule of the law once they no longer are in power.. 

Great philosophy for a party that is in power and assumes the moral authority to enforce the Constitution. But does it matter? Law and order are 'political issues' and going against the law of the land is just a 'political crime', just like the destruction of Babri Masjid was a 'political offense' (as per LK Advani's statement in 1992). Ethics and morality and 'insaniyat' should play no part in the surge towards Hindu Rashtra! Twisted logic, but consistent with the distorted thinking and activities of the Sanghis. Nothing surprising about that! All part of the master plan to change India into the land of 'one people, one religion and one culture'. To achieve this, the society is being communalized, history rewritten and attacks on Christians Churches, priests, nuns continue. Ethnic cleansing of 80 Christian families from their village with the support of the police, and the recent destruction of a Masjid in U.P. , and the attack on another Masjid and stabbing of the cook in Palayamkottai in Tamil Nadu (Hindustan Times, December 10, 2000), encroachment of historical monuments such as Qutub Minar and Sher Shah's Tomb and construction of a temple in the vicinity, will continue with fervor and will increase with time. This attempt to communalize India is consistent with the Sangh Parivar's modus operandii for getting votes. But will it work? Only time can tell. Indications are that people are fed up with the Sangh Parivar's policy of dividing the community and the Nation in the name of religion. In their lust for power, in their zeal for converting India into a Hindu Rashtra, in their support of the high caste baniyas and industrialists who are the financial masters , chief supporters and an intrinsic part of the Sangh Parivar, the Sanghis will not hesitate to sacrifice the interest of the common citizen or the unity of the country. 

It is time that all Indians, irrespective of their religion, caste, regional origin and political persuasion to come together and excise this cancer form our midst. India will not prosper if a policy of division based on religion, caste, social status, gender bias is continued, if laws are flaunted, criminals are appointed ministers and the police and law officers kill, torture falsely imprison, harass the innocent, take part in communal killings, and protect the criminals and other mafia groups. We need to make a choice and we need to make it now! Slowly, but surely, the India of our dreams is dying, and we are responsible for it!

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