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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-31 December 2000

Community News, The Milli Gazette
Technology centre planned
President of All India Muslim Mushawarati Council, New Delhi Maulana Muhammad Anwar Ali Qasmi laid the foundation of Ma’had al-Talimi al-Islami and Hazrat Nizamuddin Institute of Technology and Research to be set up in the hallowed surroundings. This was decided at a seminar in Ghalib Academy, Hazrat Nizamuddin on 14 December (above where Haji Amir Jan of Chennai is speaking). A number of intellectuals, academicians and scholars attended the function. 

Don't disturb others in Ramadan
Agra: The deputy qadi of Agra has received a fatwa from muftis of Deoband that unnecessary announcements on loudspeakers at the time of Sahri is not allowed in Islam. 
     Muslim areas in the month of Ramzan witness a sharp rise in the noise level as announcements are repeatedly made on loudspeakers. Even at the time of sahri na'ts and qawwalis are recited on loudspeakers causing disturbances everywhere. People in such circumstances are neither able to sleep well or offer prayers in peace. In some cases the sound is so much that people can not even listen to what other is saying inside their houses. Sometimes this results in protests from other communities and on a number of time it caused fights among different groups.
     The fatwa says that this is absolutely uncalled for and strictly not allowed in Islam. It also says that announcement for a few minutes may be allowed for it but it should not extend beyond five minutes. The fatwa says that now every house has several alarm watches and other things, so even this should be done with utmost restraint.

‘Mecca Masjid’ unattended
Hyderabad: The 400-year-old Mecca Masjid near Charminar is in a deplorable condition due to the negligence of the state government. Poor maintenance has turned this place of worship into a pathetic place. The Minorities Welfare Department that has been entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the mosque has shifted the employees of Mecca masjid either to other departments or has been making them perform other works. 
     Till November 1996 the mosque was well maintained by the Hindu Endowment Department, but on the demand of some Muslim religious organizations, the responsibility of maintenance of the mosque was given to the Minorities Welfare Department. Since then the turnaround happened. Everything went topsy-turvy. The maintenance got badly affected either due to the shortage of staff or lack of funds. Being maintained by the government there is no separate body to take care of this historical mosque and no funds could be collected from the public either for its renovation or for improvement in services. The department carried out the work not when needed but when the government released the funds. 

Mass education is the need
New Delhi: A mass campaign is needed to improve educational level among the Indian Muslims. This mass campaign should utilize Muslims' all strength and sources for improvement in educational and literacy level of the Muslims in the country, thus making the future bright for them, these thoughts were expressed by AR Nakedar in a programme organized at Jamia Millia Islamia in new Delhi on 24 November. Nakedar is the general secretary of American Federation of Muslims From India. He was being accompanied by the treasurer Syed Salman. 
     Dr Nakedar said that his organization works for the improvement in the educational level and political awareness of Muslim in India. He added that his organization also works for the rehabilitation and assistance of people faced with natural disaster. He informed that his organization awards every year to the students of higher secondary schools for their excellence in their academic field. His organization also awards scholarships to diserving candidates. 

Alami Roohani Mrkaz denounces Pak
New Delhi: Some obscure ‘Maulanas’ under the banner of Alami Roohani Markaz have attacked Pakistan for sponsoring cross-border terrorism. Calling the act of terrorism anti Islamic the ulemas asked Muslims in Kashmir not to be misled by fanatics and avail the peace initiative of the prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.
     In a statement they stated, 'the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is absolutely against the tenets of Islam. If there us any grievance against the Vajpayee government, it should be brought to the notice of proper authorities and should be sorted out through negotiation in a peaceful and democratic manner. The Markaz that claims to be representing the 20-crore Muslims of the country said, ' It is a matter of shame for the terrorist that they perpetrate heinous crime and murders in spite of a unilateral declaration of cease-fire. 

Yojana and Rozgar Smamchar to be closed 
New Delhi: Muhammad Afzal the president of All India Urdu Editors Conference has appealed to 64 members of Parliament in a letter that they should protest against the step-motherly treatment of centre against the regional language newspapers and particularly Urdu. He in the letter has said that he has been protesting against this attitude of the government in the Parliament when he was a member of the upper house. He said that his protest had forced the government to change its attitude a little bit and a few ministries had assured to fix a quota for the Urdu newspapers and the civil aviation ministry and tourism ministry went on to fix ten-percent quota for the Urdu newspapers. But after the time lapsed the officials returned to the same treatment.
     Afzal sent this letter to the MPs after listening that the government is trying to close down Urdu monthly 'Yojana' and 'Rozgar Samachar', both being published by Information and Broadcasting ministry's publication division. A number of organizations and personalities have come out openly against this move of the government. They have termed it anti Urdu and anti minority. 

Kalyan in Liberhan's net
Lucknow: Kalyan Singh's petition in the Delhi High Court challenging the Liberhan Commission's power to summon those who have been issued notices in criminal proceedings by Allahabad high court came for hearing on 6 December. The court adjourned the arguments in the case till 12 April.
     Justice Vijender Jain said the arguments will resume on 12 April next year. The Liberhan Commission had asked Kalyan Singh on 27 July to appear and explain the circumstances leading to the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and the security lapses that led to the December 6 demolition of the Babri Masjid. Another petition of Singh is lying with the supreme court seeking transfer of a petition filed before Allahabad High Court for staying his appearance before the Liberhan Commission. The Commission has so far examined 53 witnesses while several others are yet to be questioned. Almost all top officials in UP have now appeared or deposed before the commission. 

Kar Seva at Suri's mausoleum 
Sasaram: The final resting place of Mughal empire's valiant enemy Sher Shah Suri today sits on a communal powder keg with a local BJP leader threatening to perform a Kar Sewa to expand a temple in the premises of the former emperor's mausoleum. 
     Though the Shiv temple locally known as Sarveshwar mahadew, located in the southeastern corner of the tank at Suri's tomb came into existence way back in 1977, the issue has gathered heat with former MLA and local BJP leader Jawahir Prasad insisting on completing a marriage hall in the temple complex, whose construction has been stayed by the district administration.
     The district magistrate Wasimuddin Ahmed Anjum has stayed the construction work and clamped prohibitory orders in the area on 19 October as a precautionary measures. 
     The district magistrate has announced that kar seva will not be allowed to be performed on the octagonal mausoleum which has the second largest dome in the country. it is considered a unique architectural structure of the period. Even UNESCO is considering declaring the site as a world heritage site.

Choudhary to Join Mamata
Calcutta: Going by present indications, the political scene in West Bengal is all set for some dramatic political alignment ahead of next year's assembly elections, which may not bring the desired result for the Left Front.
     Former CPI (M) leader Saifudin Choudhary, a political heavyweight who launched his political forum Jana Chetana says that he is not averse to the idea of striking an electoral pact with any political party including the Trinamool Congress. Jana Chetana is willing to strike any alliance with any party which has no truck with the BJP. All parties with secular ideas are welcome to join us', Choudhary said in a press conference.
     A former MP, Choudhary had repeatedly demanded democracy at all levels in the CPI(M), and was expelled three months ago on charges of anti-party activities. Addressing a gathering at the launch of the outfit, Choudhary had reportedly said that he shared Mamata's views on reservation for Muslims. The Trinamul leader, at a rally of Muslims in Calcutta recently had promised job reservation for Muslims if she were voted to power in the state. 
     Saifuddin in the gathering said that 'though we strictly believe in not granting reservation on the basis of religion, but there are already a few backward classes from the Muslim community who had been included in the OBC category. The convention was attended by some 5000 people most of them formerly with the CPI(M).

Jamia Urdu launch a medical centre
Aligarh: Adam and Eve Medical Centre was launched in the Jamia Urdu campus in Aligarh on 29 November. The centre was inaugurated by the registrar of the Jamia Saeed Anwar.

Advani: Adopt Calicut Model
Kozikode: Home minister LK Advani who was recently in the city and was amazed to see Muslims' presence in every walk of life and their educational and economic progress asked all the Muslims of the country to adopt Calicut model of education for growth and uplift. 
     'I feel bad when I do not find Muslims in the list of top doctors, engineers, scientists, advocates and businessmen in the country. I think the fault lies in their educational system.' The home minister said.
     Advani elaborated on the Calicut model and said that,' I was surprised to find that in Calicut Muslims have realized the virtue of career studies. They are going is for higher education. the thrust is on vocational studies. I think it is time to repackage the educational system. Calicut should be the model. Muslims should come out of the clutches of vote bank politics. it has proved disastrous.'

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