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MG: concentrate on India!
I have found Milli Gazette to be a source of news about Muslims in India. However, it should change from "World Muslims Leading English Newspaper" to "Indian Muslims Leading English Newspaper". You should concentrate on providing news about 150 million Muslims in India to the rest of the world.
I would like to get more articles about Muslims in every state of India. The information like their total population, language, history, current political and financial situation would provide wealth of information. You can also cover the Muslims in large metropolitan areas. The next elections in Uttar Pradesh should also be covered in detail. 
The International Muslim news is more important to Muslims in India but on your website most readers live in other countries and would prefer Indian Muslim news.
This is my observation. I can read news about India from Indian newspapers but primary source for Indian Muslim news is Milli Gazette.
Arsalan Khan, USA

News Panorama
Your esteemed MG is most popular news panorama among Indian newspapers. I found it more beneficial newspaper relating to the news of socio-economic, educational, matrimonial, technical and business. I think it is the best newspaper taking national and international examples into consideration. 
Amiruddin Ahmed
Vill. Chararpar, Kanaibazar, Karimganj-788729

Why o’ why?
Why Muslims leaders all over the world are cold- blooded. They see us attacked and they just watch! I don't feel taste of peace while other Muslims are attacked and killed. I wish I could do something. I want jehad but I don't mean war and bloodshed, but jihad against one’s evil self, to be Muslim first and unite together so that no one could dare attack a Muslim. 
Alia (via email)

Attacks on Parliament
The recent terrorist attack on the Parliament House in New Delhi is a highly deplorable act and deserves to be condemned vehemently by all the Indians irrespective of caste and religion, especially the Muslims, as the attack was carried out in the Holy month of Ramazan. We are shaken and distressed over the manner in which the militants gained free entry in one of the high security zone areas, that too in the highly surcharged security atmosphere, when our Intelligence agencies were anticipating the big trouble. The time has come for Hindus and the Muslims of the country to bury their differences in the wake of the attack and stand solidly united and firm. This will not only give necessary strength to the Prime Minister's resolve to fight the menace of terrorism in a decisive manner, as pledged by him, but also weaken the enemy's will power. In the present testing times we all should work hand-in-hand to preserve integrity and secular fabric of our great nation. 
Aslam Chougle, Mumbai

How the terrorists rescue the BJP
The Parliament was in session. The reinstatement of George Fernandes as the Defence Minister of India despite the inquiry pending against him in Tehelka case and the draconian law of Poto were under the Opposition’s attack. 
Suddenly the whole nation was again shocked to learn about the grievous corruption in the matter of defence purchases including the coffins during the Kargil war. BJP the self styled righteous, honest, efficient and what not, was badly entangled. They were exposed and bared in the sun. The Govt. had no face to confront the members. It had decided to call off the session.
At that most crucial juncture the terrorists had come to their rescue. They had attacked the insurmountable Parliament house. The whole world all over was astonished, how could it be possible. The attention was diverted from the Poto and the corruption. Congress spokesperson Jaipal Reddy told in a television discussion with Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Pramod Mahajan that after the fight between the terrorists and the armed forces many BJP MPs. were telling in the House that now the Poto Bill will be passed tomorrow. 
2) Pakistan was an ally of the USA since the last half a century. We had sided with the other World Power, the erstwhile Soviet Union. However the USSR was demolished in the Afghan war in eighties and since then we were dying to embrace the USA in a deep friendship.
President Clinton was to arrive; we had laid red carpets to welcome with ambition of winning his heart. We had been apprising him of the inimical attitude of their ally in our neighborhoods since long, particularly in the matter of our State of Jammu & Kashmir with no succor. However, at that very time the terrorists had attacked a Sikh dominated village in Kashmir. President Clinton had realised the Pak mischief. We were satisfied with his reactions. The sole world power was distancing from our foe and inching to us in appreciation of our desire of peace. We had won a friend but unfortunately his party lost the election soon thereafter. 
3) After 11 September 2001, we had offered "any" help to the USA in their combat against terrorists. Afghanistan was their first target declared by George Bush. We were happy because the Afghans were also helping terrorism in our part of Kashmir. USA had not accepted our offer; perhaps they were not satisfied about our claim of the sufferings India is passing through the common enemy. Thank God! The proof was provided. The terrorists had attacked the J&K assembly premises by dashing a vehicle loaded with explosives, in the same manner as the Osama men had smashed the airplane into the Business Tower of America. Prime Minister Vajpayee had written a detailed letter to the American President who had appreciated our position, we hoped.
Nonetheless, in the matter of the terrible event of 13 December, the Home Minister should confess his inability to check the infiltration of the militants at multiple points viz. (1) Line of Control between India and Pakistan (2) J.K. to Punjab and (3) Punjab to Delhi (4) thereafter roaming freely in the Capital of India and (5) entering the Z plus security zone at their sweet will under the nose of the various intelligence agencies, that too under the prevalence of the POTO. The lapse is common despite the fact that half of the Indian army is posted in J&K alone. Why does he not accept at least a moral responsibility?
Pakistan is losing ground by imposing the proxy war on us. All the five terrorists were killed by our brave jawans during the ongoing Parliament session. But we wished they should not succeed in diverting people’s attention from the hapless miseries of the common Indians caused by the high placed corruption, maladroit and the draconian law brought by the Home Minister Advani. The circumstances rescue the BJP at crucial junctures and provide nine lives to the cat.
MI Ansari, Thane (via e-mail)

With reference to the article "Bitter truths about Babari Masjid cases" by Syed Obaidur Rahman (MG, Oct. 16-31), OP Sharma deserves commendation for selflessly putting forward the facts on the Masjid to the court, even by spending money from his own pocket. Persons like OP Sharma, Advocate and Sher Singh, IAS, who wrote an authentic book on Babari Masjid's historical status, are, indeed, hope for the future of secularism and democracy. Their sacrifices for the cause of secular democratic set-up and truth is laudable.
Through your esteemed fortnightly I request Syed Shahabuddin saheb and Zafaryab Jilani, for whom I have very deep respect, to clarify their positions on the observations made by Mr. Sharma in the referred article.
M Naushad Ansari, Bangalore

What is the motto
Behind the POTO?
Do you want a permanent peace?
Then make injustice to cease
If aim is overall tranquility
Then we must ensure total equality
Any undue arrogance
Must always end in violence
Human nature takes this road
Be it inland or abroad
It’s a permanent demand of nature
Never submit to any wild vulture
Take up a stick or an iron rod
No difference if Faith is in only one God
S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150

No happy Eid this
I do not know how to wish a happy Eid to my fellow Muslims who are hungry and shelter less and specially those who are being bombarded constantly because they stand against "TAGHOOT", because they prefer to die than compromise on their principles. 
What an irony that Muslims are being used to kill other Muslims. Yes this Eid must be enjoyable for Mr. Hazrat Ali and his followers, Abdul Shaitan Abdul Shaitan(Abdullah Abdullah), Dostam, Fahim and other traitors of the faith. They have reasons to celebrate this time not me ! 
Salma S (via email).

Ben Laden’s tape
A contradiction exists between Bin Ladin's "new video" and the letters of the hijackers. The new video claims to have "proof" that Bin Ladin did the attack, OK, but why does it say that he thought the hijackers did not know they were about to commit suicide? Did not the letters "uncovered" by the FBI from the "hijackers" luggage shortly after the WTC attack claim that they knew they were about to commit suicide? Therefore we have a contradiction, Bin Laden "claims" (on this new "video") that the hijackers did NOT know they were about to commit suicide, yet earlier a few weeks ago when the hijackers luggage was "discovered", letters were found which said the hijackers KNEW that they were going to commit suicide on the planes. Why such a big discrepancy? Obviously the lies have reached such a point where they have got clumsy.
Also, why was an ARABIC "video" found in Jalalabad where the people don't speak Arabic? If it was for distribution around the Arabic world then they'd at least find much more of these tapes, right? Another thing, this seems to me to be an attempt to further demonise Bin Laden by saying that he "tricks" people to commit suicide, thus making more people in the Muslim world oppose him and some of the just causes he stands for. More more thing, if the people then explain this contradiction away as "lack of knowledge due to the cells being separate", then how can Bin Laden be blamed for organising this if he did not know what they were doing? Think about it, if these "terrorist" cells really don't know what each other is doing, then how can we blame Osama for the attacks? So, if the people explain the contradiction between Bin Ladin's video and the letters of the "hijackers" as due to the fact that these cells don't know what each other cell is doing, then we CANNOT blame Osama for "conceiving, organising and carrying out the attacks". One other thing I happened to notice, Bin Laden appears to be wearing a ring on his right hand. In previous film of Bin Laden released by him, he has worn no jewellery apart from a watch.
Riad Alam

After watching an old lady crying over her dead children on the CNN in a village near Herat Afghanistan which was completely razed to the ground, a hospital and a mosque bombed, which had killed hundreds of helpless and defenceless innocent civilian men, women and children and made other hundreds of thousand of them to flee to nearby Pakistan, my eleven year old niece asked with tears in her eyes as to why were these people being killed. I had no answer to her innocent question. How could I explain to her that a Super Power was pulverising the rubbles of the most impoverished nation and seemed to be enjoying it ?! Bravo ! the bravest and the most courageous pilots of the mightiest air force in this world.
Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi


Muslim Media
This has a reference to A U Asif’s piece on Aljazeera (1-15 December, 2001). It was a good critical analysis of the English periodicals run by Indian Muslims. You deserve congrats for publishing such a nice critical piece at a time when Muslims are shy of doing it. Hope, we will see in near future some more pieces on general Muslim media also. 

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is credited with bringing out newspapers and other periodicals in over a dozen regional languages, besides English, Hindi and Urdu. Except the daily “Madhyamam” in Malayalam, its efforts have not proved to be very fruitful. It is anyhow running them. 

Other regional language periodicals are surviving with much difficulty. Both the “Weekly Kanti” and “Monthly Kanti” in Hindi are, no doubt, improving under Dr Mohammed Ahmed, a seasoned neo-Muslim professional journalist. Since his arrival, it has taken a new turn and is becoming popular among Hindi readers. So far as the efforts in Urdu are concerned, the ten-time-a-month “Dawat” is also doing excellently under Parwaaz Rahmani. It was really difficult to put into the shoes of a newspaper that have had distinction of being edited by the doyens of Urdu media Asghar Ali Abedi, late Mohammed Muslim and late Maulana Salman Nadvi, also a neo-Muslim as well as a professional journalist Mahfuzur Rahman. But Parwaaz Rahmani unhesitatingly began his journey about ten years ago and is consistently moving on. Its thinking readers are of the view that “Dawat” under Parwaaz Sahib has excelled more in comparison to his predecessors so far as objectivity of the Islamic movement and Jamaat is concerned. Besides, he has also tried to follow the high standard and traditions of his predecessors. 

But it should also be kept in view that it was “Dawat” whose daily and weekly editions were also being brought out. They ceased to come out much before Parwaaz Sahib’s take-over. From this point of view, “Dawat” is also to pay attention towards this aspect at a time when there is no standard Urdu daily owned by Muslims from Delhi. Both “Rashtriya Sahara” and “Qaumi Awaaz” are owned by Sahara group and Congress party, respectively. There is one Urdu monthly “Zindagi”. It has also, no doubt, got a positive change under Dr FR Faridi, a well known scholar.

So far as Jamaat’s efforts in English media are concerned, it has really disappointed us. We still recall Shaukat Usmani’s dispatches from Cairo during 1967 Arab-Israel War in “Radiance” and the viewsweekly’s great role in projecting the cases of AMU’s minority character and the establishment of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat in 1964 and All India Muslim Personal Law Board in 1972. Unfortunately, there is now no columnist like Shaukat Usmani or jurist like S P Sinha before it. It has lost all of them and there is no effort to regenerate the new team. 

The Jamaat chief, Maulana Mohammed Sirajul Hasan, who is also the president of the Board of Islamic Publications and successor to late Maulana Mohammed Yusuf, is an enlightened person and seems to realise the deteriorating situation but one fails to understand what actually prevents him from saving it from further deterioration. 

It was really sad that instead of setting “Radiance” on the path of progress, a few years ago, some top Jamaat people from Kerala did an experiment perhaps to provide an alternative to “Radiance”. But still they are doing an experiment after experiment in the form of Meantime under the stewardship of PC Hamza.

Asif has written that “Radiance” has got no full-fledged editor after S A H Rizvi. But he should know that now Ejaz Ahmed Aslam has been elevated to the status of editor. But the question is still there: Would he now play the role of a full-fledged editor? If not, then what was the need for elevation? 

However, I fully agree with Khursheed A’s view that when Zahir Shah is fit in his approaching 90s to takeover the reins of a country, why not Rizvi in his 80s should be invited to pick up the thread which he left in the late 1985. 
K A Ansari

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