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Unity the only solution: Kalbe Sadiq
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

Shaikhul Jamia (vice chancellor) of the Aligarh Muslim University Mr. Hamid Ansari, member of UP legislative council and vice Chairman of Maulana Azad educational trust Mr. Siraj Mehdi and Branch Manager of Bombay Mercantile Co-operative bank Lucknow Mr. Raza Haider were given maiden Maulana Kalbe Abid award for their outstanding performance in their respective fields. 

In a glittering and representative function held in Madrasa Sultanul Madaris here on 8. January renowned Shia cleric and son of Maulana Kalbe Abid presented these awards to the dignitaries. Addressing the gathering on the occasion Maulana recited a verse from holy Qur'an which means "You (Muslims) have been sent to this world for betterment and benefit (Neki) of all (Alnass) and not for your community alone.He quoted the last Khutbae Jum’a of Maulana Kalbe Abid where he said that as a Shia I will stand up if atrocity is committed to a Shia and as a Muslim I will stand up if atrocity is committed to a Muslim and I will also stand up if the atrocity is committed to a human being because I am a human being also. He exhorted the gathering to stand up against atrocities whosoever may be the victim irrespective of his religion and creed and caste. 

Vice President of Muslim Personal Law Board and younger brother of late maulana Kalbe Abid Maulana Kalbe Sadiq also advised the gathering to follow the foot steps of Prophet Muhammad. He says that the Holy Prophet constructed only one mosque and Muslims are trying to follow his footsteps in this regard but what he did during his entire life Muslims are very conveniently ignoring and forgetting it i.e. service to humanity.He quoted many instances of holy Prophet particularly after conquering Mecca in this regard. He also urged Muslims not to lag behind in the field of education as nothing could be achieved without it. 

Shaikhul Jamia Hamid Ansari urged the gathering to maintain communal harmony and unity. He also warned against doubting the integrity, patriotism and nationalistic feelings of others and said that it will endanger the upward march of the nation.

Senior IAS officer Sardar Rai Singh said that every religion teaches love and affection and anyone spreading hatred in the name of religion can not be termed as religious person. He exhorted people to see the real face of such persons and isolate them in the society. 

First Secretary of Iranian Embassy Muhammad Hasan Khushamadi addressed the gathering in Urdu with Iranian accent. He reminded the people that Imam Khomeini always emphasized the need of unity among Muslims irrespective of his school of thought (maslak) Maulana Sajjad Nadwi cautioned the people against the sinister designs of Zionist and imperialist forces against India. He said that it is wrong to assume that the BJP government at the centre is taking directions from Nagpur (RSS headquarter). It is actually taking directions from Washington and Tel Aviv. 

Member of Parliament Rizwan Zaheer in his brief speech warned against the ugly designs of communal forces to divide the nation, while Maulana Nawabuddin Naqshbandi who attended the function as the representative of Maulana Syed Abdullah Bukhari emphasized the need of maintaining communal harmony and ittehad bainil Muslimeen (unity among Muslims.

Renowned poet Munawwar Rana and Saghar Khayyami presented their nazms which were appreciated by one and all. Exhibition of calligraphy by Hashim Akhtar Naqwi who presented Bismillah hirrahmanir Raheem in 786 different styles was part of the programme. It was the centre of main attraction. It may be noted that Mr. Naqwi has written this verse in 5000 styles out of which only 786 were put for exhibition. 

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