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Muslim ‘leaders’ play in the hands of the communalists
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

As expected and perhaps planned the stage is set for confrontation between saffronized Hindus and Muslims over the proposed construction of Ram Temple on the disputed and subjudiced site in Ayodhya..The respective leaders of both sides are sticking to their guns with of course, a basic difference that Muslim leadership agrees to abide by the court order whatever that may be whereas the Sangh Parivar asserts that they will accept the judgement if that goes in their favour otherwise "to hell with the court".

Unfortunately in the infamous style of their mentor Mulayam Singh Yadav "Parinda Par bhi naheen mar sakta" the Samajwadi party MP Mr. Azam Khan and Convenor of babri masjid Action Committee Mr. Zafaryab Jilani warned that the temple construction will be stopped physically if all efforts fail.

He went to the extent of saying that it will more harm to Hindus than the Muslims as they are in majority. Forgetting conveniently that more than 80% Hindus are against this mischief and have come out openly against the sangh Parivar when Babri masjid was demolished in 1992. Zafaryab Jilani also said that though we pay full respect to Ram Chandraji but we do not consider him as our mazhabi peshwa (religious leader), an unnecessary and unwarranted statement in the present circumstances. He should have kept in mind the famous couplet of Allama Iqbal ‘Hai Ram ke wajood pe Hindustan ko naz / Ahle nazar samajhte hain unko imame Hind.’ We must keep in mind that majority of hindus is against the demolition of the Babri Masjid and illegal construction of Ram mandir at the disputed site but they certainly expect from us to respect their religious and national heroes. 

After a day-long meeting of the All-India Babri Masjid Action Committee here in Lucknow on 7 January Azam Khan and Jilani were addressing the media persons. Rejecting any talk with the VHP and terming them as unreliable, the committee was of the view that the only solution of the tangle is the adjudication and the judgement must be accepted by all. It also requested Parliament and the state assembly to pass a resolution requesting the court to give their judgement within one year after a daily hearing of the case. 

Nothing could have pleased the sangh parivar than the statement of ‘physically’ stopping the construction of Ram temple, inflicting more harm to Hindus,and rejecting Ram as our national hero. Terming it as a hollow threat the Sangh Parivar has decided to go ahead with their programme come what may. 

However,Muslims have rejected this statement of Jilani and Azam Khan.Terming the statement as uncalled for, immature, and irresponsible the General Secretary of All India Muslim Forum Prof MK Shervani says that nothing should be done to harm the social fabric of our nation. One irresponsible stand may not justify another irresponsible stand. Mr. Siraj Mehdi, member of the legislative council, says that both Hindus and Muslims have very well understood their leaders and will not fall into their trap. Zeba Shahab TV news reader says that provocative statements from both sides must be stopped forthwith and both parties should wait for final judgement from the court. 

The very next day of Jilani's infamous statement a function was held in world famous Shia Madarsa Sultanul Madaris in which prominent persons from all the communities irrespective of religion and faith participated. Renowned cleric Maulana Kalbe Sadiq exhorted the Muslims to follow the footsteps of the Prophet.Victory over Mecca, his attitude towards his worst enemies, his dealings,services etc. are guidelines for us.He says that hate can not be won over by hate but by love and compassion only. In the presence of Zafaryab Jilani almost all the speakers in that representative function indirectly rejected his threat and snubbed him to some extent for issuing threats and provoking others. Unity not only among Muslims but encompassing all sections of the society to isolate Sangh Parivar was the theme.

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