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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 February 2002

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister CB Naidu presenting a shawl to Shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan in Hyderabad

Urdu Board’s degree recognized
Aligarh: Dr Muhammad Umar Khan Samar Chhatawari, registrar of Urdu Board, Aligarh has informed that Bhartiya Tibbiya College, Saharanpur has recognized the Board’s examinations. Successful candidates of Dabir Qabil and Dabir Fazil are now eligible to get admission into DUM’s course of the Tibbiya College, Saharanpur. Agra University has already recognized Dabir Fazil equivalent to BA and has given recognition to get admission in MA Urdu.

Ishaq Sambhali remembered
Moradabad: To mark the second death anniversary of freedom fighter, former MLA and Communist leader Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Sambhali, a meeting was held under chairmanship of Communist leader Ram Gopal Sharma. In his presidential address Sharma said that he was a great leader who besides being a member of the Communist party was associated with daily Urdu Qaumi Awaz. He worked for the country and the community for 60 years and went to jail in 1942 during Quit India Movement. Then he was with Congress. He further said that in 1940 when partition movement of the Muslim League and the Muslims of the country was in full swing, he hoisted the flag of secularism. He stressed the need of taking lesson from Maulana’s faith, simplicity and candid life. Various social and political leaders addressed the people on the occasion.

MP Urdu Academy announces awards
Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy has announced two more awards named after poets late Dr Shifa Gwaliari and Sahba Qureshi. A cash prize of Rs 5,000, a shawl and a memento would be given under these awards. With these two new awards, the number of such awards given by MP Urdu Academy has reached 15.
It should be noted that the Academy had recently announced an award for creative literature after ghazal poet Basit Bhopali.

Custodial death
Srinagar: Several organizations went on a one-day strike following the alleged death of a Kashmiri youth in police custody. Zafar Iqbal, resident of Drugjan Dalgate of Kashmir and sales executive of Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Delhi, had been missing for a week. Reports say that he was arrested from his rented accommodation at Defence Colony, Lajpat Nagar of South Delhi and later tortured to death. He had been staying there for the last one year and earlier he was a lecturer at Info Park Computer Institute.
After filing a report at Kotla police station, his family had been looking for him in various hospitals in the capital thinking that he might have met some accident. Later the police asked relatives to identify a dead body. Zafar was found dead at the morgue of AIIMS, bearing injury marks on his head and face. The suspect circumstances have put a question mark on the police. It should be noted that in a similar incident recently another 18-year-old Kashmiri boy was allegedly burnt by a BSF jawan.

Employment need of the hour
Hyderabad: Mere government’s sanction to set up an Urdu university would not be enough for the development and survival of Urdu, but to provide employment to its products is the crying need of the hour. These views were expressed by Dr M Ishaq Gymkhanawala, Chairman of Anjuman Islam, Mumbai and former minister of the government of Maharashtra on the occasion of 4th anniversary of Maulana Azad National Urdu University’s function at Nizam College Hall of Hyderabad. While expressing sorrow over the declining condition, he held Urdu knowing people responsible for it. He said that in this developed age of information technology people feel shy of opting Urdu as medium of education for their children. Urdu’s standard will increase only when people associate themselves to it. He further said that Urdu in not the language of a particular religious group or sect as it is commonly understood today. But Urdu-speaking people are found in every religion. It is one of the sweetest Indian languages and the common style of prose and poetry in other Indian languages is due to Urdu literature and poetry. 
Various intellectuals and prominent personalities participated in the function including Dr Shamim Jairajpuri, VC of Maulana Azad Urdu University, Prof Salman Siddiqui, registrar, Dr Abid Hussain, former ambassador to America and Dr Muhammad Rafi Siddiqui, England.

Poto against human rights
Phulwarisharif: In a meeting of the Executive Committee of Imarat-e-Shariah, Bihar under chairmanship of Maulana Syed Nizamuddin, burning current issues such as movements against Islam and Muslims in India, maligning of madrasas’ role and day to day increase of terrorism, remained the dominant topics of discussion. While condemning terrorism in every form the Committee decided that the promulgation of Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance (POTO) was against the secular and democratic character of the country and that under the current circumstances it would be mostly used against minorities like TADA. Therefore, the Committee demanded the government to withdraw the ordinance. While expressing deep concern over the drives against madrasas, the Committee said that these madrasas are the harbingers of peace, harmony and unity and they are miles away from terrorism. The Committee demanded both the state and central governments to put and end to such mischievous propaganda. While reminding the government of the Constitutional right to set up madrasas and makatib, it stressed on leaving these rights as they are, without any intrusion. The meeting also appealed to the responsible people of madrasas to better their educational standard and not to be afraid of the unfavourable and straitened circumstances.
Various ulama, intellectuals, social and political leaders and legal advisors participated in the meeting.

Ahmad Raza’s grandson joins Congress
New Delhi: Grandson of Ahamd Raza Khan Barelvi and principal of a madrasa at Bareilly, Maulana Mannan Raza Khan has joined Congress party. This was announced at the party’s head-quarters. President of the party’s minorities department Abdur Rahman Antulay, its general secretary Muhsina Qidwai and senior Congress leader Arjun Singh were present on the occasion. The Maulana has expressed his satisfaction that Sonia Gandhi’s leadership would be in favour of the country’s welfare. 

Ban unregistered madrasas
Indore: Vice president of Madhya Pradesh’s Congress Committee’s Minorities’ Cell Akhtar Baig has demanded ban on unregistered madrasas saying that they are dangerous for the country’s security. Baig, who is also a member of the Inspection Committee of State Madrasa Board (SMB) said that there is need to seriously examine the monetary aid from other sources of these institutes. While describing the madrasas which are not registered as puppets of fundamentalist forces, he said that there is also need to take severe measures against ulama who deliver provocative speeches in mosques.

Tortured to death
Srinagar: 45-year-old Bashir Ahmad Mir, a resident of Ghat Jogi Lanker, Rainawari, Kashmir was allegedly tortured to death in police custody. He was arrested by BSF on 28 October last year from his bakery shop. When his family members failed to find him after long search, they were informed that Mir was hospitalized in Police hospital in Jammu.
After being released from there, he was admitted to SMHS hospital where on 19 December doctors told that severe torture had led to irreparable damage to both of his two kidneys and liver. Eventually the injuries caused by police torture led to Mir’s death. The locality observed a complete shutdown over police atrocity. Mir’s family told media persons that he had no link with any militant or political group.
The shopkeepers said that he was arrested only for now showing the rate list and was not released thereafter until it came to the knowledge of his family.

Imarat-e-Shariah completes 82 years
Phulwarisharif: To mark the 82nd anniversary of the esteemed socio-political and religious organization Imarat-e-Shariah Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Maulana Syed Nizamuddin in which several delegates of ulama, intellectuals, lawyers, political and social leaders and various other organizations of Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Bengal participated.
Three new publications of the Imarat were also released on the occasion. The speakers lauded its services.
Mualana Nizamuddin said that the organization calls people to follow the path of truth along with faith in God and it warns Muslims to be aware of the mischiefs and urges them to remain united. Maulana Aquil Husami of Hyderabad while exhorting people to be associated with the organization said that the Imarat was a symbol of unity for Muslims of Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand. Speaking on the occasion Maulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi said that some political leaders were trying to sow seeds of hatred among people for their own political interests. He further urged Muslims not to be disheartened and told them to face these situations with unity and perseverance.

Haj house to be built in Jaipur
Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced that soon a Haj house would be built in Jaipur and that pilgrims would also be insured for Rs 2 Lakks each. He further said that the government will take every possible step in this regard and that every possible facility would be provided to the state pilgrims. 
Islamic madrasa convention
While drawing public attention to the group of ministers’ report (GoM) regarding country’s internal security Maulana Wali Rahmani has said that on page 12 of the report madrasas have been linked with terrorism and that they are being funded by militant groups and that these madrasas are set up by these funds. He said that this portion of the report is as baseless as it is dangerous in the world perspective. He further said that Hindi and English press have been continuously publishing anti-madrasa statements. He said that he wants to highlight this dangerous conspiracy and its harmful effects on madrasas. He has requested that Urdu newspapers should also publish those statements, so that Muslims are aware of these conspiracies.
Maulana Rahmani is going to organize a 3-state convention on Islamic madrasas on 3 February which would be held at Madrasa Rahmania, Khanqah Munger, Bihar. The convention was scheduled to be held on 20 January, but was postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.

Islam never advocated violence
New Delhi: While appealing to the world communities Muslim intellectuals said that the term jihad should not be misrepresented and said that Islam never advocated violence. Expressing their views on the occasion of a seminar on Islam for peace held at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi, the speakers said that jihad neither means Islamic war nor a way to save Islam, but to devote oneself to a purposeful work. It is related to the development of Muslim society where there is no room for violence. They further said while expressing grave concern that the meaning of the term jihad is being distorted and misrepresented by Western media. In view of the tense circumstances they warned both India and Pakistan of the destructive consequences of war.
Among those who addressed the gathering in the presence of former Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral were director of the IICC Moosa Raza, its deputy director general Zafar Mahmood and supreme court advocate Wasi Ahmad Noorani.

Queries that boggled the missile-man
New Delhi: There is no gainsaying the fact that the father of Indian-missile, Bharat Ratna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is a great scientist and he knows its minute details and nuances. But questions of some children confused him and made him silent. During a lecture in Lucknow, he maintained that there were some questions whose answer is not possible for him even today. 
While mentioning about his meeting with children in different parts of the country, he said that he could not answer when, a child in Tripura asked him as to who his ideal was. He said that there was lack of ideal people in the country. A child in Rajkot posed a query before him, how could a corrupt country be made a developed one. He was taken aback when asked as to when Indians would sing their national anthem like Americans. He says that he cannot answer the question even now. The answer can be given only when our country hoists the flag of success in every field, says the Dr. While mentioning about another question he said that a 15-year-old boy of Jharkhand told him that his parents, brothers and other relatives wanted him to be something different in life, but he wants to study science. He asked to let him know when great scientists of the country were going to teach him.
Dr Kalam could not answer him and said during the conference that if we want our country to progress, senior scientists would have to come forward. He further said that for this purpose teachers from schools and universities and also those doing research works would have to impart knowledge at lower level.


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