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December 13 and After

American foreign policy
It refers to Robert Fisk's excellent analysis of American shrewd foreign policy (MG, 16-30 December 2001). 
In my opinion 70-80% terrorists acts are state-sponsored. They are either done by the umbrella organisation UNO or the USA . Sanctions in Iraq , Libya causing death of thousands of innocent children , merciless bombardment in Afghanistan causing innumerable death and Israel's aggression in Palestine and the Americans support to this act are some of the examples of the state sponsored terrorism. Until and unless these terrorists acts are stopped , individual terrorist's act will never end. Sooner we understand it, the better.
Now the time has come for the world to unite against 'Terrorism Culture' and condemn it at every fora without differentiating the sate or an individual. Otherwise peace will disappear from the globe forever, and its pieces will be seen scattered all around.
M.Shahid Kamal
Lecturer, Department of English
A.M.U Aligarh-202002, India 

Terrorism is threat
Terrorism in all its form and manifestations including state terrorism is a serious threat to global peace but emergent scenario of subcontinent is very dangerous. India and pakistan forces are in war like position on line of control. UNO, USA and all other nations would be in a position to push the leadership of Pakistan and India to avoid war and also engage in meaningfull dialogue. It is necessary to bolster international diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the current standoff between the two nuclear South Asian neighbours. One retired army officer said that"the British trained us well. Kill without fear without pity and without remorse"
Muhammadali Khalid

Lets be true to our values 
The true mark of a civilised society is the way it chooses to conduct itself in times of crisis. Sadly, the inhumane and degrading treatment of captives at Guantanamo Bay would seem to suggest that the US has placed vengeance and ritual humiliation ahead of justice
The MCB rejects the use of the term ‘unlawful combatants’ used by the US administration. These are prisoners of war and should be treated as such; their precise guilt is yet to be determined. This should be done not by a military tribunal, but by a properly constituted international court under the auspices of the UN, involving non interested parties, charged with investigating crimes against humanity because this is exactly what the September 11th attacks were. This applies to all captives, whatever their nationality. 
The MCB urges the American administration to take heed of the growing international outcry and let justice and humanity prevail. The MCB delegation visiting Mr Davies this week will argue that comments made by the US Secretary of State for Defense Donald Rumsfeld, that he had "not the slightest concern" for the welfare of the prisoners, are morally indefensible. At a time when we are all trying to defeat the evil of terrorism, the US must endeavour to be true and sincere to the civilised values it proclaims and which we all support. These include justice, humanity and integrity. This is no example to be setting to the rest of the world. Some regard it as blatant ‘double standards’ and a flagrant violation of our commitment to uphold civilised norms".
Shenaz Bunglawala
Muslim Council of Britain

Small but nice
Some minutes back I completed reading of your small, but nice book, 'at the threshold of the millennium'. Congratulations!
CS Siddeeque, Bangalore

Research issues
Can you establish a research arm of milligazette to thouroughly research issues like : interest rate payments, acceptance of uniform civil code when Muslims are a minority....
Mike Ghouse, USA

Muqtedar Khan
However, your otherwise interesting publication cannot be taken seriously as a Muslim newspaper as long as you continue to publish articles from Muqtedar Khan, who has expressed the wish that US Muslims should serve as intelligence assets for the Bush regime: “Yet this emerging and highly educated minority sees itself as an asset the US is failing to take advantage of..Rather than treating American Muslims as assets - using their knowledge of the Muslim world for diplomacy and even for intelligence - the government is treating them as suspects,” Muqtedar Khan, associate professor of 
political science at Adrian College, in Michigan, said in a recent panel discussion. (Christian Science Monitor, 10 Jan.)
bk_justice, USA

How come...
Sometimes I read your Internet edition, but not to satisfy my craving for intellectually stimulating thoughts. I read it for amusement in that you are following the same paths as those you blame for
creating hate against Muslim. I think your publication stooped low to the level I have never seen anytime and anywhere. You seem to be silent on the issue of suicide attack on the Parliament. To me, it is a tacit approval of the attack on the democratic principles the country believes in. 
Some questions for you:
1. How come Islam is fighting against all non-Islamic religions? 
2. How come you do not say anything about the rich Islamic states that continue to suppress basic human and political rights.
3. What significant contribution those states have made to humanity other than funding religious schools that teach hate? How come you do not say anything about it?
Anil Kalke

Very impressed
I visited at your web and got your email. Sir I am very impressed by your site. I am ending my letter by the famous couplet of Iqbal: 
Khastiye haq ka zamane mein sahara tu hai
Asre nau raat mein dhundala sa sitara tu hai*
Mohammadrizwan khan

Voice of Muslims
Mashallah, I am very happy to know that there is voice of Muslims that cater to issues of the ummah. May Allah bless you to spread the message of truth. Allahumma Aameen.
Durrani Karim, USA

It’s Crusade...
Post-9/11, US President used a very key word: crusade, which though he and his administration had tried to underplay, had never the less fully characterised the total effort against `world terrorism'. The slip of tongue was like the tip of ice-burg that is hidden but very much there.
Tauheed Ahmad

For whom the borders boil?
The borders are boiling
The masses are toiling
Leaders satisfy their mood
Poor toil for daily food
The former’s patriotism is funny
As they worship only money
Now everybody has come to know
What does the coffin scandal show
The patriotic songs are indeed fine
How many singers go to frontline?
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

New Culture 
I fell distressed that I'm compelled to write this letter. I think it wouldn't find a place in MG because it may not suite you, in defiance of your claims that you are very bold in this regard. Anyhow it's very unfortunate that despite claiming MG as Muslim's newspaper, consciously or unconsciously you are promoting a culture that has the seeds of very un-Islamic roots in it. By declaring people like Fardeen Khan, Lucky Ali & Nafisa Ali etc, you are giving social recognition to their un-Islamic deeds. When someone else does these things it's not so important but when a newspaper claiming to be the representative of Muslims, recognize these immoral people as the hero of the community, then the ummat-e-Rasool (PBUH) has certainly reasons to worry about. It shows that you and some alike people don't find anything wrong with these thing and that is the indication of how corrupt Muslims have become and how shamelessly they are resorting to the lifestyle strictly forbidden by Allah and His Rasool (PBUH). But please, please.. for God's sake even if you like the life in that way, confine it to yourself and don't propagate it through the media. Because when someone like you do this thing it comes to Muslims as very natural and its consequences may be disastrous. One more thing to which I'd like to draw the attention is that of un-Islamic advertisement (showing satr and beautification of women) being published in MG. How can the money generated by such immoral means be beneficial for the Ummat?
Tauheed Ahmad
Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jhansi

Slip of tongue?
In a slip of tongue, President Musharraf, when he first assumed office as Chief Executive Officer of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, praised Mushtafa Kemal Attaturk of Turkey. Attaturk is a very key figure in modern Islamic history and is a symbolism of total break from Islamic past and a move towards the modernism of the West. Though later, sensing instant and widespread reaction against the use of Attatruk's name, he tried to project a more conciliatory approach to big names in Pakistan's Islamic groups and had been quite successful in gaining their tacit support in the name of `Pakistan's own interest' and survival of the country. His decision to fall in on the correct side of President's Bush's ultimatum ---choose are you with us or against us ---was very adroitly reached through open consultation with Pakistan's across the board Muslim clerics. However, as he goes along, broad outlines of his road map for a future Pakistan is emerging with remarkable resemblance to the contours of Turkey's own Attaturk model, where Army rules with iron hand and democracy is so brutally repressed that a majority party elected is banned through constitutional chicanery. Pakistan has been a garrison state from its very establishment, at the behest and for the security needs of the West. For that favour itself, West cannot allow democracy to take hold in the country. This despite all the western propaganda. Those politicians that were allowed to take power in Pakistan have always under the mercy of the military, which survived with full political, financial and technical backing from the West.
It is under these background realities that President Musharraf's speech in the context of Indo-Pak confrontation on the borders, should be now analysed. General Musharraf has come a long way to proclaim, that he has interacted with religious scholars and a majority of them, are blessed with the wisdom and vision and they don’t `mix religion with politics'. That sentence is a crucial policy announcement that will now on guide future Musharraf's reshaping of Pakistan. Though it will not represent the will and consensus of the highly emotional population of Pakistan, in the `interest of the country', they will have to forget exercising their rights either democratically or otherwise, if they want to fit into the loop sprung by world's lone super-power, the US.
That at least should be of some consolation to Indian leaders; but the problem of Kashmir will still remain the most intractable issue between the two nations and this time around, the pressure will be mounted on India to show a matching spirit of `accommodation' with the Western geopolitical concerns, as the world is supposed to gravitationally circle around the super star: The United States of America.
Ghulam Muhammad, Mumbai

I am a regular reader of Milli Gazette. It is superb. A long beard. A turban. A traditional cap on the head. Or a conventional dress. Any one of them may make you the most suspicious and doubtful element in the society.Gone are the days, with this feature, one appeared to be a simple, thinking human being, now a terrorist.
The recent atrocities shown by the fanatics in Europe and elsewhere against the Sikh community and others presuming them to be the followers of Bin Laden are the sorry state of hate- compaign against a particularly dressed community. But the intolerance is not the first of its kind. It has, if not deliberately ,been committed on Indian soil too against the Muslim community.
Naunehal, his nick name Buddhan, was arrested in Assam. His only fault was that he had a long beard with a traditional attire to resemble a typical,devout Muslim. He was put into a prison for over a year in connection with some terrorist activities in the state despite the fact that he was quite innocent. A simple, naive villager. He did not know what terrorism meant. He had gone to Assam in search of livelihood.
Later, on much effort, he was released from the jail nothing vital to be proved against him. But the incident has left him totally shattered. The trauma he has experienced is indelible. He often questions if he is anti-national. The identity is under complete scrutiny.
The distrust and misapprehension against a particularly dressed person representing a community must stop. The security agencies or the protectors of law must realize that a terrorist does not reside or hide in a dress but lies in mind to destruct and harm others.
Mohammad Azeemullah, Aligarh

Let me congratulate you for launching such a comprehensive Muslim's leading English newspaper. I am a bilingual journalist (Arabic & English) writing articles in local newspapers in UAE. I would like to cooperate with your newspaper in whatever way you would like me to do so. 
Mohammed Hussain,Sharjah,UAE

Biggest Terrorists
Those who are licking the boots of the US administrators despite knowing that it is the CIA which has sowed the seeds of suicidal hatred and desperation should now ready themselves to welcome Uncle Sam’s armies in their territories. Who of the coward rulers can prevent the mother of terrorism from perusing their foes if it is in their interest?! But what have they done to improve their society where teenagers too are free to make tower-crashing airdashes?! Is the birth place of KKK and the field of shameless deeds like Watergates and even Zippergates worth any respect?!
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

December 13 and After

The event of December13, 2001 has shaken the entire nation . The incident of this type is not unusual ,though. We have seen such similar attack in the past on December 6,1992 , when our democratic set up was attacked by the Hindu fascist forces like the B.J.P, V.H.P and Bajrang Dal. The Supreme Court order was denied by the then Congress and the B.J.P government . The attack this time was undoubtedly severe but symbolic in nature . It set the stage for yet another war. 
In this war like situation SAARC leaders met on January 5,2002 to discuss their problems and to work for peace. Citizens of both the countries were expecting much from this meeting , as it was not only the meeting of the SAARC leaders , it was also the meeting of the two nuke-leaders threatening each other to go on war. Meeting at the highest level was meant atleast to ease the tension . Alas! It did not happen. Friendly gestures became the victim of doubt and suspicion. 
To achieve peace, both India and Pakistan are looking towards USA .It is unfortunate. We are not yet able to understand ,the danger of the involvement of the West and the eventual enslavement of the whole region once again in the name of working towards peace. Our past experiences reveal that the countries like U.S.A and U.K would never like us to live in peace. They are playing the same 'Divide and rule' card once again around the globe. Examples are quite obvious. They have good relations with Israel and Palestine, but they never act sincerely and just give them a cosmetic advice to live in Peace. They have their control on Iraq and the Middle East , yet they would never like them to unite and take decision on their own. A friendly relationship of Afghanistan and Pakistan was not allowed to survive for long and in the name of terrorism, Afghanistan was finally destroyed. And the government which suited the American interest was finally installed . Therefore, both India and Pakistan , expecting U.S.A to resolve their issues must now try to understand their shrewd foreign policy. Now,if we are sincere to establish peace in its true sense then we must define ' What is Terrorism'. If terrorism is to kill innocent people , then undoubtedly 70-80% terrorists acts are state sponsored 
It is either by U.S.A or U.N.O. Sanctions on Iraq ,Libya, and other countries are nothing but an act of terrorism. Recently,carpet bombing, daisy cutter bombing in Afghanistan causing innumerable deaths is nothing but a terrorist act. Israel's bombardment on innocent Palestinians , and Americans support to this act can never be justified in any way. If we want to stop individual's terrorist's act which is just 10-20% , we will have to make a sincere attempt to stop state sponsored terrorism. Otherwise, peace will disappear from the Globe forever and its pieces will be seen scattered all around. 
M. Shahid Kamal
Lecturer, Department of English
A.M.U Aligarh-202002 

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