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Relief work in Gujarat
Jawaharlal Neru Medical College’s 10-member medical team has returned from Gujarat after providing medical relief to over 800 people in the quake-striken areas of Gujarat. The team was led by Dr Nayyar Asif of the orthopaedic department and had gone by bus with medical supplies worth 0.150 million.

Laproscopic Surgery
Two cases of Labaroscopic Cholecystectomy were successfully performed on 13 February by Dr Syed Amjad Ali Rizvi,assisted by Dr A.K.Bhardwaj and Dr Arshad Jamal of Department of Surgery at J.N.Medical College, AMU, Aligarh.
Laproscopic Surgery equipment was installed on 5 February and this was the first operation.

Reservation for women
A valedictory session of a two-day national seminar at Aligarh Muslim University Women’s College on 11 February demanded thirty percent reservation for women in the elected bodies of educational institutions and resolved that reservations should be available in those vocational and technical courses in which the percentage of girls students was low.
Prominent educationists, writers, social workers and intellectuals from all over India and abroad presented their papers in the two day national seminar on ‘the life and times of Shaikh Abdullah’, founder of the AMU Women’s College.
The resolution also demanded that a watch cell should be instituted to monitor and report cases of female foeticide and infanticide to ensure that the gender gap does not further increase.
In his presidential address, Emeritus Professor M. Shafi said that when Shaikh Abdullah decided to launch his crusade at the beginning of the century for education of girls, both Hindus and Muslims were opposed to the idea of modern education for their girls. They feared that it would lead to immorality among them

Nehru’s Worldview
Inaugurating a two day national seminar on ‘Nehru’s Worldview: Internationalism versus Nationalism’ at AMU on 11 February, former Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Mr Romesh Bhandari said that Nehru’s ideas on foreign policy had started taking shape in 1926 during his visit to England. To clarify Nehru’s stand on world peace, he quoted Krishna Menon ‘please show me one gun which can fire in one direction’. He also justified Nehru’s taking the case of Kashmir in U.N. He explained that Nehru was an idealist and had no expectation of Security Council turning into a political body.
He said that Nehru’s policy was based on peace, disarmament and development and disarmament was a focal point of India’s foreign policy. He also pointed out that now India is becoming more and more relevant for America.
Emeritus Professor Theodore P Wright Jr (USA) reminded of his last visit to AMU during the Vice chancellor ship of Badruddin Tyabji. He equated Nehru with Woodrow Wilson. He also shared that when he first came to India 40 years back he was cautioned by his Secretary of State not to discuss three Ks - caste, Kashmir and cows.
On his ideas about Nehru and minorities, he claimed that Nehru’s having soft place for Muslims and patronizing Muslim elites disenabled young Muslims to be enterprising. He also expressed his ideas about current state of Muslim politics in India. Lastly he proposed that Azim Premji of Wipro should be honoured by AMU in some ways.
Delivering his presidential address, AMU vice chancellor, M Hamid Ansari called upon the delegates to commit them to kind of intellectual level of Nehru for sustaining academic excellence.
According to Mr Ansari, the greatest contribution of Nehru was that unlike other newly independent countries India had not to grope for a Worldview at the time of independence, which catapulted India’s position at the world scene to a larger extent. With Nehru at the helm of affairs India was a new voice of Asia in the process of decolonization.
Prof T.A.Nizami, Director of the Centre for Nehru Studies, said that Nehru had sensed the collapse of Soviet Union as early as 1962 when he felt ‘Marxism, though it throws some light on certain historical processes; is as a whole outdated today.’ He viewed economic and social problems, including world peace and freedom from a global angle.
Prof. Mansura Haider, dean, faculty of social sciences proposed a vote of thanks with highlighting two gifts of Nehru to Indians’ right to live gracefully and think intelligently.

His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin, chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University has graciously donated an amount of Rs fifteen lakh and fifty two thousand to Aligarh Muslim University.
He has donated Rs ten lakh to provide scholarship to deserving students of AMU and this scholarship will be awarded in the name of ‘Minhat Burhaniya Scholarship.’

Prof. Hasan Jafari
Former AMU pro-VC Prof. Hasan Ali Shah has been nominated a member of the Rajasthan public services commission. A professor in the department of political science, Jafari was born in Jaipur.

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