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Are We Dead Souls ?
By Shuja, Canada

The Glorious Quran is the only and only book, which is read by parrots like us without its meaning. There have been many responses to the burning of the Glorious Quran in New Delhi on 5 March 2001.

I am compelled to add my own views, which are as follows:

For the past couple of hundred years or so, Muslims are the most disrespectful to the Glorious Quran. How many of us recited and analysed the verses of Holy Quran in our whole lifetime. How many of us have debates and analysis upon the verses of the Glorious Quran every day? The tragedy of the ummah is, when an ordinary Muslim recites the Holy Quran, one tempts to believe that he or she may be reciting a different book. Until and unless we recite the Holy Quran with correct tajweed and accent, unless we have analytical studies, unless we have debates of the verses, unless we arrange Quranic gatherings in our homes, unless we immerse ourselves into the book, Muslims have to face insults and humiliations.

I personally got very angry after seeing the burning of the book. But, running away from the facts cannot solve our problems. Taking this opportunity, I appeal to Muslims that from today onwards make a habit to arrange gathering with your families and analyse the Quranic verses. Encourage your children to write stories, make projects of the suras. Unless we do this, Allah (sbt) will never, never and never help us.

We have time for novels, we have time for magazines, we have time for all other materials, but unfortunately we do not have time for Quran. We made Holy Quran an unknown book. If we do not respect the Holy Quran, then it is stupidity to expect from others. It is the only Book, which is read without its meaning. Let us change this attitude.

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