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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 April 2001

A student receiving his certificate from one of the five computer training centres run by the National Urdu Council at Hyderabad. From left: Hamidullah Bhat, Urdu University VC Prof. Shameem Jairajpuri, Andhra Pradesh Urdu Acedmy chairman Sayyid Shah Noorul Haq Qadiri and the student.

IDB aid lies unused
Bhopal: Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Jeddah, had sanctioned $186000 for Bhopal's famous technical college, Munshi Husain Khan Technical Institute. The amount sanctioned in 1998 was meant for the construction of the building of the institute.
The formalities were on by the authorities of the institute for procuring the amount from the IDB, but due to irresponsible attitude of the Waqf department it seems that the amount sanctioned for the institute may well never reach here. The amount that comes roughly to Rs 8.6 million may remain lying useless.
IDB has sanctioned the amount for the construction of ITI building of the Munshi Husain Khan Technical Institute after a long struggle. But when the amount was almost in hand technical problems have arisen out of perennial corrupt attitude of the government authorities. The building that has to be converted into ITI building is owned by the Waqf Board and the board had only to say that it has no objection over the construction of the building. The building is rented to the Institute for long and there was no legal hitch.
The Institute which was established in 1983 with only three trades has extended rapidly with now thirty one trades. This fast development impressed the IDB so much that it has already donated Rs 7. 4 million besides this amount for the building. The institute now runs courses on food processing, lab technician, computer programming, tailoring, embroidery, needle works and several other areas.

Urdu papers: No discrimination
New Delhi: Central information and broadcasting minister Sushma Swaraj has assured that no discrimination will ever be allowed against the Urdu newspapers in the country. She assured this while talking to a team of Urdu Editor's Council that met her on 11 March. According to a press release of the Urdu Editor's Council the cabinet minister assured that the ministry has constituted an advisory committee to decide the new contract rates of the DAVP. She also assured the delegation that she will do everything to ensure that advertisements reach Urdu newspapers. The delegation was led by the national president of the Council SM Asif.

Two Muslim youths killed
Sambhal; communal tension flared up in this predominantly Muslim populated town when on the day of Id-al-Azha, Shankar a trader shot dead two Muslim youths without any provocation in the city.
The incident terrified the whole city as the people who were in the mood of the celebration on that holy day were scared of the communal flare-up. Later, Muslims aggrieved over the provocation, staged massive demonstrations in the city. The police later arrested Shankar for killing the youths.

Haj House in Jaipur
Jaipur: Haji Nizamuddin, the secretary of Rajasthan Haj Welfare Society has welcomed the announcement of Tanveer Ahmad, the chairman of the Central Haj Committee to donate Rs 5 million for the construction of Haj House in Jaipur. He said that now the Rajasthan government should allot land for the construction of the Haj House. Haji said that he has written a number of letters to the chief minister for the same.
He has pooh poohed the state government’s claim that it provides insurance to the Hajis going from the state. He said that it is the Hajis themselves who collect the amount to insure themselves.

Where will all this poisonous propaganda lead?
New Delhi: A history book titled Islamic Havoc in Indian History authored by PN Oak, a fabricator of ‘history’ that suits Hindutvites, has recently been published in USA. The sketches given in the box have been reproduced from the same book. There are several other such pictures in this book which create a feeling of hatred and enmity against Muslims. This book is being sold at concessional rates in all small and big cities in the country, where RSS and its sister organizations hold their meetings. A number of other books demonizing Islam are being circulated on a large scale in the country.
If one studies any history books taught in the schools of the country today, he will come to know that Muslims came to India as invaders who had the Qur'an in one hand and sword in the other. The first and foremost invader in India was Muhammad bin Qasim (711 AD) and after him came Mahmood Ghaznawi, Shahabuddin Ghauri, Nadir Shah and the last invader was Ahmad Shah Abdali. All of them looted India to the maximum, converted Hindus to Islam by force, demolished temples and built mosques in their places, molested and raped women and enslaved men and children. In short, the entire period of Muslim rule was the period of enslavement of Hindus. All Hindu communal organizations of this country are busy in exciting poisonous feelings of hatred and enmity towards Muslims by such false and baseless propaganda.
The way in which British historians have compiled and written the middle ages history of India has increased Hindu-Muslim hatred and enmity. Even in the history books by Muslim historians of this period there are detailed descriptions of battles and wars of Muslim rulers but the British historians, notably Elliot & Dowson, because of their anti-Islamic mentality, have projected those events in such a manner so as to perpetuate the atmosphere of Hindu-Muslim distrust and hatred. It is indeed a pity that most of our historians have also depended on the books of British historians in order to understand and interpret Islam and history of Muslims as a result of which the gulf of hatred and enmity between the two communities in India went on widening. No doubt there have been some impartial and just historians who, having accessed to genuine and true sources, have pinpointed the mischievous roles and intentions of those British historians.
Even if we admit some excesses and injustices on the part of some Muslim rulers during the period of Muslim rule in India, what kind of wisdom is it to exhume thousand year-old events to discredit Muslims with the intention of taking revenge from them and destroy the atmosphere of peace and harmony in the country?

Muslim Banjara community victim of oppression
Rampur: Mahmooduz Zafar Rahmani, the President of All India Muslim Banjara Federation, has appealed to the president and the prime minister to intervene against government’s oppression of Muslim ‘Banjaras’ of Gujarat. He said that Muslim Banjaras were inhabiting ever since the reign of aboriginal kings in Dang district of Gujarat. They were leading a happy and peaceful life and were engaged in agricultural and other activities there. When Independence dawned in 1947, even then they were equal partners, along with their Hindu brethren, in the country’s progress. In 1962 when farmers were made owners of their lands, these Muslim Banjaras were also given papers for ownership of lands.
Mahmooduz Zafar Rahmani, former chairman of Tanda Municipal Board declared that ever since BJP government has taken over in Gujarat, on one side churches are being destroyed, Christians themselves are being attacked and they are being re-converted, and on the other side the members of Sangh Parivar have started harassing these Muslim Banjaras. They are being forced to change their religion, their lands are being grabbed and they are being pressurized to change their names. He has requested the president and the prime minister to intervene immediately in this matter and order the government of Gujarat to change their attitude in this respect and give these Muslim Banjaras all those legal rights which are enjoyed by their Hindu brethren.
He further said that when Muslim Banjaras narrated their tales of woe to the collector of Lok Adalat of Chanchal town of Gujarat’s Dang district, he expressed his helplessness but suggested that if they become Hindus, he could restore all rights to them. Rahmani further said that the Gujarat government probably does not realize that its policy will endanger the peace, security and integrity of the country and may also create such conditions as are prevailing in Assam, Meghalaya, Kashmir, Tripura, Nagaland etc. He further said that if immediate attention is not paid towards this problem, there will be chaos and disturbances in the land of Gandhiji and it will become difficult to stop it. He said that there is no room for religious fanatics in the land of patriots and nationalists like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad and Kidwai. He also said that on one side BJP leaders demand abolition of Art. 356 so that everybody could get the right to buy land and property but on the other hand, they are depriving these Muslim banjaras of their legal and natural rights.

Babri was not on Ram's birthplace
Lucknow: 'There is no mention of Ram Chandraji in any historical book. We have investigated on this topic but found that he is a hero of a story only. So we do not take him as a god.' It was said by famous historian Dr Sawera Jaiswal, in response to a question of the counsel of Nirmohi Akhara, while appearing before the three-member special bench of the High Court.
Dr Jaiswal said before the three-member bench comprising Justice DK Triwedi, Justice Syed Rafat Alam and Justice Bhanwar Singh that it is wrong to claim that the King Bikramaditya reestablished Ayodhya and constructed Ram temple there. She also refused that Nawab Mandur, son of Nawab Shujauddaula, had constructed Hanuman Garhi temple there. She said that there is great contradiction between Ayodhya of historians and Ramayana of Balmiki. Dr Jaiswal added that the city of Ayodhya mentioned in Vedas is not real but has been assumed and it is not related to the facts.
Dr Jaiswal said that there was no human presence in Ayodhya till 700 BC. When counsel asked the historian as to whether she studied government gazetteer, she said that historians do not need to study things compiled in the nineteenth century.
Muslims counsel Zafaryab Jeelani, Mushtaq Ahmad Siddiqi, Fazal Alam and Izhar Husain were present when the counsel of Nirmohi Akhara was quizzing the historian.

An example
Aligarh: Setting an example for all, the mufti of the city Maulana Abdul Qayyum handed over a sum of Rs 152000 to the district magistrate and the SSP. The amount was collected by common Muslims of the Muslim localities to help the Gujarat quake victims in their hour of need. This amount will be sent to the Gujarat quake victims. Mr Veodat, district magistrate, thanked the Maulana and asked the people to follow the example set by him.

Pune riots
Pune: Following the burning of the Holy Qur'an, riot has broken out in this city famous for its educational institutions. A number of people were hurt when the police lathi-charged and chased the peaceful demonstrators in the city who were demanding severe punishment for culprits who brunt the Holy Qur'an in New Delhi. A number of police personnel were also hurt in the fight that ensued.
As per the news reports reaching here from the strife ravaged city, the police has arrested a number of SIMI activists who were allegedly involved in organizing the sit in and rally against the burning of the Holy Qur'an. A number of Muslim youths are still languishing in jails following their arrest.

NOC for employees for Haj?
Agra: Do the Muslims working in government offices need NOC from their senior officials in their respective departments? If it is so, why there is no such column in the Haj form? These questions arose here recently when a Muslim employee was not allowed to get leave from his office to perform Haj. Not only he was denied leaves he was even not allowed to take voluntary retirement which he sought when he was not allowed to go on Haj. The government official on the basis of anonymity said that he was threatened by his seniors and his intention to go on Haj was laughed at.
From Agra alone a number of Haj aspirants were denied permission to go on Haj. They had to cancel their travel programmes when their application for leave was rejected by the concerned authorities.


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