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Gujarat Pogrom

Thank you so much and i think yr journal is excellent MASHAALLAH.
Sultana Al-Quaiti, Jeddah

I'm a reader of "The Milli Gazette" and find it quite informative and fully devoted to raise the voice of our helpless community. Our civil society can hardly claim to be democratic until such skulduggery is removed. It is this challenge that confronts humanity committed to democratic principles and peaceful co-existence. Such and other infirmities in our system of elective government are under threat today. It is equally distressing to see people misusing religion to instil hatred and fear. Their dangerous ideas sway young receptive minds and there is terror in the society. Religion and faith should give us inner peace, not fan hatred. It is a watershed signifying another descending step towards the disintegration of the basic socio-political terms of reference of the Indian polity and it s civil society. 
Nusrat Jamal Ahmad, Bettiah (Bihar)

In the article "American Muslims - taken for a ride by Bush" Mr. Karamatullah K Ghori has rightly observed that the American Muslim community is in a depressed mood and depressed. (MG, 1-15 February) I feel, the condition of Muslim community throughout the world is more or less the same. 
Generally in such state of mind a person or a community lacks logical thinking and balance of mind. This gets reflected in the article "Between shabana Azmi and Shahi imam" by Mr. Kaleem Kawaja in the same issue of MG. The author feels shocked to read in a recent article in MG, the refrain from someone who blamed the liberal Muslims for "not identifying themselves with the mass culture of the lungi, the skull cap, the flowing beard, the slaughtering of goats, the trooping to the Masjid five times a day..." 
The issue needs to be discussed. Wearing Lungi, the skull cap etc. are surely cultural practices and are nothing to do with Islamic belief. But flowing beard has got religious significance and the slaughtering of animal (during Eid-ul-Azha), the trooping to the Masjid five times a day etc. are obligatory in Islam. By calling these 'obscurantist' or 'symbol of backwardness' the author has displayed his lack of understanding of Islam. 
I feel such thinking in so called moderate or liberal Muslim has not cropped up suddenly. Enormous labour has had been put in by scores of the motivated and mischievous scholars who have, through fabrication, are trying to de-Islamise Islam and presenting a selective, incomplete and polluted picture of Islam. 
Naturally, the so-called moderate Islam, which does not challenge the western supremacy and keeps itself confined to mere ritual, is favourite with America. The so-called radical one, which is frowned upon, is denounced tothe extent of decimation.
M Naushad Ansari, Bangalore

Who is friend, who’s foe
This reference to ‘Indian Muslims must Identify Friends and Foes’ By Mr Saeed Suhrawardy p. 25 MG 1-15 March 2002. It has been very correctly analyzed the entire history of Indian Muslim political journey of post-Independent era. The more we feel the need of solid, valid and sound creative planning and programme for stability, development progress and political gain in Indian democratic setup, the more we are being divided into fractions and fragments not by foes but friends within our own Muslims who act like foes. It divide us on un-Islamic sectarian issues. We have our foes in our sleeves in the guise of friends in faith as Muslim but in thoughts and action as un-Islamic force.
Tum to sayyed bhi ho mirza bhi ho Afghan bhi ho
Tum sabhi kuch ho batao to Musalman bhi ho
With no reservation in facts but with due regards, our elite intellectuals, Alim & Ulamas as the compass of the society is not moving needle towards correct direction, hence the entire Muslim Ummah has fallen prey to the hidden underground Muslim foes dividing us against unity for selfish motive, and to safeguard their privileges at the entire Muslim community cast.
Shafiq Ahmad, Advocate, Meerut-2

Communal harmony
For harmonious atmosphere it is necessary to have mutual confidence of all communities. RSS statement that “Let the minorities understand that their real safety lies in the goodwill of the majority community” is tantamount to the fundamental principles of the constitution. The constitution does not grant any special status to any community. To view the Indians as minority and majority is dangerous trend. Majority of the people are law-abiding people. Most Muslims are of the view that if Hindus passionately believe (not Bajrang or RSS as they are not the spokesmen of Hindus) that the place where the Babri Masjid stood was really the garbagriha (birth place) of Ram (if Ramayana was not a mythology), they are too happy to gift the place to their Hindu brethren in exchange for a place for building a Masjid elsewhere. This would solve this 50 year-old issue, which took the lives of around 3000 people and millions of rupees loss. But the request should come from the real spokesmen of Hindu community and not from fascist outfits like Bajrang Dal and RSS who have scant regard for rule of law, justice, peace, harmony and constitution. They should be banned and the culprits should be charged under POTO and jailed forthwith. 
Aboobakr Thwahir

Hijab info
II am a Mumbai-based Muslim. Recently I have filed a lawsuit in Bombay High Court against the schools who have prohibited my 9 year old daughter from wearing hijab in school. 
I believe such a controversy had erupted in Canada and France and later the courts had given favourable ruling for the Muslim girls right to wear hijab in school. I have been trying to locate those verdicts and rulings even from the net but have not been able to get it.Somebody told me that perhaps you may be able to have those rulings in your record. 
Hussain Zaidi

RSS antics
The government of India should take a strong note of the recent intimidatory warning issued by the RSS to the minority community by resolving that "the Muslims should understand that their real safety lies in the goodwill of the majority community ".
The above declaration is fraught with dangers and goes against spirit of the constitution and could infringe upon the rule of law in long run. In the same resolution, this organisation has also tried to justify the Gujarat carnage on the pretext that it was a natural and spontaneous reaction. Although, the Godhra massacre can not be justified by any means ---- the perpetrators of which should be dealt with sternly ---- consistent misbehaviour by the returning Kar Sevaks with the passengers, hawkers and veiled Muslim women forcing them to say "Jai Sri Ram" is against the ethos of a civilised society and hence should not be ignored completely.
If indeed the Ram Temple is majority community’s heart desire and the core issue, it is my personal view that the Muslims should hand over the entire 67 acres of acquired land to the Hindus as a goodwill gesture if this guarantees the permanent peace between the two major communities. Subsequently, the Hindus must reciprocate this by not digging up other age-old contentious issues like Mathura and Kashi temples and many other issues, so as to allay the Muslim fear of malafied intentions of the RSS parivar . In fact this fear and suspicion about the Sangh Parivar’s future plans that prevents the Muslims from taking conciliatory steps viz-a-viz Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid problem. 
Surely, there must be a full stop to this madness, if we are to prove ourselves as responsible citizens of a big democracy. All of us must understand that the process of peaceful dialogue is a far better and civilized way of resolving the contentious issues than storming of the Parliament and Assembly buildings.
Mohd. Aslam, Mumbai

Why VHP Prefers Friday ?
Over the period of time it is observed that VHP and its allies prefers to launch any offensive on fridays so as to blame Muslims about all their Terrorist acts. VHP and Co. is busy distorting the image of Muslim peace Prayers and wants to Put the blame of their Terrorizing acts on Muslim community.
Every Time VHP & Co. Launch their Puja / Mahaarti etc. a time coincides with Friday prayers of Muslims. It is clear that they are inculcating hatred among the communities for their vested interest. All peace loving and sincere Hindus should oppose VHP & Co's these acts of inflammations. We all should Tell them loudly that VHP & Co. is not the authorized to represent whole Hindu Community.
Anjali Datta

Secular police
New fleet of "Qualis" vehicles is being given to Mumbai Police. The Ministry and top Police officials should also issue clear and strict orders to the bearers of these official vehicles, not to put any symbols/stickers or mini temples etc. depicting any religious affiliations. Being part of a secular nation, it is duty of all officials to remain secular at all official places and treat all religion with same
standards. But unfortunately violation in this regard is taken for granted. Many officials are found engaged in religious ceremonies related to a particular faith.
KK Jhony, Mumbai

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