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Gujarat Pogrom

Congratulations for putting stuff about the gujarat riots (late). You did a commendable job. keep it up. We're waiting to read something interesting in the next issue. can you investigate who was behind the attacks on the train? Govt or muslims! it will be a great job. It is important because the incident took place at a time when bjp was routed in four states. There are chances that the govt must have involved in this grisly attack to gain its lost ground.
Rashad Sheikh

As one born in a Hindu family, I must say this clear and without reservation. I absolutely condemn the heinous atrocities being committed against innocent Muslim Indians in Gujarat. The Hindutva project is revealing itself to be what it really is: a fascist pro-imperialist anti-national ideology, decrepit in terms of religion, intellect, and culture.
I hope my fellow Indians will see this as a call to rise up against the Hindutvadi cancer.
It is curious that this turn of events happened just a few days after the collosal defeat suffered by the BJP in the assembly elections. I would like to remind my Muslim brothers and sisters that there are millions of Hindus who hate and abhor the fascistic ideology of Hindutva. It is time for us to rid this land of this curse and restablish the dream best exemplified in the heritage of Ashoka and Akbar.
Raja H Swamy

Narendra Mody, LK Advani, J. Krishnamurthy, Venkia Naidu and a host of other BJP leaders had been speaking on record and taking credit for Narendara Mody's supposed total control of the 'mob violence' in Gujarat within 72 hours. The kind of widespread targeting simultaneously, at so many selected points, --- itself shows up that there was some method to the madness and some deadlines being observed by the whole marauding mobs. 
There is every reason for the widespread belief across the nation that the top authority was in full control of the total official as well as party machinery to deliver such enormous death toll, specially by burning --- one of the most degenerate inhuman form of torture that any 'human' could devise --- in 'record time'. And they have the temerity to take credit for stopping the carnage in 'record time' ! This is nothing less condemnable or less threatening to world peace than the massacres of Bosnia and Kosova.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

The events in Gujarat and Orissa have unmasked thereal enemies of Indian society-the Sangh terror parivar and the fascist hindutva idealogy.We have just seen what kind of 'Rambhakts' this ideology produces-utterly fanatical, lawless, inhuman, superstitious, destructive, intolerant and mindless monsters. And we have also seen a glimpse of an ideal 'Hindu Rashtra'.What is at stake is the very existence of modern civilised India.let all Indians (Hindus, Muslims,Cristians and Sikhs)unitedly fight against these enemies.Let us save our India. 
Dr. H. Hharis, Hyderabad

We are living in an age when India is facing serious treats.The so called Indian 'secularism' is retreating to papers. communal tension increases everyday. Political and religious leaders are trying to tackle the crises. Deliberate efforts to incite violence are on the otherhand. It is high time that we should think of it very concernedly. As a responsible journal you have a crucial role in it. The question is about the very healthy existence of the minorities. I think Indian muslims have double duties,both as indians and muslims. A detailed analysis is needed to find out the root causes of minority problems.You have done much in this case,but more is to be done.I hope you can...
Shafeeq Trippanachi, Malappuram

In Gujarat, Modi government has miserably failed to prevent and control the riots. His justification of the mass killing and rape of Indian citizens as a reaction to Godhra incident is equally pathetic. His action of withdrawing the POTO is politically motivated in his effort to save the criminals of Bajrangdal from the tentacle of POTO. There is a complete breakdown of state machinery and hence Narenda Modi govt. should be dismissed for its breakdown of govt. machinery. 
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir

Once Mahatma Gandhi said, "Blaming the wolf would not help the sheep much. The sheep must learn not to fall into the clutches of the wolf".
This is very much applicable to Indian Muslims today. For long we are blaming the wolves (RSS & Co) but are doing nothing to prevent ourselves from their
clutches. Its responsibility lies mainly with Muslim politicians. May I ask these leaders why have they failed to get the VHP banned, when its involvement in the genocide prepetrated in Gujarat is no secret? Why is it so that whole nation pay tribute to WTC victims but they failed to pay the tribute to gujarat victims even in parliament, that too when the list of victims include a former MP? It's inefficiency of these leaders that after horrific victory of Gujarat, Centre-VHP combine moved towards Ayodhya. Thanks to some people like Mr. Aslam Bhure, whose effort has saved us from a crisis. Who knows what would have happened if, Mr. Aslam and some other people had not swung in action against the Centre-VHP conspiracy?
Tauheed Ahmad

Mindless Carnage
What was the main cause behind the Godhra incident, I don't know but what happened thereafter in Gujrat is now become an open book to all and I personally condemn the Sabermati flamewash. Moreover i don't find appropriate word to criticize the inhuman barbaric slaughter of the Muslims in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and in other cities of Gujrat. Even the defence minister was not safe while pressurizing the state government for proper deployment of the army by which the situation could have been controlled much earlier. 
Er. Noorul Hasn
81-Q.H. Sulaiman Hall, AMU

Negative is positive!
Given so many negatives associated with the burning of the train consisting of Hindu pilgrims by a Muslim mob and the subsequent Hindu retaliation, let us now analyze how positives can come out this. The time has come for liberating Indian Muslims from the medieval mindset. This mindset is the consequence of the Saudi culture they are preached to follow in Indian Mosques. Saudi Arabia has pumped billions to ensure this brain washing.
The question is: What stops the Indian government and the society to ensure that Indian Muslims follow far more progressive Indian values?
This is where the role of a progressive and secular pamphlet, currently in distribution in Gujarat, which asks people not to employ Muslims, work for them, buy or sell anything from or to them comes in. This is a great idea. I call upon the government too to subject its Muslim employees’ continued employment on leaving the hate ideology.
Wouldn’t every one, including Muslims, be better off, if Indian Muslims revert to their ancestral Hindu religion? Of course, the ones who do not want to convert have Pakistan and Bangladesh to move to. What choice did the Hindus have when they were driven out of Pakistan and Bangladesh to India?
Parikh Shah, San Francisco

When the international coalition to fight global terrorism was formed last year under the leadership of the USA after 11/9 terrorists strikes in America, our government joined it promptly and our leaders blindly offered to extend all kind help to the USA and allies including the strategic military support, But, when the real testing time came in wake of the Gujarat carnage, both the central government in Delhi and the state government in Gujarat have failed miserably in fulfilling their constitutional obligations. 

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