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V for Vajpayee=VHP
By N Jamal Ansari

Aligarh: Indians of goodwill are bound to be concerned over the fact that Vajpayee government at the Centre tried hard to appease VHP cadres. Saner elements of Indian society are expressing their disillusionment over the way Vajpayee government went out of way and deputed Shatrughan Singh, Incharge of Ayodhya Cell in PMO for receiving a Shila from Ramchandra Paramhans.

No doubt the episode number two to the Ayodhya drama was grounded. But the NDA has been exposed in the process. It is clear that BJP allies were not interested in establishing rule of law. Some constituents raised their voice over the way Soli Sorabjee, Attorney General presented the position of the government on the Shila-Pujan. But they failed to act and did not withdraw support to the Vajpayee government.

Despite wearing a secular mask, Atal Behari Vajpayee always accepted that he has highest regards for the ideology of Rashtriya Sewayam Sevak Sangh. He himself declared in USA that ‘he is a Swayam Sevak first and a Prime Minster afterwards’. This remark should have opened the eyes of Mamtas and Naidus but they kept aloof. Before the just concluded Assembly elections in four States, Vajpayee again exposed himself by declaring that ‘BJP did not need the votes of the Muslims’. When VHP embarked upon the project to tear apart the secular fabric of the nation by Shilapujan, Vajpayee failed to discharge the constitutional duties of impartiality and indirectly took stand in favour of temple construction. Such an act of a Prime Minister is highly objectionable and against all norms of justice. Finally, deputation of Incharge of Ayodhya Cell in PMO exposed the unholy links of VHP with PMO. Instead of working for the sake of communal harmony and secularism, PMO gave undue weightage to VHP and Ramchandra Parmahansa.

The conspiracy is exposed when VHP General Secretary Pravin Togadia declared that, ‘the receiving of a Shila by Incharge of Ayodhya Cell from Ramchandra Parmahans clearly shows that the centre in principle has accepted construction of Ram Temple there’. I agree with Togadia but what about law of land and the Constitution? No doubt Supreme Court has tried to enforce rule of law but the Hon’ble Court should take into account the role played by the PMO. On the other hand BJP allies should make their stand clear. They must tell this nation about their approval or disapproval of a Rama Temple on the site of demolished Babri Mosque.

It will be appropriate to remind that suicide is a crime in every respect. No religion or Civil society approves it. Ramchandra Parmahans threatened to end his life, if prevented from reaching the Shila-Pujan site at the so-called undisputed site. The declaration was the end result of the frustration arising out of Supreme Court’s historic verdict. Instead of arresting the erring Parmahans and upholding rule of law, Vajpayee government meekly submitted to the wishes of a person who has no legal, moral or social authority. Does the VHP represent Hindus of India? Key NDA ally, the Telugu Desam Party expressed anguish and protests against the government besieging to the VHP for not dealing firmly on the Ayodhya drama. What is required is that TDP should withdraw support to Vajpayee government instead of playing the game of words.

The Indian state has degenerated to a level which is beyond belief. The spread of fascism to the highest levels of the administration is only one expression of this grim reality. This is bitter fruit of the philosophy of taking religion into politics. It is clear who protects whom?

What is required is a clear perception of what rule of law implies in this country and how it can be achieved so that the various communities are able to live and work together as a nation.

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