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Obituaries: 1-15 April 2002

Salamt Rizvi, a dedicated servant of Urdu journalism, passed off silently here in Lucknow at the age of 75. He is survived by one son and three daughters.Salamt saheb started his journalistic career from Khilafat Bombay .He later joined Inquilab immediately after its publication and after sometime brought out Urdu Times with Nazeer Saheb. With the passage of time friendship between the two started turning into a proprietor-worker relationship compelling Salamat Saheb to leave not only the paper but he was so disheartened that he even left Bombay and came back to Lucknow. In Bombay he developed close relationships with film personalities and played a crucial role in introducing Meena Kumari to silver screen as her father was his close friend. A week after his death, the UP Urdu Academy has posthumously awarded him its prestigeous Maualana Abdul Waheed Urdu Journalism award.
Keeping in mind his experience the then editor of Qaumi Awaz Ishrat Ali Siddiqui and Resident Editor Usman Ghani prevailed upon the then chairman of the company late Yashpal Kapoor to relax the rules and regulation for appointment of journalists in the company and appoint Salamt Saheb as a sub-editor. He remained there for about 18 years and when the bad days of Qaumi Awaz started and the company came at the verge of closure Salamat saheb joined daily Sahafat but left it after a few months as the working conditions didnít suit them.He was an old guard and champion of old school of thoughts. He himself used to say that people like him must have died at least 25 years ago. According to Usman, his mother hailed from Bengal and his father was a Lakhnawi gentleman, thus Salamt Saheb became a blend of Bengal's magic and Lakhnauís Sharafat (gentlemanship) that made him a person of magnetic attraction.The literary discussion between him and Usman in Qaumi Awaz editorial room were a centre of attraction for young journos in sister papers National Herald and Navjivan. He also wrote Deeda wa Shunida (Seen and heard) which is a mirror of his era, his struggles, failures and successes. With his death a literary giant, a silent servant of journalism, passed off without fanfare:
Misle anware sahar marqad ferozan ho tera
Noor se mamoor yeh khaki shabistan ho tera 
Aasman teri Lahad peh shabnam afshani kare
ghunchae naurasta iss ghar ki nigehbani kare 
- Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

Death of the head of the second largest cooperative bank in Andhra Pradesh, Syed Alamdar Hussain Sajjad Agha, on 25 February remains a mystery. Reportedly Agha, sitting in his car in front of his apartment in the posh Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, asked his driver to call his wife Shameem Sultana. While coming they heard the sound of a gunshot and as they hurried to the car, they found that Agha was lying unconscious in a pool of blood. He was rushed to hospital where he was declared dead after a few hours in ICU. It may be noted that the bank was founded by Abid Hussein Rizvi, a retired Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies in 1985. At present the Bank has 21 branches: 19 in Hyderabad and two in Nizamabad and Mehbubnagar having more that 18,000 shareholders.

Usman Asad, editor of the weekly Nasheman died in Bangalore on 12 March after a brief illness. He was 73 and is survived by three sons and three daughters. Editor of Nasheman, published from Bangalore for four decades, Asad was a freedom fighter and a senior journalist. He went to jail thrice for the countryís cause. Karnataka Chief Minister SM Krishna, Information Minister and several prominent personalities have expressed sorrow over his demise. A condolence meeting was held in Delhi by All India Urdu Editorís Conference in which former MP and President of AIUEC M Afzal said that Usman was a man of courageous journalism and he had deeply influenced the readers.

Diwan Syed Saulat Hussain, a khalifah of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer, passed away on 17 March. He was 70. He is survived by nine sons and three daughters. He was incharge of the dargah during 1969-1975. He was associated with both the Deobandi and Barelvi schools of thought. Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani used to stay at his home during his visit to Ajmer. He published a monthly Sultanul Hind from 1970 to 1974. He has several disciples in India and abroad.


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