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Ayodhya exercise meant to divert media attention

It is an open secret that VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and BJP are all one and working in tandem on their agenda which is being supported, and aided by Government, argues Pandit NK Sharma

Utterances of various RSS leaders as appearing in the front pages on 18 March: "Let the Muslims understand their real safety lies in the goodwill of the majority" and their justification of the post Godhra violence as ‘natural and spontaneous’ is highly objectionable and condemnable and provocative. The presence of topmost leadership of BJP and their silence in the meeting further exposes their linkages, intentions and motives. All those BJP ministers and others who have taken the oath to uphold the Constitution of India in every situation need to explain their stand. These leaders can no longer befool the general public that RSS is different organization. If it is different organization why RSS leadership is always invited by the Prime Minister of India for consultation on major issues. It is an open secret that VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and BJP are all one and are working in tandem on their agenda which is being supported, and aided by Government of India under the direction of ministers though they have taken oath to remain secular and non-partisan.

The direct pressure of the PMO on Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Sh Jayendra Saraswatiji Maharaj to involve him in solving Ayodhya issue is quite evident. Though there are four major reasons that his efforts could not bear desired results. 

(1) Swami Sh Jayendra Saraswatiji Mahraj is the head of only sub-peetha, not the main four peethas i.e. Sringeri only after more than 1000 years after Adi Shankara. Ayodhya being in North so any dispute on religious matters should be tackled by the involvement of Jyotirmath and Goverdhan Math as in the past some areas of Ayodhya were part of those kingdoms which fall under the purview of Goverdhan Math as per Constitution of ‘Mathamanaya Mahaanushasan’- religious replica of Constitution under which various Shankaracharya’s perform their duties and their areas are also demarcated. 

(2) Swami Sh Jayendra Saraswatiji Mahraj was present in the VHP sponsored Sammelan in Kumbh Mela in 2001 where the whole programme of VHP on Ayodhya issue was finalized which culminated in 15 March Shiladan as well. As such Swami Sh Jayendra Saraswatiji Mahraj was unacceptable to majority Muslim Ulama thinking him non-impartial.

(3) Swami Sh Jayendra Saraswatiji Mahraj attended various meetings in PMO with VHP leaders and what transpired during these meetings generated further doubts in the minds of the Muslims though they met him at the insistence of PMO and promised to consider his formula in the meeting of AIMPLB on 10th March 2002 with a condition that he would not divulge anything in the media before the 10th March meeting but Swamiji leaked important things to the media creating anger in the minds of Muslims about credentials of even AIMPLB.

(4) Actually this whole exercise, i.e., solution of Ayodhya tangle was put into action to divert media attentions from the Dev Teerthji Maharaj who is telling his followers about negative role of VHP and RSS in the name of Hindutva. Swami Sh Adhokshjanand Dev Teerthji Mahraj came in to media attention when he visited Kashmir at the invitation of APHC Chairman Sayed Ali Shah Geelani where he spoke to national and international media on custody deaths and human rights violations etc which angered Central and State governments (Orissa). Erstwhile Shankaracharya Swami Sh Niranjan Dev Teerthji Mahraj of Goverthan Math had appointed him his successor by exercising his power, authority through a will in 1996.

Now BJP spokesman SH VK Malhotra has pronounced him as ‘fake Shankaracharya.’ Sh Giriraj Kishore etc also call him by names showing full disrespect to the well established tenets of Hindu religion. Though they falsely claiming to be the sole upholders of Hindu religion, they immediately forget it if any Swami criticize their wrong practice. Have they forgotten even the first lesson of our religion to respect a Sanyasi by any Grihastha (belonging or having a family). Are they not openly challenging Constitution of Dharma after challenging law of the land and Constitution of India. How long it should be allowed to further creat tension and unrest in the country. The silent majority of the majority community has started awakening now. 

Pt NK Sharma is president of the Universal Association for Spiritual Awareness and a leading exponent of the Sanatan Dharma. He may be accessed at


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