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Dateline Gujarat

We are Muslims from Ahmedabad. We are in big trouble. There is a massive killing of Muslims since yesterday. At least 500 people have been already burnt alive and killed in this attack, including former member of Parliament, Ehsaan Jafrey, with 50 others in his house. There is nothing like law and order. Army is only on paper. Police is with the anti-socials. They are calling backward class people from outside Ahmedabad for mass-killing. The numbers can rise to thousands if no appropriate actions are taken by the army immediately. Police firing continuous on the Muslims. We are requesting you to do as much as you can. We are looking for your help.
Hanif, Ahmedabad
1 March 2002

We are ONCE AGAIN under attack. Today in Himmatnagar we came under attack and are still under attack as I write this. A ploy was created yesterday, by Hindus to attack Muslims and their barely remaining properties. A boy who had come to purchase goods at a Muslim shop yesterday was reported by his family as missing. Taking this as an excuse they gave an ultimatum that if the boy was not returned today by 2 p.m. they would attack.
At 3 pm militants once again took to the streets and burnt one mosque, one Muslim shrine, one hotel, many shops and a total of 150 homes which have been burnt to the ground today. Curfew was clamped at 4 p.m., still the mobs could be seen thronging the streets. The police this time has been seen deployed and paramilitary forces have arrived, yet their integrity remains questionable. A lapse in Administration can still be seen.
As we keep vigil in the night, each with the prayer for a better tomorrow, we want the Muslims of the world to focus their attention to Gujarat and force the Indian government to take rapid action against the perpetrators of the crime and also the administration involved.
Yesterday the nearby town of Modasa was the focus of the worst kind of rioting. Two people were killed there and 15 others injured. Shops and offices and hospitals burnt the whole day through. In the nearby city of Ahmedabad the scene was no different. In Vatva area of the city two more people were killed. These murderous acts must be stopped at once. The current Administration must be taken to task immediately in order to prevent with immediate effect further damage and destruction of Muslim lives and properties.
Ishaq G. Seth 
Card No. D-37707, Government Of Gujarat
20 March 2002

That the cow-saver Karsevaks of Gandhiji’s Gujarat in our country of ‘non-violence’ have enacted a beastly naked dance of inhuman arson (under the chief ministership of a gentleman in whose opinion curfew was initially imposed ‘only in 26 places,’ can be seen from the fact that all kinds of evil terrorism were allowed in countless places with initials almost A to Z. The names of following such places are found in dozens of arson reports published in the March 4, 2002 Baroda edition of Gujarati daily Sandesh: Ahmadabad, Aanand, Aasoj, Ankleshwar, Aamod, Baroda, Bharuch, Balasinor, Bardoli, Bodeli, Bodeli, Bhadroli, Chaandod, Chhota Udepur, Dahod, Dabhoi, Desar, Devalia, Dhanpur, Fatepura, Godhara, Gangarda, Garbada, Jhagadiya, Kheda, Kothav, Karanjwat, Mehsana, Meghraj, Nadiaad, Naswadi, Od (Kheda), Padra, Raajkot, Raajpiplaa, Surat, Tarsaali, Uchhapan (Pavi Jetpur), Vaasad, Vejalpor, Waaliyaa…!!!
S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150, Gujarat
5 March 2002

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