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RSS bares its fangs

The RSS resolution makes it clear in no uncertain terms that Muslims in India can only live at the mercy of extremist Hindu groups, says Zafar Agha 

One can hold Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) responsible for the killing of Muslims in Gujarat. It was, after all, the VHP that had given a strike call in protest against the barbaric killings of kar sevaks on the Sabarmati Express in Godhra. But one has to be aware that Modi and the VHP are responsible only to the extent that they carried out the orders of their masters and implemented their instructions of in letter and spirit. And the orders for "retaliatory strike", it seems, came from none other than the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-the spiritual guru and mentor of the BJP and VHP.

Finally, the RSS let the world know that they were behind the Ahmedabad killings. The RSS announced that if Muslims dare to do what they did in Godhra on March 27, they should be ready to face many more Ahmedabads in this country. If one has any doubts about the RSS' intentions, one should read the resolution that its executive committee passed on March 17 in Bangalore.

The RSS resolution, released by key RSS functionary Madan Das Devi on Sunday warned Muslims that unless they earned the "goodwill" of the Hindus, their safety could not be guaranteed in India. "Let the Muslims understand their real safety lies in the goodwill of the majority," it said. To leave nothing ambiguous, the RSS functionary Madan Das Devi clarified to the Muslims telling them, "Winning goodwill means respecting, tolerating and cooperating with the majority community."

In other words, the RSS has laid down the parameter of Muslims' safety telling them: you live in this country at the mercy of the Hindus and Hindus alone. If you do not behave, we will engineer many more Ahmedabads in this country. 

What has happened to this country, which has a rich tradition, whose sole guardian the RSS claims to be? Can this be the language and tone of a civilized body claiming to be the representative of millions of Hindus? This is the language of fascists who believe only in violence and mayhem. 

The RSS, through its resolution, was baring not only its fangs but was also giving a sample of its psyche and ideology that propels its front organizations like the BJP and the VHP. The RSS has now decided to make public its agenda of ruling the country through Muslim hatred. It is no more hesitant of even letting the world know that Muslims would be butchered if they don't behave. 

What does the RSS demand from the Muslims of this country? Can the RSS write off the numerous contributions made by Muslims to this country? Can it deny Maulana Abul Kalam Azad's commitment to the unity and integrity of India? Can it erase the contribution of scientists like Abdul Kalam to the Indian nuclear bomb? Can India ever forget how Abdul Hameed sabotaged Paton Tanks during the 1965 Indo-Pak war laying down his life for the sake of country? No Indian has forgotten the contribution of men like Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi to Indian cricket. One cannot forget the voice of Mohammad Rafi or the great ragas of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, who entertained millions of Indians. Was it not A R Rahman who lent his voice to the RSS's theme song Vande Matram?

No, the RSS is not interested in India. Its sole interest is in a Hindu Rashtra. India is a multi-religious and multi-cultural tapestry that RSS falsehood can never alter. Indian Muslims belong to this tapestry as much as Hindus do. If the RSS wants to alter it through the kind of violence it unleashed in Gujarat, it will only harm India. Those who died in the Gujarat carnage were not just Muslims, they were Indians. It is time the RSS is told in no unambiguous terms that Indians will not allow any set-up to let it bleed the nation. (tehelka)

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