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De jure temple in Ayodhya
By Khadijatul Kubra, Faizabad

Deposing before the Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan Commission, Union Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani on April 11 said that ‘according to the Faizabad civil judge, the place was neither used as a mosque nor was namaz offered there, at least from 1936. On the contrary, Hindus had been performing pooja there’, and pat came the example how Muslims were unjustifiably being prevented even in entering the masjid- Janambhoomi complex leave alone the offering of namaz at the over 456-years-old mosque.

Even as the Supreme Court had declared long ago in its order on October 24, 1994 that ‘No account is taken of the fact that there is a dispute in respect of the site on which puja is to be performed; that, as stated in the White Paper, until the night of 22/23rd December, 1949, when idols were paced in the disputed structure, the disputed structure was being used as a mosque; and that the Muslim community has a claim to offer Namaz thereon (para 142), Muslims were not being allowed even to enter into the vast complex of the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya at the instance of the district administration. And, very recently, the District Magistrate of Faizabad, Mrs. Archana Agrawal was proud in declaring that the a Muslim group from the Southern states of Kerala and Karnataka were detained as they were found suspicious. The whereabouts of nine Muslim youths were located and later released as they were found ‘genuine Indians.’ They were detained by the security forces at the entrance of the complex on April 17. It is this kind of behaviour of the administration since Independence that had prevented Muslims from offering namaz at the campus of the ancient mosque. But Mr. Advani stole the publicity by announcing as Union Home Minister that Muslims had not offered namaz there. It is this kind of mischievous behaviour of leader like Mr. Advani that things are not getting its logical ends.

Muslims of different parts of the country particularly of Ayodhya/ Faizabad are as usual interested in offering namaz even in the open at the complex but it was the biased attitude of the administration in the guise of maintenance of law and order and peace that Muslims were obeying orders as a good citizen, avoiding out-rightly taking law in their own hands.

On the other hand, the behaviour of the administration and the police was blatant bias and communal in nature. A recent example is that the DIG and SSP forced the policemen of the area to donate one month salary towards the fund for the construction of Ram temple at the disputed site. The policemen leaked the documents to the press in which the SSP of Faizabad was informed by the dealing clerk of the salary section of the SSP office that the amount had been deducted at source for the construction of the disputed temple. The papers of the capital even published the copy of the letter. The clarification, following an embarrassing situation of the government was far from satisfactory.

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