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Hatemongering by BJP minister :
Kerala next stop?

The secularists and the democratic elements of this country are so much bogged down in fire-fighting in Gujarat that highly ominous signals from the RSS gang about their immediate future designs are completely being missed out or ignored. Unfortunately, we have got used to simply reacting to a terrible situation created by this fascist gang and have never tried to check their designs in the bud. Whatever has happened in Gujarat was not unexpected. The RSS and its goons were working overtime for it for last 4-5 years. As early as 1998, Nishant Street Theatre Group brought out a report titled, "Gujarat: Minorities in the Storm of Communal Attacks-A Report from the RSS laboratory of Religious Cleansing". This report and many more news of Muslims and Christians being forced out of villages in Gujarat did not move us. We honestly thought RSS would have change of hearts. There was no dearth of great statesmen (now leading the anti-communal campaign) working for secularization of RSS!

This time we are ignoring signals from Kerala. The RSS organ, Organiser, in its latest issue (April 21, 2002, p.7) prominently displays a report titled, "MADARASAS IN KERALA ACT AS ISI AGENTS-VIDYASAGAR RAO". The contents of the report are in fact, an open call for cleansing of Muslims in Kerala. It reads, "Inaugurating the delegate session of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) at Kozhikode in Kerala recently, the Union Minister of State for Home, Vidyasagar Rao said that madarasas in Kerala were serving as bases for ISI agents to operate from." The report quotes the Union Minister, "ISI agents are luring students in many of these religious institutions to carry out militant mandates. We really need to be alert against the mushrooming of such madarasas all across the state." Mind this, the Minister was not addressing officials of some government agency but cadres of an RSS affiliate which played prominent role in anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat.

Thus he was openly calling upon a section of RSS goons to attack madarasas in Kerala. In Gujarat they were spreading the same canard which resulted in the destruction of more than 150 madrasaa and mosques.

What has been the response of secular or Muslim leadership? It has been disgusting. Nobody has even gone for judicial redressal demanding minister should substantiate the charge or quit for spreading rumours which may cause communal violence. According to the minister, Kerala madarasas are hotbeds of ISI but it is really intriguing that ISI agents are not being caught. - Shamsul Islam

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