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BSP-BJP marriage of convenience
Muslim MLAs may play spoil sport
By Obaid Nasir, Luknow

Inspite of two unceremonious divorces, the maverick lady supremo of Bahujan Samaj Party Ms.Mayawati could not stop her lust for power and is once again ready for coronation with the help of saffron brigade. She has very conveniently thrown into wind the mandate for the formation of a secular government.The people of Uttar Pradesh have pushed the Bhartiya janata Party at the third position and have clearly given a mandate that all the secular forces should forget their petty political differences and join hands to uphold the secular, pluralistic character of the nation. Undoubtedly there have been personal differences between Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati particularly the infamous guest house case became a turning point. But Bahujan Samaj Party stands for social justice and champions the Dalit cause. The party stands not only for their human rights but for their dignity and self respect also. On the other hand Bharatiya Janata Party stands for Hindutva and believes in revivalism that means return of hate worthy caste system which treats people of lower strata of society known now as SC/ST worse than animals and untouchables. Thus Bahujan Samaj Party has ideological differences with Bhartiya Janata Party and there is nothing common between them except lust for power. 

Last time both parties formed the government after reaching an agreement that the chief minister will be changed after every six months. Mayawati got the first chance but the BJP silently started a whisper campaign against her and her period was painted as worst and she was painted one of the most corrupt chief minister and when she withdrew support her party was split and she was left sulking her wound.

Mayawati not only forgot her past insult but decided to award BJP for genocide in Gujarat and approved what Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said in Goa. That is why she kept silence on Gujarat issue whereas not only the entire opposition but NDA partners also bitterly condemned Narendra Modi for his ruthless and cruel behaviour during the Gujarat pogrom and are demanding his immediate removal from the post. Mayawati and her party maintained a studied silence and never uttered even a single word for what has happened in Gujarat or never condemned Vajpayee's uncharitable remarks on Muslims and Islam .The clever lady knows very well that Bhartiya Janata Party needs her help in Delhi as the central government has become most vulnerable due to Gujarat pogrom as most of NDA partner particularly Telugu Desam Party may go to the extent of withdrawing support on Modi issue. Mayawati fished in the troubled water and neared herself to the throne in Lucknow even if most of the BJP stalwarts in UP are opposed to this arrangement and want to stick to the party's parliamentary board's decision to sit in the opposition.

Whereas Vajpayee is interested in saving his government if ever any NDA partner withdraws support Advani, MM Joshi and Uma Bharati are afraid that if there came any hostile government in UP it will issue the notification for initiating legal cases against them in Babri Masjid demolition case and all these three union minister will then have no alternative but to resign. and the government will be in an embarrassing position. It is because of these self-interests that this marriage of convenience is again going to take place inspite of the serious internal difference in both the parties.There will be no surprise if something untoward happens and it is not very sure that the proposed government will prove its majority in the house as already it is wafer-thin.. Bahujan Samaj Party's general secretary and senior leader Arif Mohammad Khan has already resigned and left the party. The fourteen Muslim MLAs may play spoil sport as it is very difficult that there conscience will allow to support the party responsible for Gujarat genocide where even pregnant Muslim women were raped and killed. The militant wing of BJP the VHP and Bajrang Dal crossed all limits of barbarism and inhumanity and if any Muslim still supports such party he must not forget the day of judgement when these innocent victims of barbarism will catch hold of them and will seek their explanation for their selfish political greed. The ultimate judge will also not spare them neither they will get respect and honour in the society. Those Muslim MLAs helping in the formation of BJP BSP government must understand that sooner or later they will have to face the voters and they are not going to pardon them as they have done earlier in UP and Delhi..

According to Mr. Arif Mohammad Khan more than a dozen MLAs mostly Muslims contacted him and expressed their displeasure over this turn of events even though Mayawati has started palm-greasing of Muslims . She appointed Rashid Alawi the leader of BSP parliamentary party and has assured her Muslim MLAs that their interests will be taken care of.That means few of them will be made ministers and remaining will be absorbed in different corporations but will all this not be the Khoon Baha (blood-money) of innocent Muslims of Gujarat.The Muslim MLAs supporting BJP-BSP government must ask from their conscience(if they have). May God give courage to these Muslim MLAs to sacrifice their petty political gains for a greater national cause that is upholding the secular pluralistic character of the nation by showing the door to a fascist communalist party. If they decide to do so they can bring down the proposed BJP-BSP government first even if they have to lose their membership although at a later stage.

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