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Muslims and BSP
By Shahid Raza Burney, Pune 

Unfortunately Muslims have not yet learnt a lesson from the past. They appear to moan and groan only when they are in trouble. They have not learnt to put their acts together even after the latest drubbing and fail to get united. Muslim politicians have shunned them, ignored them and have only exploited them cleverly during the elections, only for their self interest.

It was great disappointment and discomfort to read a news item published in bold headlines "For BSP Muslims - BJP no problem 'We can join hands for the sake of ensuring progress for the people in Uttar Pradesh' which was published in the Indian Express dated April 15, 2002. What more misfortune it can be for the Indian Muslims to see their own folks desperate to form government and enjoy the taste of power. In a single word it can be summed as "SHAME".

For the sake of power these opportunist Muslim legislators in BSP in UP can sacrifice their religion and community. One of the BSP legislator Abdul Mannan from Sandila, Hardoi, was questioned if his community will complain of his being part of the government supported the BJP, the party that razed the Babri Masjid, and don't the BSP legislators fear a backlash from the people. Mannan replied that his own community is asking when they will form the government. While another Muslim BSP legislator Haji Yaqub from Kharhaud in Meerut said that Muslims wont really complain about them joining hands with BJP. Yet another legislator Rizwan Khan from Kanth, Moradabad said "public memory is short, what happened in Ayodhya is the past".

Unfortunately Muslims have not yet learnt a lesson from the past. They appear to moan and groan only when they are in trouble. They have not learnt to put their acts together even after the latest drubbing and fail to get united. The Muslim politicians have shunned them, ignored them and have only exploited them during elections, only for their self interest.

Why blame the majority community for our own faults? First we should set our own house in order and only then point fingers at others. 

Let's speak the fact and truth. The so-called self proclaimed leaders of the Muslims are for sale indeed. Praise Hindu leaders who have spear-headed the campaign against the Hindu fundamentalists. It is Sonia Gandhi, Somnath Chaterjee, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Chandrashekar, Kamalnath and hundreds of others who have taken on the Hindu fundamentalists. Where are our Dilip Kumar, and the 42 Muslim MPs? Why are their lips sealed? The silence of these 42 MP's has harmed the Muslim community more than anything else. Their silence for more than 2 months, exhibits their cowardice and impotency to rise to the occasion and come to the rescue of their community. How many of these have visited the relief camps in Gujarat? We would at this moment not like to rake up the equal cowardice of Muslim film stars, who with billions of rupees tucked in their accounts, have not contributed a single rupee for the people of Gujarat. Where are all those Khans ?

We also believe that relief should not be confined to one community but applicable to all those who have suffered from the communal riots.

We also have no dearth of so-called single man party Muslim leaders who think themselves to be smarter than the rest. These leaders with no following only know how to write lengthy articles, which do not make any sense. Whom are they addressing, one does not know.

It is surprising that Indian Muslims have no guts left to question the Muslim politicians. Why don't they take these blind, deaf and dumb politicians of their community to task ? Why don't they lodge strong protest with the Islamic countries for remaining silent ?

No Sir, we are selfish, greedy and opportunists. We can stoop so low as to discard our religion and community to suit our needs. We have no shame - we do not hesitate selling our graveyards and constructing commercial complexes on them - just for a few bucks. We do not mind looting the Wakf properties by dishonest means and we do not mind looting the Hajj pilgrims by taking "cuts" from charter Airlines, or commission from the house agents in Makkah and Madinah, or from pocketing the excess baggage charges from Haj pilgrims.

Not only this: we let the poor pilgrims suffer in the shabby conditions in the holy places, while we fly First Class, stay in five star comfort in hotels like Meriden and Hyatt, get 1000 Saudi Riyals as daily allowance from the government, travel together with kiths and kins in Mercedes, Lexus and Ford cars, ferry thousands of kilos of excess baggage without paying a penny and above all travel on time limit expired air tickets which are re-validated with the help of airline officials.

Yes Sir, we lick the boots of the politicians to be nominated as members of the Goodwill Haj Delegation. So here we are, opportunist Muslims - religion or community has no role to play in our lives. We are just shameless leaders.

There is no place in Islam for leftists or rightists. What we need are pan Islamists. Celebrated Muslim writer Mujeeb Khan of Bombay and die-hard Islamist Haider Pathan, are far better than Javed Akhtar or Dilip Kumar.

If the Muslims do not unite, reform or correct themselves, the day is not far off when they will suffer the fate similar to those of the Palestinians. It is right time now for the Muslims in India to open their eyes wide and be prepared to face the world which is working to destroy them. Wake up before it is too late..

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