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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 June 2001

South Delhi’s Milli Model School celebrating annual day. Jamaat-e Isdlami Asstt. General Secretary Ejaz Aslam giving away prizes. School manager Er Zainul Abidin is seen in the middle.

Lucknow: Qaisar Bagh, the heart of Lucknow is in for a major renovation work. And if the grandiose plan to renovate it is true, it may get the same look within a short time as it had during the reign of famous Nawab of Awadh, great Wajid Ali Shah. The Tourism Department has started work on the project aided by Lucknow Development Authority which has contributed a substantial sum of RS 14 million.
The two parks near the Qaisar Bagh area known as Raja Ram park and Butler Park will be known as Qaisar Bagh or Wajid Ali Shah Park. Both these parks will be renovated as these were before the uprising of 1857 against the British colonial rule. Even the roads are being given facelift and if everything goes well it will be a smooth drive on the road for vehicles in once congested area. Parking will also be provided on one side of the road.
Intec, responsible for renovation work here has got photographs of parks as they were before 1857. Similar lighting and fountains will be arranged in the parks as were there during those times.
But as everything comes with a price, the people visiting the parks will have to shell out a small sum for visiting the parks where entry is free now. But who refuses to pay for a beautiful thing?

Kolkata: In a meeting organized by the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, headed by governor Virender Shah on 26 April, it was decided to renovate the great Maulana's residence at Baliganj area in Kolkata into a memorial site. The Institute headed by the governor has decided to get the residence of Maulana vacated where he spent his childhood and his youth. A considerable part of his active life struggling against the occupation of British was also spent in the same house.
Member of the Institute and editor of a leading Urdu daily in the megapolis Azad Hind, Ahmad Saeed Malihabadi said during the meet that Maulana's residence is important also because he united disgruntled people into one coherent body .
Director of the Institute Dr Mahavir Singh said that it will not be very easy to get the place vacated as it is under illegal occupation as was the case with Haveli of Mirza Ghalib in the Old Delhi area in the Capital. And the large place is not occupied by a single person. A number of people have occupied the place.

New Delhi: The BJP recently lashed out at Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Syed Ahmad Bukhari for equating destruction of Buddha statues by Taliban in Afghanistan with the demolition of Babri Masjid by it.
The BJP said the Shahi Imam's statement was anti-national as the two incidents could not be equated. In a strongly worded statement BJP national secretary and former Union minister of state Mukhtar Abbas Naqwi termed the Maulana's remarks as sign of mental bankruptcy.
The BJP leader said that the attempt by the Maulana and some other fundamentalist groups to give an Islamic cover to the act of vandalism by the Taliban in Afghanistan was mischievous which would not only destroy human values but also harm the entire Muslim community.
It should be added that this is the same Mukhtar Abbas who advocated the demolition of the Babri Masjid and assured his saffron bosses that he intends to go with his bunch of hoodlums to destroy Babri Masjid before it was demolished. He is alleged to have participated in the demolition drive too.

Deoband: Leading ulema of Darul Uloom, Deoband have favoured the Muslim Personal Law Board's proposal to set up shari'ah courts all over the country. Maulana Anzar Shah Kashmiri, a leading alim of the country has favoured the proposal to set up such courts that will provide solution regarding the personal issues of the Muslims in the country.
Maulana Shah has said that the setting up of such courts should not be taken as parallel to courts in the country, but these courts will only assist Muslim in shar'i issues. He said that setting up of such courts will help in lowering the pressure on other courts also.
But he has diferred with the MPLB leaders who claimed the dowry un-Islamic. He said that if a person is forced to borrow money to arrange the dowry, it may be termed un-Islamic, but if we have money and if it is feared that girl will not be accepted without it and the parents are forced for it, then giving dowry cannot be termed un-Islamic.

New Delhi: Former Maharashtra chief minister and senior Congress leader who is also the chairman of the Congress Minority Department, Abdurrahman Antule has written a letter to presidents of all state Congress committees to accord state minority cells the status of full-fledged minority departments and treat them as a frontal organization of the party. He has asked them to call the state presidents of minority cells in all meetings of the state party just like leaders of other frontal organizations.
Mr Antule, a senior Congress leader, after taking charge of the Congress Minorities Department as president had requested the party President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to raise the participation of state minority cells in the party and accord them the status of frontal organizations within the party so that minority issues could be analyzed clearly by the party authorities. The president has reportedly accepted his plea and has asked the state party presidents to do as Antule has recommended.

New Delhi: Mansur Ali Khan, member of the Parliament has criticized the ministry of information and broadcasting for not inviting All India Urdu Editor's Council in a meeting to form Media Council. He said that by not inviting the Council that represents four hundred Urdu newspapers, great injustice has been done to it. He has made a similar complaint with the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Sushma Swaraj.

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh has announced to appoint three thousand Urdu teachers in the state. It should be noted that the chief minister has been advocating for giving Urdu the second language status in the state. He has also been vocal for the development of Urdu in the state. The chief minister has taken some very important steps in this regard. He has also announced to start the teaching of Urdu from primary classes. The language is not taught in primary classes now.

Mumbai: Well known poet lyricist Jawed Akhtar's new avatar as an anchor marks the entry of yet another high profile film personality to join the Star stable.
Asked if this was a marketing stunt, Star Gold's head of programming said that it was not the case. 'Right from the very beginning we knew for certain that the only person who could do justice to the show with his intelligence and vast knowledge of the film industry was Jawed saheb' she said.
This unique series-Star gold's new 26-episode Rahein Na Rahein Hum, which takes the viewers through the making of some of the Indian films that created history, will be launched shortly.
Speaking at the launch, Akhtar said that he had initially been quite apprehensive at the thought of having to anchor a series all by himself. I have been interviewed many a times and have also interviewed people, including the Prime Minister. However interviewing a prime minister and talking to a huge TV audience are two different things.

Nagina: Cruel treatment by police that had gone to arrest culprits has surprised even the complainant, Ramu Hardas. A large contingent of police came to the village, entered half a dozen Muslim houses and destroyed refrigerators, TV sets, and other electronic appliances in all these houses. It is alleged that the police also looted a considerably large amount of money. More than three dozen families have vacated their houses fearing a further actions from the police.
It is reported that on the night of 5-6 May villagers beat some policemen presuming them to be thieves. Police registered cases against 19 people. Around thirty to forty policemen surrounded the village to arrest the culprits. Police in the fit of rage entered a number of houses of Muslims and beat youths and looted precious items from the houses and cash amounting to several lakh rupees. The police didn't spare even the animals and killed more then a dozen rabbits.

Bhubaneshwar: The legal battle in the Graham Stains murder case continues in court. A prosecution witness in the Staines murder case, Bhakta Marandi, identified Ravindra Pal alias Dara Singh as a person who led a mob on 22 January 1999 in attacking a vehicle in which Stains with his two children was sleeping when hoodlums attacked them. The three Stains were set on fire by these hooligans.
Marandi said the leader of the mob who was tall and slim, held an axe in his hand. When the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) counsel asked if he could identify the person from among the thirteen accused standing in the dock, he pointed at Dara. He also identified another accused Rajat Kumar Das alias Dipu Das, as a member of the gang that attacked the Stains vehicle.
Marandi said he lived close to the Manoharpura church and was woken up by his wife who had heard a loud sound. He tried to come out of the house but was prevented by five people who threatened to kill him. He was forced to retreat, but through the backyard he went to another house close to the church. On his way he could see a mob with lathis, torch and red headbands near the Stains vehicle. He said he saw Dara Singh whom he described as a 'Tall, slim person with an axe in his hand' was leading the group.

Srinagar: Senior Hurriyet leader and Ittihadul Muslimeen chairman Moulvi Muhammad Abbas said that tripartite talks alone can lead to permanent solution to the Kashmir issue.
Addressing his party workers on 8 May, the Maulana said if durable peace is to be restored in the trouble torn state, it was imperative to solve the Kashmir tangle.
He said Kashmir is a nuclear flash point and if the issue is not solved there are apprehensions that whole of South Asia will be plunged into war. Maulana said India should realize that Kashmir is a disputed territory and needs a permanent solution.
Prominent Shia cleric said that despite so-called cease-fire the killing and other human rights violations continue. He appealed to the world human rights bodies including Amnesty International to take note of these abuses and reprimand New Delhi.

Saharanpur: All India vice president of Lok Dal has accused Ajit Singh of fooling the minorities in the state. The former MP and a prominent leader of Western UP Rashid Masud has also said that he wants only power and is not interested in Harit Pradesh. Lok Dal has been working for carving out a new state in UP consisting of several districts in western UP.
Masud who was talking to the media in Saharanpur said that by going into alliance with a communal party like the BJP Ajit Singh is strengthening the fascists in the country. He said that it was only chair for which he went into an alliance with the Congress and had hurt the backward people and the minorities and now by trying to forge alliance he is not only cheating the minorities but also endangering the cause of Harit Pradesh.
Ajit Singh, son of the former prime minister Choudhary Charan Singh, has a habit of hopping from one party to the other. He is not averse to joining any party if it ensures a seat in the cabinet for him. there are only two MPs of his party in the Lok Sabh, he and Ameer Alam Khan. And he knows that Khan will not favour his joining the BJP. But it is only the lure of the power that is bringing him close to the BJP.


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