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MG is touching
I have been reading MG for 2 years. It is coming regularly. It is touching and informative.
Prof Noorul Islam
At. Khelenpur, P.O. Chanchal
Dt. Malda, West Bengal-732123

Why Hindus hate Muslims
Apropos Mr Ghulam Muhammad’s ‘Why Hindus hate Muslims’? the MG issue May 1-15, 2002.
The arguments may certainly not be ignorable but these are not the only reasons for the so-called hatred for Muslims. It is not in true sense a hatred by Hindus but a sense of fear and danger of Hindus for their own ills and evils of caste hierarchy causing inner friction, expecting a so-called Shudra rebellion, within Hindu framework, historical jealousy of Brahmins against Buddhists who comprise more of Shudras SC/ST/OBC. The Manu wadi-superiority sense haunts the Brahmins for not losing their base of social higher gradations. For all this they feel fear of Islam's appeal for SC/ST/OBC population due to equality Islam grants to all people.
Hence they (Brahmins) and their political and social groups through RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Jagran Manch and BJP have always a plan for Muslim massacre, bloodshed, oppression, hatred. 
S Shafiq Ahmad, Advocate

Please see Gujarat as well
Deployment of our army on a big scale along the Indo-Pak border since last several months has surprisingly failed to block the entry of the terrorists from Pakistan. 
After the May 14 massacre in Jammu the situation has turned explosive. India is compelled to consider some harsh steps. Pakistan is a small and weak country as compared to us. Our military power as well as the area of the land is five times stronger. They should realize the end result of a nuclear war.
Pakistan’s dream of gaining the remaining part of the J.K. in a battle is like living in a fool’s paradise. The dispute of Kashmir could not be resolved during the Nehru regime. Muslims (over 2/3rd in population) and Pundits are passing through a nightmare since last two decades in the State. Kashmiris in Pak occupied area are also living a distressed life. Prime duty of the Govts. is to establish cordial relations to bring peace and prosperity to their people. Prime Minister Vajpayee had initiated a peace mission in Lahore, which was thwarted in Kargil.
The UNO and the USA should prevail upon Pakistan to save the sub-continent from a terrible disaster. If India and Pakistan reconcile to the ground realities, both the countries will be able to fight corruption, mal-administration, poverty and miserable living conditions of their people. 
Thank God, the BJP has given priority to the security of our borders and therefore gave a call to its Pariwar to halt the three months long genocide in Gujarat. People have heaved a sigh of relief. We look forward with great hopes. 
M. I. Ansari , Thane

Ask VHP to go on border
This is for Mr. "my heart beats for India" Togadia. In retaliation for Godhra, your organization was able to "mobilize" thousands to take to the streets and maim, rape, burn and kill our own people. I'm surprised you don't feel the same way about our soldiers and their families being killed in J&K by outsiders. Why don't I see the same "mobilization" of your cadre towards the border to settle scores, as you say, "once and for all"? Is it because families, women, children are easy targets? Quite a different story with armed and trained soldiers, isn't it?
Bharatram Gaba, Bombay

Hats off to Mujaahid Laloo
In Arabic, 'Mujaahid' means one who performs a 'jihad' which, in turn, means struggle. According to a tradition it is a great 'jihad' to tell the truth in front of a tyrant ruler. Since all the tyranny which was (and is still being) let loose on totally unconcerned men, women and children after the Godhra train fire event continues only because of those who misrule Gujarat under the Central government of India, Lalloo Prasad Yadav, the lone MP who told the truth demanding punishment to the responsible brutes, deserves all praise as it is the truth and a pre-requisite to real peace in this Hell land called Gujarat.
I would also mention Gujarat today for their hard work and courageous reporting during the Gujarat pogrom. May the Most Merciful Allah give good of both worlds to the editors, reporters, printers, publishers and managers of Gujarat Today. All those having a sympathetic human heart who want to know what was done to helpless Muslims, how, where, in which locality of a city or a town or a village, when by whom and why everything has been given in detail right from 28th February 2002 till today in each and every issue of this daily. The daily remained steady and reported fearlessly in the most cowardly genocide of human history in the world especially in the matter of spineless attacks on ladies and small children and that too with the help of uniformed men. 
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

Secularism in peril
Secularism is in peril, and those who hold it dear need to work for it. In matters where we interact with society, we must agree to put the law of the land first, and not be guided by religious edicts or interpretations. The problem of trying to interpret religious texts and pronouncements in temporal matters is that it becomes a debate amongst religious leaders of each religion only,- where quite often the non-liberal view seems to hold significant attention. 
If Hindu Sadhus or Swamis have to decide how Hindus should behave with others; whether the practice of Sati is right; if women should have equal rights, we would be going back to a less liberal society. For many years this has not been the case. The VHP has brought about a situation where the Swamis and Sadhus are recently being given importance in shaping the National Agenda. Unfortunately, the Moulvis interpretation in such matters has not been challenged with enough conviction. A liberal like Ashgar Ali Engineer, also seeks to justify how a good Muslim should behave with others, by interpretation of Quran and Hadiths. If the Syedna disagrees with Mr. Engineer's interpretation, whose voice will the average Muslim listen to? The same problem would apply to all other religions. 
If we cherish secularism, people from all faiths must affirm that they would abide by the law of the land in all matters. Swamis, Moulvis and Priests of all religions can help us reach out to our God, but cannot issue Dharma Updeshas or Fatwas in other matters. 
Shailesh Gandhi, Mumbai

Everything isn't fine in India
I am writing this letter to express my resentment to those who pretend that everything is fine in India and all citizens are treated with equality. Whatever cruelty is inflicted upon Muslim citizens these days, low caste Hindus have been suffering more than that for generations. We are named as malechha and achhoot (dirty and untouchables) by upper caste Hindus. In my village in North India, we cannot even drink water from wells used by higher castes. Although Constitution guarantees equal rights, unwritten law by dominant Sawarnas (high castes) keeps on discriminating low caste Hindus in many parts of India even now in this 21st Century. It was for this reason that Dr. Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution converted to Buddhism along with thousands of low caste Hindus. Examples of high caste Hindu barbarism are countless.The conspiracy against us was hatched hundreds of centuries ago by distortion in the religious books and depicting us as meanest people of the society whose job is just to serve the upper castes having religious authority to commit any atrocities of their liking on untouchables. 
The same conspiracy is being used for Muslim citizens by making more discriminatory changes in the history books which are already contaminated by venomous stuff sufficient to make a child's mind prejudiced, communal and offensive. Until the hateful education through history and religious books especially in the schools run by RSS is stopped, India will never be a place of equality and continue to witness horrifying tragedies as currently in Gujarat and several other places in the past taking toll of innocent citizens.
Raidas Kashyap, Doha

Godse in Gandhi land
Godse's ideology is ruling Gandhi’s Gujarat which is bleeding and burning since about three months. Former PM Deve Gowda rightly remarked ‘Violence and pogrom in Gujarat is state-sponsored-terrorism’. 
G Hasnain Kaif
Azad Ward, Bhandara

Our brave politicians
There was one attack on Parliament, our oh-so-brave politicians were in danger, and thousands of crores were spent on mobilizing the Defence Forces towards the border. Now, more than 30 of our country's finest lives have been lost, just one of which I would equate to being more valuable than all our parliamentarians and legislators put together. Now, I want to know what is going to be done.
Bharatram Gaba, Bombay

Complete the axis
I request all the political parties to elect Mahant Paramahans or Dara Singh as the next president of India. Since we already have a 'Swayamsevak' Prime Minister, a 'Karsevak' Home Minister,a 'Shivasinik' speaker, and several pracharaks as Chief Ministers and Governers,a 'Ramsevak' President will complete the spectrum. Then in a 'Joint Session'of the parliament, India can be declared a 'Fascist-Democratic','Hindu-Secular' and a 'Capitalist-Socialist' Rashtra! And if anyone opposes such a patriotic and progressive action, he shall be arrested under POTA or better still, he shall be sent to 'Gujarat Chambers'. Long live Godse! 
Dr. H. Haris, Hyderabad

Uma Bharat a BJP symbol
The choice of Uma Bharati by BJP to be the first speaker from their side to speak on the censure motion brought in the 13th Lok Sabha by opposition, was a clear sign that BJP was not ready to give the debate any respectability. Her unparliamentary attack on Congress --- satta ke bagair inke bhookon marnay ke din agaye hain ----- 'without power Congress is on the verge of starvation'---- was more suited to neighbourhood water-tap fights, than the staid portal of national democracy. Uma Bharati disgraced our parliament.
By openly attacking Congress for its desperate struggle for power, for the loaves of office; she could hardly fight the impression that BJP too is fighting for its survival not for any noble cause of 'nationalism and patriotism', but for the corruption-ridden spoils of governance.
Thousands have met grisly death through mob attack in Gujarat. Congress had the 'good sense' to camouflage even its own complicity during communal riots, by never trying to defend the deaths in action/reaction terms. BJP's obstinacy and false bravado was like rubbing salt on the wounds. That enforces the impression, that BJP's attack on Muslims was a deliberate attempt to bring into play its long-held agenda of 'ethnic cleaning' of minorities, specially Muslims and Christians. Unfortunately for RSS and Sangh Parivar, neither the overwhelming majority of Indian people nor the international community are sympathetic to its fascist agenda and the 2000 Muslims deaths in Gujarat should be recognized as martyrs in the cause of 
If the Godhra is a blot on Islam, then Gujarat mass murders and rapes too are a blot on Hinduism ----- though apparently not on Hindutva of the RSS version. By appearing to be fighting a survival battle with political opponent, he is never the less reiterating his militant Hindutva that has so much in common with militant Islam, as far as in human brutality is concerned. So he has no right to condemn militant Islam, as long as he himself is a devotee of the militant Hindutva. He may be appearing to win a political battle to save Narendra Mody, but he is losing the war for the soul of the nation. RSS is now fully exposed of its fascist ideology and the whole world has now witnessed its full bloom in blood red. Its 75-old year shroud of ultra-nationalism and pseudo-patriotism has got torned off its hideous apparition. Millions died in the West fighting the scourge of fascism. Heaven forbid this plague hits India with all its potential of death and destruction. If Vajpayeeji has left with any independent power of objective judgement, he should either retrace his steps or take sanyas. 
India's challenge to save its soul for democracy and secularism. In the event, Sangh Parivar will have to contend with 140 million Muslims, before it can claim any victories in subversion of India.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Boycott these traitors
The March-April 2002 special issue of the Communalism Combat has conducted and recorded an indepth study of the Gujarat carnage – murder, rapes, roasting alive, arson, loot, police malice, hospital hate and several disturbing trends. It is not just genocide or ethnic cleansing but a concrete step towards state totalitarianism and unabashed fascism. These crimes were perpetrated not as spontaneous reaction to the Godhra carnage but a determined bid to teach the miyas a lesson for generations to come.
In view of such kind of mentality one is shocked and distressed to learn that Muslim legislators in UP have readily and eagerly joined the BJP alliance. The agony of Gujarat victims is none of their concern. They simply forget what happened to Ehsan Jaffery in Ahmadabad. The BSP Muslim MLAs are living in a fool’s paradise if they believe that such things shall never occur in their own state or their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters shall be spared the humiliation of rape and death. 
Dr AG Khan
Mahananda Nagar, Ujjain-456010

BJP-BSP alliance
The way BSP has aligned with BJP after Gujarat massacre, any Muslim continuing with BSP is not better than George Fernandes or any other hidden RSS member. Feeling pain of Muslim massacre and working as killer's ally can not go together. It is purely a symptom of being hypocrite who can roll towards any worldly lustre by accepting smallest offer worth even a penny. 
It is really pitiable that 21 percent Muslims of UP are divided into 14 Muslim parties besides other parties including BSP,SP, Congress etc. When Milli Council tried to unite them under one umbrella, it achieved zero success with a comment from one of the Milli Council members "If suicide is allowed, I would have committed after this meeting".

Truth about pre-Sabarmati
Though denied somewhat angrily telephonically, what had been stated in his name in an anonymously circulated Gujarati language handbill, by a non-Muslim journalist from Godhra, we have no reason to disbelieve (especially in view of what has been mentioned by Dipankar Gupta (ToI, 14th March, Ahmadabad edition) quoting Jan Morcha and by Radiance (March 10-17) report of Gi B quoting Hindustan Times and above all the highest level lying in the matter of Sikh massacre in Chittisinghpora) the vivid and detailed account of the Godhra train burning event of February 27 in the cold early morning hours when there would not have been any people on the station platform. According to this account the mob of karsevak train passengers (who were harassing not only Muslim male train passengers, before February 27, but also molesting Muslim women passengers and shouting Randion Kaa Nikaah Karo, Babar Ki Aulaad Ko Bahaar Karo) had not only abused, humiliated and beaten up an old Muslim tea-vendor but had also caught his 16 year old daughter and taken her into bogie S/6 and closed the doors from inside. As the train had started moving two young Muslim tea-vendors caught the running train and climbed into the last compartment and pulled its chain; that the train halted at a distance of about one km from Godhra station where poor Muslims were living near railway line; that then the said two youths went to the closed compartment, thumped it from out and shouted for the release of the kidnapped girl; that the karsevaks did not oblige but those of them who were travelling in the adjoining bogies came down with their banner-bamboo sticks and this created so much noise that nearby Muslim residents including women gathered there at the risk of the two youths who were being beaten by a big mob. Thereafter the infuriated Muslims lost their patience, some of them rushed to a nearby garage, took out patrol from parked vehicles and torched the bogie.
Is there anything in this account unbelievable especially when it is seen all around in today’s Gujarat not only pardon but promotion is being given to those protectors of law and order who harass minorities in every possible manner?
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

Who is behind MG?
I want to know if the MG is owned by a person, or does it belong to any community organization?
Mohammed Shakir Siddiqui, Paterson, USA

Editor: MG is not brought out by any 'organization' or Jamaat as such. It is brought out by me using mostly my own funds. Though some friends and like-minded people have extended a helping hand, still I have to bear the big deficit. The paper has been brought out to meet an acute need of a Muslim voice in English in this country where we constitute a community of around 200 million people but have no stake in the non-Urdu media and our voice goes unheard. Though MG has been appreciated a lot at home and abroad but this has not translated into resources and, as a result, we are unable to progress to a weekly and editions in other areas and languages.

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