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Tragic events of Gujarat

Has the time not yet come for believers to think…?
1. Muslims were massacred and burnt alive.
2. Women were molested, their chastities violated and burnt alive. 
3. Innocent children and old people were thrown into raging fires.
4. Shops and homes were looted and set on fire.
5. Mosques, graves and shrines demolished.

A Muslim visiting his burnt house in Ahmedabad to salvage belonging and assess damage under police protection looks from police van (15 May2002)

It is really strange and regrettable if after passing through these tragic incidents and stages, there is no change in our daily routine. We appeal to Muslims all over the country to think seriously what we should, and should not do under these circumstance. 

What we should do:
1. We should strengthen our relationship to God. We should try to lead our lives according to ‘Sunnat’ or the ways and routine of the Prophet (SAW) and offer ‘namaaz’ or prayers punctually.
2. We should try to put an end to our mutual differences at all levels and unite together for God’s sake.
3. We should try to surpass each other in good and noble deeds.
4. We should lead our lives with courage and perseverance at local levels and utilise our democratic and constitutional rights for our safety and security.
5. We should develop and strengthen our relations with secular and humanitarian non-Muslim people of our locality and try to apprise them with teachings and principles of Islam. 

What we should not do:
1. We should abandon aimless and misguided life. 
2. We should make our life, activities and functions free from all unnecessary customs and traditions and false prestige and pride.
3. We should protect ourselves and our friends and relatives against un-Islamic practices and activities like gambling, horse racing, joining clubs etc. 
4. We should keep immoral and unethical activities like nudity, vulgarity etc at arms length.
5. We should protect ourselves, friends and relatives from all un-Islamic an unlawful activities and practices. 

All of us should cooperate in maintaining law and order and in promoting peace and brotherliness.

Maulana Mohd Hameeduddin Husami Aqil
Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani
Abdul Baasit Anwar
Maulana Akbaruddin Nizami
Ghyasuddin Babu Khan, Secretary, United Economic Forum
Bashiruddin Babu Khan, Chairman, Babu Khan Foundation
Abdul Aleem Khan, Chairman, Hyderabad Zakath & Charitable Trust
Sulaiman Sikandar
Wali Qadiri, Engineer 
Prof. Jafar Nizami 
Adil Sinai, Member, Foundation for Education & Economic Development
Lateef Mohd Khan, Chairman, Sultanul Uloom Educational Society 
Maulana Abdul Aziz, Naib Ameer-e Jamaat Islami Hind
Anwarullah Shah
Qubool Pasha Qadiri Shuttari
Muhammad Al-Husaini
Mufti Khalil Ahmad, Shaikhul Jamia Nizamia
Ali Akbar
Waqaruddin, chief editor, Rahnuma-e-Deccan
Zahid Ali Khan, chief editor, Siyasat daily
KM Arifuddin, chief editor, daily Awaam
Khairuddin Siddique, Architect
Dr Wazarat Rasool Khan, President, Shadaam Educational Society
Asaduddin Owaisi, MLA Hyderabad
Amanullah Khan, ex-MLA, Hyderabad 
Sayed Basharat Ali, Engineer
Shamsuddin Azmi, Advocate
Mohammad Shafiuddin

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