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Indian Muslim & ISI

George Fernandes, while releasing a look titled ĎPakistani Trapí, agreed to the suggestion that people should have complete knowledge about the anti-Indian activities of Pakistanís secret agency, ISI. He said that if ISIís gameplan is not exposed, it will become impossible to thwart the gameplan of ISI and its disruptive activities. Immediately after installation, the National Democratic Alliance government had announced that government will issue a white paper on ISIís activities. In Parliament also, the Home Minister L.K. Advani had declared several times that a white paper will be issued on ISI. But the government has not so far published the white pare for unknown reasons or expediencies. The government appears to be a victim of some expediency because of which she is not bringing out the white paper about ISI.

Since ISI is the secret agency of Pakistan, a Muslim country, Indiaís Hindu organizations of Taliban mentality frequently raise accusing fingers on the patriotism of the largest minority, Muslims. They suspect Indian Muslims for ISIís disruptive activities. If the government would have brought out white paper about ISIís activities, no-body would have dared to raise accusing fingers on Indian Muslims. The defence minister George Fernandes while releasing the book, gave a hint towards this and said ĎPakistan is trying to trap us in its nets. Pakistanís secret agency, ISI goes on indulging in anti-Indian disruptive activities and creating difficulties for Indian Muslims. Unless ISIís activities are exposed, Indian Muslim will continue to face problems because of ISIís criminal activities. Disruptive activities of ISI have no connection with Islam and Indian Muslims. In order to divert peopleís attention from its internal problems and economic crisis, Pakistan is using ISI for sowing seeds of discord in India in the name of Islam and the Taliban of India having the sick mentality of Hindu organizations go on harvesting this crop of hatred.

If Muslims of India would not be having emotional ties with India, they would have migrated to Pakistan in 1947 itself when Pakistan came into existence in the name of Islam, and made it their homeland. Indian Muslims have made India their home with open mind and open heart and have also given great sacrifices for the safety and security of their homeland and will continue to do so. Muslims have some dissatisfactions and they are angry also. They are backward socially and economically. Though the roads to higher education and progress are not closed for Muslims but they are not moving forward hand in hand with other religious sections or communities because of poverty and backwardness. There is no denying the fact that prejudice has not yet ended. Poisonous germs of communalism still thrive in minds. Muslims are not getting cooperation from other communities for the solution of their problems because of the politics of elections. But only the Hindu majority or the government cannot be held responsible for it. The self-styled and selfish leaders of Muslims are also responsible for this who, by exploiting and using Muslims as crutches, indulge in unprincipled alliances and understandings for their personal and selfish interests, ignore their real problems and mislead them and engage their attention in various unnecessary and meaningless problems. These self-styled leaders can be reined in but Pakistan and its secret agency, ISI are the biggest hindrances in this process. Pakistan does not want Indian Muslims to live in peace and move forward for building their bright future. Unfortunately Indian Muslims, and particularly those of northern India, are devoid of right type of leadership.

There is, in fact, no dearth of Muslim leaders with sharp eyes and minds who can grasp and fully understand their main problems and difficulties but they are ineffective despite being in majority. Secular political parties also distance themselves from such leaders. These parties also patronize and prefer such self-styled and self-centred leaders who do not at all care about the interests and problems of Muslims. Rather, by harming their interests, they try to isolate Muslims from other parties and communities. Though these self-styled and selfish leaders cannot be accused of being ISI or Pakistani agents but because of the sluggish temperament of such leaders, disruptive activities and mentalities of ISI are being strengthened. Under these circumstances it is very essential that government should make the people aware of the disruptive and harmful activities of ISI so that the doubts and suspicions arising as a result of these self-styled leadersí attitudes and sick mentality of Hindu Taliban could be got removed and Muslims of India could pay full attention to their real problems (editorial, Qaumi Awaz, New Delhi).

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