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MG: Chashm-e bad dur!
I just looked at MG online. I like the piece on Sultan Shaheen. His writings sounded strange & I did not know his background until I read the MG piece. This is a real scoop. I strongly recommend that MG continue to publish this type of stories.
Omar Khalidi, MIT (USA)

My du’as for you are there always Inshallah and I pray that you get more support from
the community for MG as I read in a letter in the latest issue that you hve been alone supporting this cause. Inshallah our community should become more proactive and see to it that they do their bit intheir own capacity.
Nigar Ataullah, Bangalore

Deendar Anjuman
Recently the government of India has banned Deendar Anjuman for two years under section 3 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967 for its involvement in bomb blast on Christian churches in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Goa and carrying out a hateful campaign against Christians last year.
The Deendar Anjuman was founded in 1924 by Syed Siddique Hussain in Gadag town of the erstwhile Nizam state. The organization, though it sounds an Islamic name, is not actually a Muslim organization but a deviant group of Qadiani founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908). The teachings as propagated by the group are the synthesis of Islam with Hindu faith. Its followers wear green turban, brown kurta and payjamas. Siddique Hussain claimed that he was an Avtar receiving revelation from God.
Islamically the prophets came to the world with the divine message so as to guide and teach their respective people. The long list or channel of prophets was completed, finalized and sealed with the advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As such the revelation of divine message was stopped with his advent in the world. So any one claiming to have received the divine message after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a lair ceasing to be a Muslim.
Therefore our ulema should immediately issue an edict (fatwa) declaring Deendar Anjuman and its adherents ‘non-Muslim’ as Qadianis and directing Muslims not to establish a religious tie with them.
Mohammad Abdus Samad
PB College, Gauripur (Assam) 783 331

More about 'kufr' and 'kafir'
How nice it would be if non-Muslim also read articles like that of Br Moin Don (June 1-15) so that a lot of misunderstanding about Islam may be removed.
That Islam does not differentiate between one and another on the basis of race or soil and that it is only and entirely a matter of principles and that there is absolutely no room for any kind of prejudice can be full comprehended from Qur'anic verses like: ‘O you who believe! Do not take your fathers and your brothers for guardians if they love unbelief more than belief; and whoever of you takes them for a guardian, then it is those who are the unjust. Say: If your fathers and your sons and your brethren and your mates and your kinsfolk and property which you have acquired, and the slackness of trade which you fear and dwellings which you like, are dearer to you than Allah and His apostle and striving in his way, then wait till Allah brings about His command and Allah does not guide the transgressing people’ (Tauba: 23-24).
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh, Gujarat

It is strange that people still have so much against Imam Hussain, and some of them covertly support, if not openly, Yazid. Dr Idris letter in resonse to the article on Muharram shows that the learned doctor lacks wit and will both. In an article all the points cannot be covered, why not the learned doctor himself wrote an article on Muharram giving details of ibadat and roza. The off hand manner in which he had told to put aside the story of Karbala, and called it as day to day commentary, is really eye opening and tell the world at large that there are still supporters of Yazid amongst us.
Karbala is important because without Karbala Islam would not have reached us, or would have been in a distorted form. Hussain never wanted any kingdom, he wanted that Islam and its propogation should be allowed.
The caliphs conquered countries after countries but did not look back to see that their own caliphite will some day become the worst example of nepotism and all the evils which Islam ordered its followers to loath. After the rightly ordained caliphs (first four) none of the caliph were a spot on what Islam wanted them to be. In fact, Islam was highjacked.
What Hussain was able to do was that nobody after Yazid dared to challenge Islam. For Yazid after killing Hussain said: (That Prophet of Islam had announced his prophethood just to be able to niche out a kingdom for him and his fellow Hashmites). But nobody after him dared to openly challenge Islam, although, none of the later caliphs, if they can be called so, were having any of the qualities that the vice-generant of the Prophet should have. They were what causes so much misunderstanding about Islam. Their life style were worse than that of the dictators and had all the follies of the human being in them.
If Karbala was small or insignificant, then except the Prophethood and Prophet life, nothing was or is of significance, then and today. So with nothing in Islam, except the Prophethood, is this religion a dead religion, dear doctor?
Abu Bakr Azami "Soozish" UAE

Unending demands
The dialogue about futile and foolish attempts of minorities to please man instead of God by showing themselves as slave like seculars (May 16) reminds me of an outspoken Mukhlis mufassir Imam in a famous, beautiful, big main road mosque situated in Mumbai. About 45 years ago, looking at the mosque illumination on a national republic (instead of religious) holiday he had apply commented that it would not please them and that even if you change your attire and apply a tilak on forehead you will be placed last with dalits.
Khanpur Deh 392 150

Campaign against SIMI
On cue from BJP government in the center, Maharashtraپfs Chagan Bhujbal, the
erstwhile Shiv-Sena number two, now in the lap of the pseudo-secular Sharad Pawar, has tried to instigate the Muslim community, by unleashing his police on a peaceful Muslim locality of Kurla in Mumbai city, on the trumped up excuse of raiding the SIMI offices in the area. Whole area was surrounded in the dead of the night. Innocent citizens were subjected to high-handed
search operations and hundreds were trooped to Police station, like common
criminals. A part of the city was under virtual siege.
This is the same city, which had witnessed the most devastating post-Babri Demolition riots when thousands were cold-bloodedly murdered; including many even burned alive. This is the same city, where serial bomb blast rocked the city and resulted in the sad loss of hundreds of innocent lives as well as loss of property worth Crores. The sequence of events clearly highlights the need for the ruling Congress and its allies to refrain from ill-conceived and ill-advised moves, if Mumbai has to re-earn its old glory of the financial capital of India. Chagan Bhujbalپfs show of force is unnecessary, unrequired, disproportionate and counter productive. It was meant not only to warn a few more articulate members of SIMI, but to terrorise the whole Muslim community in the city as well as across the country .
SIMI even at its worst cannot be called as disruptive and dangerous as Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad storm-troopers, who with official patronage are creating havoc all around the country. Without holding any brief for SIMI, one cannot but side with their argument that they were legitimately registering their communityپfs peaceful protest against the action of the hot-headed Bajrang Dal votaries who had burnt Holy Quran in 3 cities till to-date, including within the capital city of New Delhi. With their disproportionately biased actions against SIMI, the authorities are gifting them with more and more sympathy from average Muslims all over the country. Are they planning to build up a new Muslim Bhindranwale or Bal Thackerey? At another level, State is trying to gag and silence all peaceful dissent and democratic protests against attacks on the Muslim community. To continue in its dangerous partisanship of unwarranted and illegal discrimination against Muslim citizens of India, may reward BJP in some cheap political mileage, but it will go on eroding the trust and confidence of a large section of our people in the goodwill and fairness of our governments, state as well as Central. In this small global village, the world will be witness to the state persecution of minorities and will not absolve extremist Sangh Parivar and BJP-led Central Government from the deliberately provocative and needlessly instigative policies that at some point could unfortunately result in widespread civilian reaction. If that is the desired motive all such provocation, then heaven save the country from such self-inflicted disasters.
Ghulam Muhammed, Bandra, Mumbai

The news item that the Bajarang Dal-VHP is training the women volunteers in the use of firearms comes as a big jolt. One recalls that similar camps were held in different parts of UP last June in which the youth were given training in use of rifles. The plea is that they are being trained to defend the Hindus from the evil designs of ISI. Don't we know that many of our neighbors are in the grip of semi-civil war situation precisely due to the self proclaimed warriors for 'Islamic Nation' using violent means including guns and rifles? These Jehadis have also been training women in the use of firearms. The analogy does not stop here. The fanatics across the border do it in the name of religion and take the law in their hands. The efforts of VHP-BD to prepare to take to arms has dangerous portents for our society. We should know that Pakistani society has become quite violent because of such arms bearing Jehadis and Bajrang Dalwalas are Indian Jehadis. Such Jehadis create more insecurity than security. Minorities in India will live in perpetual fear if Bajrang Dalis are not prevented from carrying out such training. It is the duty of
the state to ban such training programmes. The NDA will be responsible for all this atmosphere of violence in the country if it does not restrain the Bajarang Dal-VHP attempts to give arms training to its volunteers.
Asghar Ali Engineer (Chairman, Center for Study of Society and Secularism), Ram Puniyani (Secretary, EKTA, Committee for Communal Amity), Mumbai


Why this allergy?
In the issue dated June 16-30 under the following caption you have published a report: ‘Comment: Taliban edict.’ In this why are you shying away from mentioning Hindus. You have instead used the word 'Non-Muslims' while as per all other press reports that edict was specifically targeted against Hindus. Why the allergy?

Editor: There is no allergy whatsoever. It is only our so-called 'national media' which has given this further twist to the sordid story. These newspapers have no representatives in Afghanistan. While those, like Reuters, whose correspondents file reports from Kabul have used the description 'non-Muslims.' Since Taleban themselves have no media, it is difficult to pinpoint the words and terms they are using. I am sorry to note that you have no appreciation for our comment and have, instead, discovered a negative point which makes no difference to the issue at hand.

: We all seem to be suffering from biases and attitude problems. You have mentioned our media as "so called 'national media'". You are double qualifying , first by qualifiying the national media as so-called, and then further qualifying it in quotes. Thus according to you there is no national Press.
I read your paper regularly. I am pained by a lot of negative feelings I find in your articles, news etc. even news reporting is with value
judgements. How long can we continue like this.

Editor: Yes, I firmly believe that there is no real national media. Whatever we have represents certain groups, classes, wealthy families but not the whole country. The 'negative feelings' are bound to be there and will surface one way or another if there is rampant negation and exploitation.
It is not just Muslims but there are many weak sections who are systematically exploited and abused and misrepresented and ignored. Our national media has no space for them. Every day there is a dowry killing and yet it make no difference to the social and legal system which goes to sleep in complete peace with its self-made image of a free and democratic society. Every day a dalit is killed yet it does not wake you out of your slumber. Every day people are killed in 'fake encounters' by the protectors of law, yet it does not shake you out of indifference since you are dead sure that this will not happen to people like you. The story is long and recurs every single day but we play blind. As long as this continues there will be 'negative feelings'...

NSP: I agree with you that a lot of things goes unreported and or underplayed.
Our society is suffering from a total collapse of values. I would like to emphasise that this applies to the society across religion and caste divides.
As a nation and as a people we have lost touch with moral values and nothing seems to move us. There is total cynicism in the society, more so with the mantra of globalisation. The government has totally given up on its social obligations (all governments, whether of the ruling or opposition). They only pay lip service to social issues.
However as purveyors of news one must be careful not to increase the already divided society further. This will only lead to the total collapse of the society.
It is in that context that i had mentioned the issue of negative feelings.
The isues are very complex and the society is so fragmented and divided that there is no such thing now as a majority community. Majority community bashing or Hindu bashing has become the in thing. But there is no animal called the majority community. Hindus are probably more divided than other religions. The upper castes (the favourite whipping boys for the press and 'secular' parties) are not a monolithic entity.
Any action by anybody is immediately suspect in somebody else's opinion and it gets publicity. Because of this also authorities have stopped taking action, or compromise leading to total lack of governance. In India now you can literally get away with murder. Where are we headed?

Editor: I think we don't disagree about the evils that our society is facing. Our disagreement is about how to face these evils: thru avoiding further fragmentation or thru fighting back and highlighting the evils and evil-doers in the hope of conquering them and building a new brave India which can raise its head high in the comity of nations as a standard-bearer of highest human values, where every citizen will be free from exploitation.

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