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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 July 2002

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 

Namaz offered after 35 years
New Delhi: Zuhr namaz was offered after 35 years at Mosque Dargah Shah Md Afaq on Roshan Ara Road, Purani Sabzi Mandi. The Mosque was reportedly under the illegal possession of a person. Delhi Waqf Board issued a press release which stated that this could become possible after relentless efforts by Haroon Yusuf, Chairman of Delhi Waqf Board and Minister of food and development. 
The press release stated that one Paroran Lal occupied it illegally 35 years ago. The mosque was restored under the supervision of Qazi Izhar Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer of Delhi Waqf Board.

People’s League should replace IUML
Dubai: Indian Union Muslim League should be dissolved and a new people’s league be formed instead, said CM Ibrahim, former Civil Aviation Minister. The new party should represent Muslims and non-Muslims in the ratio of 45:55. Addressing a press conference here Ibrahim said that this would enable the Muslims to join in the mainstream of the nation. Muslim League in Kerala is now no more required, he said. Ibrahim further added that out of 140 assembly seats the ML represents just 12 while in Parliament it represents only two out of 20 seats. He also discarded the hypothesis that Muslims are well off in Kerala due to political unity. As a matter of fact, Kerala Muslims are flourishing because of the flow of money from NRIs in the Gulf countries. 

Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadith calls for Gujarat relief
Delhi: A press release issued by Central Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadith, New Delhi, said that the Jamiat calls upon the Muslims to extend mutual co-operation to raise more funds to help the victims of Gujarat and specially Ahmedabad who have been the worst affected. The loss of lives and property is so huge that no single organization can fully provide compensation or relief to the victims. The Jamiat’s first delegation has already distributed relief to the tune of Rs 23 lakhs. Rehabilitation and self-employment for the victims is the chief aim. So far, the Jamiat has awarded help to nearly 105 people to start small businesses. 60 houses were repaired and the victims were provided with medical facilities also, the press release stated. 

Compensation for Aligarh victims 
Aligarh: In a meeting organized at his residence, Aligarh MLA, Mr Bansal, distributed three cheques of Rs 50,000 each to the widows of Kishore Raizadah, Nawab and Zakir who were killed by communal elements just after the Godhra incident in Gujarat. The violence could have engulfed the entire state but the timely and immediate action by the citizens of the district averted the situation from getting out of control. The cheques were presented by Wasim Ahmad, former Rajya Sabha member. 

Muslims, stop cow slaughter: VHP
New Delhi: VHP and Bajrang Dal have threatened Muslims to stop cow slaughtering and abstain from consuming beef. The entire country would be converted into another Gujarat if they do not heed to our warnings, they said. A joint delegation of VHP and Bajrang Dal called on Justice Md Shamim, chairman of National Minorities’ Commission (NCM). The delegation raised the miserable plight of Hindus in Kashmir and accused Farooq Abdullah government of pursuing anti-Hindu policy. Justice Shamim however made it clear that Kashmir was beyond the purview of the commission. VHP and Bajrang Dal also characterised Muslims of being anti peace. NCM chairman criticised the Sanghis for their diatribe and asked them to refrain from bracketing the entire Muslim community for being anti-peace. Sangh leaders however refused to discuss Gujarat events when NCM chairman initiated the discussion. 
They threatened that Muslims have to yield to the demand of Sangh Parivar and they will have to hand over Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura mosques without resistance.

BPL cards for Imams, priests and padris 
New Delhi: In an unprecedented move Delhi government has decided to issue below poverty line (BPL) cards to Masjid Imams, temple priests, gurudwara granthis and church padris who come under Waqf societies or committees. These people live on meagre salaries given by the trust or committee. Haroon Yusuf, food and development minister, said that after much speculation the government has decided to provide food supplies to such people under BPL-scheme. If their total annual income does not exceed Rs 24,200 they can afford BPL-card on submitting the certificates given by registered religious trusts, organizations and committees. Application form can be had from the concerned food circle officer. 

No interference In Sikh religious issues
New Delhi: Senior political analyst, Jaswant Singh Phal has warned non-Akali groups to avoid interference into Sikhs’ religious issues because such acts may cause irreparable loss to their political credibility. Mr Phal was responding to Madan Lal Khurana’s commitment to favour Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) in the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee elections on June 30. Mr Khurana has also dismissed the allegations of Avtar Singh Hitt, President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) Delhi Unit, that he also favoured Gurcharan Singh Tohra’s supporters.
Mr Phal said that interference from any of the national party in Sikhs’ religious issues would not be tolerated. He admitted that there was alliance of BJP and Akalis but he did not want the interference of the alliance in the management of gurudwaras. After 1999 schism between Badal and Tohra, this is the first time that Gurudwara Management Committees are to contest elections on political lines 

Urdu transcends communal barriers
New Delhi: Eminent ghazal singer Jagjit Singh on a book release ceremony of Dr Nawaz’s Pahla Asman pointed out that Urdu transcends the barrier of communal identity. It does not belong to any community rather it belongs to India. The book was published by International Pen Foundation.
Dr Bashir Badr, presiding over the ceremony, said that the very first couplet of Nawaz made him a poet of the people. 
Jagjit Singh was highly acclaimed and venerated for dedication and submission to the promotion of Urdu.
Jagjit Singh expressed his personal acquaintance with Nawaz and his poetry. Mr Singh stressed that poetry should be simply touching without complexity of diction. Those who participated in the programme included Ashok Chakra Dhar (a noted Hindi poet), Ashok Yadav, (ex-MP), Siraj Hussain (VC, Jamia Hamdard), Dr Farooq, Mauj Rampuri, Sohaib Ilyasi and several other poets of repute. The programme was hosted by Rex Remedies Pvt Ltd. 

Imams for salary as per court’s ruling
Itawah: All India Imams Sangathan is unanimous in its decision to compel the government to pay the three-and-half lakh Imams of mosques their salaries as per the ruling of the Supreme Court of India. Maulana Jamil Ahmad Ilyasi, National President of the Organization of Imams, said that representatives of the Organization and trustees of waqf boards from all states have come over to Itawah as part of Indian tour to declare their intention to announce the start of a final campaign towards this end. He also addressed a meeting and urged the Imams to be conscious of their rights. He reiterated the organization’s commitment and said that states waqf boards will have to implement court’s verdict. Referring to Muslims in general, he unequivocally said that Muslims need not rely on any political party. Neither Congress party nor BJP care much for the Muslims, he said. He was optimistic and emphasized that Muslims have to be dynamic, self-reliant and conscious. He also pressed his sincere concerns for the present state of affairs of waqf boards and the trustees. 

Tagodia’s diatribe against Deoband flayed
Saharanpur: Samajwadi Party leaders here have expressed their anguish over Tagodia’s diatribe against Deoband clerics and freedom fighters, according to a party press release. Sarfaraz Khan, town president of the party said that Tagodia, by making fiery speeches against Muslims, is trying to disrupt communal peace and harmony. He further pointed out that his baseless allegations against Deoband is tantamount to insulting thousands of clerics and freedom fighters. In the same vein, Mr Khan criticised Mayawati’s package of Rs 1500 a month for Dalit lawyers while thousands of youths are still unemployed.
The press release also informed that several members of Samajwadi Lohiya Vahini staged a protest against VHP leader Tagodia. They also burnt his effigy. On this occasion, Faisal Salmani, general secretary of State Lohai Vahini asked the government to arrest Tagodia under POTA for disrupting communal peace and harmony. 

Indo-Arab League stand on Israel
Hyderabad: Indo-Arab League meeting held here has condemned the US-sponsored Israeli attack on Palestinians and sympathised with the families who have lost their kith and kin. The league was unanimous on two resolutions which discards all diplomatic and trade relations with Israel. The resolution has also asked Israel to stop US-sponsored barbarity and restore the status quo as prevalent in 1967. UN-observers be deployed in the region to maintain peace, those attending the meeting demanded. 
Mr Waqaruddin, the Chief editor of a reputed daily The Rahnuma-e-Deccan, who also presided over the League’s meeting, said that Israel must withdraw from Palestinian territories. 
Leaders from several political parties at the meeting also expressed their sincere concern for the Palestinians. Prominent amongst those who addressed the meeting were Mani Shankar Iyer (Congress), AB Bardhan (CPI), and Ram Vilas Paswan (Lok Jan Shakti). Diplomats from Arab counties also attended the meeting. Abdul Karim Belarbi Ambassador of Algeria and Saleh Al-Mukhtar, Ambassador of Iraq registered their presence. Mohammad Hussain Gaddafi, special representative of Arab League also addressed the meeting in which he urged Arab countries to unite against US-sponsored Israeli terrorism and barbarity against the Palestinian people. 

21st century best for Islam’s Propagation
Nizamabad: Maulana Abdul Aziz, vice president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, while delivering a speech here asserted that the present century is a gift from Allah and this is the best opportunity for the propagation of Islam and also spreading the message of peace which Islam has consistently enjoined upon. The preachers and Muslim clerics/ulama are better equipped today for the true propagation of Islam. Meanwhile, he also reflected that peace is a thousand times better than thoughts and talks of war. He concluded that it is taqwa, which determines the rise and fall of a nation. The universe itself with all creations of Allah invites to think over and practice Islam truly and daringly, he said. 

Oust Modi, demands MP chief minister
Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh has said that peace can be restored in the riot-torn Gujarat only when the state chief minister Narender Modi is ousted and President’s Rule imposed there. Talking to mediapersons Singh said that both the central government and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) should thoroughly probe the role of Narender Modi and take strong remedial steps.
Reiterating the words of former MP chief minister DP Mishra, Singh said that it is entirely in the hands of the chief minister either to perpetrate or stop riots from taking place. He also said that the matter would not be solved by the replacement of an RSS activist with another RSS activist as the state chief minister. The RSS would continue to hold on to the reins of power and would be taking advantage of the situation by resorting to vicious gameplans by stoking in communalism with gusto for cheap political gains, he said. "Narender Modi administration had actively connived with fascist forces in the genocide of Muslims," the MP chief minister charged.

Kerala Minister on Muslims’ education
Dubai: Dr MK Munir, senior leader of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and Public Constructions Minister of Kerala has appealed to the Muslim community to concentrate on education based on values. Inaugurating the Qatar branch of Kerala Muslim Educational Society he said that Muslims should present a better image by following the teachings of Islam in words and spirit. At the same time he warned the Muslim community against the resultant harms in the commercialising of education.


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