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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 July 2002

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 

Women’s Commission against triple-talaq
Saharanpur: Ms Nafisa Hussain, member of National Women’s Commission, has said the registration of nikah be made compulsory in view of the protection of women’s right. She also discarded the conventional mode of triple talaq which is against the tenets of Holy Qur'an. According to her, the present practice of triple-talaq is being employed by Muslim men to exploit women. 
To minimise the possibility of second marriage, registration of nikah must be officially made compuslory. She described the present nikahnama as faulty. Speakng to the press persons, she referred to the registration of marriage under family law in Pakistan which was promulgated in 1961. Responding to a question pertaining to triple talaq she called it an atrocity on women. Prior notice of talaq is a must and divorced woman should accordingly be entitled for maintenance. Bihar and UP are the worst states which have highest rate of talaq (divorce), she said adding that special cell of NWC would check this evil. 

Islam disallows killing of innocent
Muradabad: In a response to baseless allegations against Islam and its fundamentals, Riyasat Nawab Rizvi, member of State Minorities Commission, said that Islam never teaches anyone to kill the innocent. Islam is a religion of peace. Voices being echoed from across the borders that Islam has sanctioned terrorism is quite baseless and mean. He invited everyone to know Islam in its true perspective. 
Mr Rizvi also proposed the formation of "Sudhar Committees’ at mohalla level and said that the Committee would consist of 12 office-bearers. One person from each and every house will be member of this Committee, he said. According to Mr Rizwi, the committee would promote communal peace and harmony.

Convention of Literature & Science Centre
Ranchi: Literature & Science Centre held it 3rd annual convention at St Xavier’s School hall in Doranda. Professor Ahmad Sajjad, Chairman of Literature and Science Centre, welcomed renowned intellectuals, professors and ministers on the occasion.
Mr. Samresh Singh, Jharkhand minister for science and technology addressed the convention and said that 70 % population of Jharkhand is poor and backward. He focused on the importance and relevance of science and technology. He praised the constructive role of Literature and Science Centre which is being run under the aegis of Sajjad Institute of Information Technology. Arjun Munda, Minister for Welfare, also praised Prof Sajjad for his vision and dedication to social services. Dr KK Naag, former Vice-Chancellor of Ranchi, Bhagalpur and Vinovabhawe Universities, praised Prof Sajjad and acknowledged the role and services of the institution. Samresh Singh later on awarded certificates to the graduates of Literature and Science Centre. 

Muslims, Christians be denied key posts
New Delhi: In a joint press conference, Manuvadi Morcha, Dara Sena and Hindu Mahasabha have demanded that Muslims and Christians should be denied key-posts in India. Islam and Christianity are two religions which are exotic and alien to India, they said and added that their followers can never be loyal to the country. RK Bhardawaj, Mani Kumar Sharma and Swami Ayodhya Prasad addressed the conference. 

Fulfill Kashmiri’s legitimate demands
New Delhi: Pakistan should stop skirmishes and normalise strained relations with India. India must also consider the legitimate demands of the Kashmiris. This was stated at a joint press conference addressed here by Maulana Md Yasin Misbahi, Chairman, All India Mushawarti Board, Maulana Md Saeed Noori, General Secretary, Raza Academy, Mumbai, and others. They asked the government to be vigilant regarding anti-national activities within and outside the country. 
They alleged that Gujarat riots were motivated and pre-planned to slaughter Muslims. They said that Modi’s open patronage to the Hindutva brigade and mischief mongers was dangerous and put India to shame in the eyes of the world. They also demanded CBI probe into the communal riots and rehabilitation of the riots victims.
It is a matter of great pain that the government is constantly alleging that madrasas are involved in anti-India activities. They said that the allegations are unfounded. They also assured the government that Muslims will themselves boycott such madrasas if the government produce any authentic evidence or proof regarding anti-national acts being indulged in by them.

Muslim Federation for 20% reservation 
Rampur (UP): Akhtar Ahmad Khan, national representative of Muslim Federation, has demanded that Mayawati government should grant 20 per cent reservation for Muslims. Mr Khan said that Muslims are no better than Dalits and that they should also be granted reservation just like the Dalits.


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