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Time Advani took moments off his madrasa campaign to look at
Cop running saffron terror gang in Saharanpur region

Saharanpur district in northern Uttar Pradesh, which houses two largest institutions of learning, Darul Uloom at Deoband and Mazahir Uloom, witnessed in recent months a spate of explosions and fire-arm attacks. An "unknown" organisation calling itself "Arya Sena" owned responsibility and left leaflets in its name at a number of mosques and madrasas. The plan was two-pronged: to harass the Muslim community and to somehow show Muslims indulged in "terrorism" and the incidents were of their own making. National and "mainstream" media highlighted these news but when a (Hindu) policeman was caught, confessed to be the chief of Arya Sena and led the police to an arsenal in an ashram, it made no news except in the local editions of some Hindi newspaper. No one heard that our ever-alert Muslim-terrorism-buster Advaniji's sleep was disturbed or IB or CBI "swung into action”. The powers-that-be under the current saffron dispensation have made a rule: if there is terrorism it must be Muslim.

As part of a long-term strategy, Sangh Parivar elements have permeated the realms of the state bureaucracy as well as the law enforcing machinery. Under the current dispensation they have unleashed a reign of terror in order to create a fear psychosis amongst Muslims by targeting mosques and madarasas and spreading unfounded lies about them. 

A serving policeman was discovered to be heading a Hindu terrorist outfit in Saharanpur. The outfit was propagating hate and violence against Muslims and was throwing trigger and time bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) into mosques and madrasas. In the process an innocent madrasa teacher was accused of being a terrorist!

In a startling disclosure, a serving police constable Satyender Kumar Malik of Janakpuri police station in Saharanpur district, who is the founder and chief of an anti-Muslim Hindu terrorist organisation named Arya Sena, has been accused of masterminding several bomb blasts in mosques and madarasas in the district. He is also accused of being involved in the attempted murder of a masjid imam in the district. 

This amazing secret came to light when one Narender Giri, an activist of Arya Sena, was nabbed by villagers while he was trying to flee after firing at an imam who was going to lead Zuhr (noon) prayers in a nearby village. Giri, after being beaten up by the enraged villagers, was handed over to the police. It was only after thorough interrogation that Giri broke down, confessed to his crimes and spilled the beans. According to his confessions, the plot involves the complicity and patronage of influential politicians and police authorities.

A representative of a Muslim organisation from Saharanpur told MG that Narender Giri was arrested by the district police on June 4. He also said that a fear psychosis was being deliberately created amongst Muslims in Saharanpur by instigating and indulging in acts of violence and disruption against them.

On June 4, Shamim Ahmad, imam of Sarkadi Kumar mosque, was waylaid and shot at. He was grievously injured while going to lead Zuhr prayers at a nearby village, Topri along with his brother on a bicycle. The village is situated at Behat Road under Dehat Kotwali police station. After Ahmad fell down writhing in pain and severely bleeding, the assailants tried to make good their escape but somehow their motorcycle (Hero Honda Splendor No. U.P. 12E/5137) developed a tyre puncture. One accomplice named Surender, however, was successful in fleeing, while the other, Narender Giri, was nabbed by the villagers who had by then gathered at the scene of the crime. Giri was beaten up and four grenades and one country-made revolver with cartridges were recovered from the motorcycle. Later Giri was handed over to the police.

The police took Giri on a five-day remand and thoroughly interrogated him. It was only after severe interrogation that Giri relented and told everything to the police. The interrogation was jointly conducted by personnel from the CID and IB. During the interrogation Giri also disclosed some startling and confidential information which the police has, however, refused to reveal.

According to the available information, Narender Giri told the police that Arya Sena had been specifically formed with the only purpose of fighting "Islamic terrorism." The organisation’s objective is to take revenge for the killing of Hindus by Muslim terrorist organisations. The other goal of Arya Sena is to strengthen the belief of Hindutva amongst Hindus. Giri further disclosed that the founder and commander-in-chief of Arya Sena is Satyender Kumar Malik, who is presently serving as a police constable at Janakpuri police station in the district. Earlier this year, members of Arya Sena had hatched a conspiracy to create terror amongst Muslims through bomb blasts in several mosques and madarasas in the district of Saharanpur and other acts of violence, Giri disclosed.

Regarding himself, Narender Giri said that he had been working as an electrical mechanic at Todarpur sugar factory. He came into contact with a Kolkata resident, Mukesh, four months ago. Mukesh, who had been living in Chandigarh for sometime, was extensively briefed about the ISI activities in India and militant activities in Kashmir. He was also tutored about the Hindutva ideology. Giri was also trained by Mukesh on similar patterns, he disclosed. He informed that the handbills of Arya Sena were published at Roorkee.

Giri’s arrest and his subsequent disclosures have unmasked the role of police elements in the district. It must be noted that for the string of bomb explosions the police had arrested an innocent teacher, Qari Masroor Ahmad of Madrasa Imdadul Uloom, where two bomb explosions took place. The police had insisted that Qari Masroor was involved in bomb explosions at several places, including the madrasa and that he was an expert in bomb-making. However, investigations established that the bombs were in fact planted by the accused policeman in the madrasa and the blasts were triggered with the help of timers.

Besides Satyender Kumar Malik and Narender Giri, Vinay Kumar alias Sonu, resident of Kabirpur under Behat police station, Devender Saini resident of Gandhi Nagar under Gangoh police station and Gauri Shankar resident of Kolkata are actively associated with the Arya Sena.

According to local Hindi newspapers, the police also discovered that Devender Saini was a sadhu (sage) and a mini-factory for manufacturing small arms such as country-made pistols, revolvers, cartridges etc., has been unearthed and several manufactured arms and raw materials have been seized during a raid conducted on his ashram. During a similar raid at Satyender Kumar Malik’s residence, police recovered Rs 10,000 in cash, four timers, five grenades, one IED, one country-made revolver, five cartridges, explosive materials in huge quantities and thousands of inflammatory handbills of Arya Sena.

Popular local Hindi newspapers like Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagaran prominently highlighted the news in their issue of June 6. Reportedly police teams have been dispatched to nab the absconding culprits. Constable Satyender Kumar Malik’s suspension and consequent dismissal proceedings from the service have been initiated. The accused would be charged under NSA and POTA as well, the reports claimed. 

Meanwhile, latest reports confirmed the arrest of Vinay Kumar alias Soni, an accused, from nearby Saharanpur railway station. A hand grenade and several leaflets of Arya Sena have been recovered from his possession.

During the last five months in Saharanpur and Dehradun districts, Arya Sena activists threw bombs and desecrated at least four mosques and attacked a madarasa. The first incident of bomb attack took place on January 21 at a school situated on Delhi Road.. On February 11, Saliaghat mosque at Khan Alampura under Janakpuri police station was attacked when Arya Sena miscreants threw bombs resulting in loud explosions. Again, on February 17, two bomb explosions took place at Madrasa Imdadul Uloom Sarkadi Sheikh. IEDs and grenades were used in the attack and Arya Sena leaflets were also left at the site. Later, on May 13 Manglu mosque near Dak Bungalow at Dehradun was attacked and two bombs exploded during Fajr (dawn) prayers. Police also recovered a live time bomb from a shoe case from here. Narender Giri confessed that he was involved in the crimes at all these places. He has been sent to jail, police said. 

¯ Danish A Khan
With inputs from Abdur Rahman Abid

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