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Mischievous U.P. circular
Muslims, Sikhs and retired soldiers are ‘suspect’
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

A mischievous circular allegedly issued by the UP state government has exposed the real face of the saffronized administration. It resembles another equally poisonous circular which was allegedly issued by the Sangh Parivar in 1990 when Ram Mandir movement was at its peak. Inspite of its best efforts the administration then headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav could not ascertain the source of that poisonous circular.

The recent circular, though denied by the state home department, police top brass and even by the chief minister himself is, however, taken here as a pointer towards the turn, the situation is going to take in the days to come. It seems as if the ground is being prepared for a communal civil war.

The circular, bearing no. ST/SSP32/2001 /4140 dated nil May 2001 and signed by Mr BB Bakhshi, SSP, Lucknow, has been issued to the state police as a guideline in order to keep a vigil on ‘ISI activities’ but the language used is poisonous and crude. The circular treats not only Muslims but even 'Sikhs' and 'retired soldiers' too as ‘suspects’ and has instructed the state police personnel to watch their movements seriously. The very preface of this document shows the mental status of the issuing authority and the source of this circular could well be understood. It reads as follows:

‘Pakistan secret agency ISI is leaving no stone unturned to disturb the communal, social, economic and religious situation of the state [UP]. Muslim and Sikh youth are lured to involve them in subversive activities. ISI is befriending with Muslims and Sikhs and is sowing the seeds of hatred towards Hindus in their minds. To revive terrorism, terrorists living abroad are being contacted. Railway stations, bus stands and other places with heavy rush are being targeted. Information received indicates that youths are being selected from different places and are sent to Pakistan for training. Arms and ammunition depots are being established at different places and minorities are being prepared for Jehad and bomb explosions. To thwart these subversive activities team-spirit is necessary. The following work plan has been prepared to counter the nefarious designs of the ISI:

(1) [point one of the circular]: ‘Every SHO will prepare a register of Muslim and Sikh families living in his respective area, details of outsiders coming in his area should also be maintained and they be strictly watched. Movement of Muslim families should also be observed and details of the persons going abroad should also be maintained. Reputed Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs should be identified and be invited to attend symposia, seminars etc every month and the nefarious designs of ISI should be explained before them.’

(2) [point four of the circular]: ‘Newly constructed madrasas and mosques be listed and persons attending religious functions should be watched. Transporters and PCO owners in the area should be listed. Circle officers and SHOs in their respective areas should identify the PCOs with dubious records and calls made to Pakistan or Gulf states be monitored. Minorities [Muslims and Sikhs] living in poor or posh localities be strictly watched, dubious persons be identified and action against them should be initiated.

(3) [point five of the circular]: District magistrates should prepare a list of the lands, plots, houses purchased or taken on lease by persons belonging to minorities.

(4) [point seven]: There have been instances that retired and serving military men were used as agents. Therefore, retired soldiers from army, navy and airforce residing in your respective areas should be listed. The central command of the army is situated in Lucknow so this instruction is very important.

(5) [point eleven]: Every SHO should prepare a list of Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus providing shelter to terrorists. Visitors to these persons should be checked and information be provided to Dy. SP (Prosecution).

(6) [point twelve]: Persons visiting abroad, particularly Muslim countries, should be observed and Lucknow-Sharjah flight should specially be checked.

(7) [point thirteen, the last one]: Sikhs visiting Nanakmata Gurudwara, Pakistan, be watched, listed and information be provided to the same authority in Lucknow.

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