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Babri Masjid episode: down the memory lane
By Obaid Nasir in Lucknow

In his otherwise self contradictory and false statements before Liberhan Commission the union home minister and hero of the Ayodhya movement Lal Krishn Advani has revealed nay reminded one turning point in the movement that the then Prime Minister VP Singh had issued a notification to acquire a plot adjacent to Babri Masjid in Ayodhya that was to be handed over to a group of Sadhus for the construction of the Ram temple, leaving untouched the Babri Masjid till the final decision of the court. He was however compelled to withdraw the same within hours of its issuance as the then Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav was opposed to it. Both the leaders i.e., VP Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav have given their versions on the statement of Lal Krishn Advani, but none of them has denied the fact revealed by him. This invites some introspection by the community and other secular elements of the society. It shows that even in those critical days when the entire nation was held at ransom due to Ayodhya movement these two persons at the helm of affairs were not seeing eye to eye on this issue.

One may agree or disagree but the fact is that a temple adjacent to Babri Masjid encompassing Ram Chabootra and leaving rest of the mosque (now demolished) as Babri Masjid was and is still the best possible solution of this issue which has emerged as a great danger to the unity, integrity and emotional oneness of the nation. In 1989 before parliamentary election when BJP had adopted the Ram Mandir movement in its Palanpur resolution Syed Shahabuddin who had till then not joined the newly formed Janata Dal, while addressing the media persons in UP Press Club Lucknow had said "It will be a glory for the nation if Mandir and Masjid stand side by side" This still holds true and one is sure that Syed Saheb. will continue to hold this view even today and in the days to come.

At the behest of Mulayam Singh Yadav the land acquisition by the central government was also opposed by Babri Masjid Action Committee headed by Azam Khan a minister in Mulayam’s cabinet and Zafaryab Jilani his close relative and comrade in arm. VP Singh who has successfully splitted the ranks and file of Sadhus and Akharas from Hardwar to isolate VHP could not look at his own backyard and paid a heavy political price.

Actually in order to establish himself as the sole champion of secularism or as the messiah of Muslims, Mulayam Singh never wanted the interference of any other leader in the Babri Masjid episode. If the acquisition of land and the construction of Ram temple on this land would have been allowed with the help of non-VHP Sadhus the matter would not have taken such a serious turn. After all the Ram Chabootra inside the Babri Masjid was being used for pooja for a long time and if a temple encompassing that Chabootra and some land, even though of Sunni Waqf Board, would have been constructed the sky would not have fallen. But for his petty political consideration Mulayam Singh Yadav opposed the move so that the credit does not go to VP Singh and he with the help of Azam Khan and Zafaryab Jilani could establish himself as the sole messiah of Muslims. The community however paid a heavy price for this fight of one upmanship. The leaders of Babri Masjid movement were more loyal to their political bosses than to the community. Is it a coincidence that Babri Masjid Action Committee and Janata Dal splitted simultaneously in 1990-91.

One more example of this upmanship. In 1993 the then Kalyan Singh government, in order to facilitate the demolition of Babri Masjid acquired some land and some mini temples were demolished for the construction of Ram Katha Kunj facing the Babri Masjid. Barricades around Babri Masjid were removed and mosque became vulnerable. Janata Dal was split and Mulayam’s own SJP got only 32 seats whereas JD headed by VP Singh got 95 seats and was the main opposition party in UP assembly with Kr. Reoti Raman Singh as the leader of opposition. The entire opposition had decided to grill the Kalyan Singh government for removing barricades around Babri Masjid. But inside the house the scene was quite different. JD and its leader Reoti Raman Singh were fighting with SJP and its leader Mulayam Singh Yadav on the issue as to who should initiate the discussion. Singh was insisting that as the leader of the opposition he has the right to initiate the discussion as per parliamentary norms and traditions but Mulayam Singh Yadav was hell bent to initiate the discussion, as he was the "champion of secularism and messiah of Muslims". Members on the treasury benches (BJP) were enjoying the situation and the net result was that the government went scot-free.The split of Janata Dal in 1990 was the greatest tragedy in so far as the Babri Masjid movement is concerned. It may be noted that BJP became strong only in those states where JD was split (U P and Gujarat) and in Bihar it could not stand even on its feet as JD under Laloo and VP Singh remained intact. If in 1990 Mulayam Singh Yadav could visualize the dangers of split the great tragedy of Babri Masjid demolition most probably would not have happened.

Mulayam Singh Yadav’s short sightedness has done immense harm to the interests of Muslims. It was he who because of his infamous style of "Parinda par nahin mar sakta", made the Babri Masjid issue between Hindus and Muslims. His infamous decision of banning the 5 kosi and 14 kosi Parikrama on the eve of Ram Navmi in 1990 on the plea that it will endanger the security of Babri Masjid added fuel to the fire and lakhs of people gathered there in spite of the fact that the whole of India was converted into a big jail with strict checking of trains coming towards Lucknow and Faizabad from all the four corners of the nation. Muslim leadership also failed the nation and community. If few of us would have stood against this decision as it was the question of religious freedom of a community big or small, the story of Hindu Muslim relationship would have been quite different. There could not be two sets of standards. If we want that our religious or social freedom is intact we should have the courage to stand up to protect this freedom of others.

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