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INTERVIEW: Khaled Mishaal
‘Our programme is ejection of the occupier’

Khalid Mishaal
Political bureau chief of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Khaled Mishaal absolutely rejects the Mitchell committee's report and the Egyptian-Jordanian initiative since they do not satisfy the minimum of the Palestinian demands and rights. In an interview with the London-based Quds Press, he described the Mitchell report as American more than international since the Americans introduced amendments on the report in order to serve zionist interests as usual. Excerpts:

How do you evaluate the Aqsa intifada after eight months of its eruption?
I can confidently say that the intifada in the past eight months had achieved what the eight or ten years of the so-called ‘peace’ process failed to achieve. According to published reports, zionist settlers are fleeing settlements at a rate of 40%. The enemy has suffered considerable losses in economic, political and other fields boosting the Zionist enemy's conviction on departing the land of Palestine.

You have counted the enemy's losses but there are also big losses to the Palestinians … Moreover, despite negative aspects Oslo returned part of our lands while the intifada resulted in casualties and heavy destruction of infrastructure and lands...
First of all, losses were taking place even under the settlement process… murder of our people and our children whether at the hands of occupation soldiers or settlers was ongoing even during the settlement years. Jewish settlements grew and increased during the settlement process alongwith confiscation of our lands, construction of circular roads, enlargement of existing Jewish settlements and building new ones ... all this took place during the settlement process and the detainees in enemy prisons were not released.
In short, promises made to the Palestinian people were not fulfilled, even the occupied land that witnessed ‘redeployment’ as a result of the peace settlement did not witness real withdrawal and there was no sovereignty. A clear proof was the Zionist occupation’s step at the eruption of the intifada in storming ‘A’ zones to various depths, violating these areas at will as if nothing had happened.
The settlement process did not pose a red line or hurdle before the occupation army to act in zone ‘A’ like other areas still under active occupation. Where then is that settlement? On the contrary maybe the settlement process, as a negative aspect of Oslo, provided for the Zionist army with fixed Palestinian targets to bombard whenever it wished to revenge, which was not available during the 1987 intifada.

But what after the intifada? Until when will it go on?
The intifada will continue until the realization of our people's goals in expelling occupation and liberating our lands. This is the real motive for our people's intifada and resistance. Unless and until this goal is achieved the intifada will continue … this is a legitimate right of the Palestinian people. We should not expedite harvesting the fruit before it is ripe. The intifada should be given enough chance and we are confident that it would lead to the defeat of occupation.
The Zionist enemy cannot continue to bear the heavy costs of occupation. The Zionist entity cannot withstand a lengthy war. The Zionist entity does not bear a lengthy war of attrition. The Palestinian people, despite their losses, are capable of withstanding a long-term confrontation.
Occupation always ended under pressure of force and resistance. This is the way people won freedom… There is no people who won freedom without paying the price. Hence the Palestinian people are proceeding in accordance with the historical norms of popular uprisings and resistance of invading forces.

Some analysts believe that like its enemy, Hamas too does not have any political programme.
First of all this is an unfair comparison… The great loss, which befell the Palestinian politics decades ago, was because such logic started to infiltrate our beliefs and some started to speak about the political programme. In fact the political programme in each stage granted more concessions and retreated from the Palestinian national principles and goals until we reached Madrid, then Oslo, then what was worse than Madrid and Oslo. We support the presence of a political programme but it should be based on the Palestinian people's rights and on insistence on Palestinian lands.
We believe that the political programme must be based on resistance which alone can provide the required atmosphere for the expulsion of occupation and liberation of the lands. There is a goal for each political programme and we in Hamas are not concerned with other political programmes that target compromise solutions with the enemy.
We in Hamas have a clear vision and a clear political programme namely seeking to expel the occupiers, liberate the lands and regain our usurped rights. We believe that the intifada and all forms of resistance are the only way towards that end. No doubt political endeavor is part of that march but the political work without resistance, without military action and without real pressure on occupation is worthless.
Alongwith our resistance programme, we invite all nations to take part in this battle and support the Palestinian people's steadfastness.
There are now 14 Palestinian factions involved in field coordination in the occupied homeland. They have agreed on the importance of expelling occupation and not legalizing occupation or improving its image or coexisting with it. What happened in Lebanon in the past few years and the victory that coronated those efforts point to the seriousness of such a programme when it is based on solidity, steadfastness, resistance and patience.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of your Movement, had previously put forward ideas on gradual liberation…
We in Hamas insist that the Palestinian people have the full right to resist occupation and to eject it from our lands. This is the solution to end our people's sufferings. Liberating the land step-by-step is the normal state of wars and conflicts. Victory and liberation do not occur at once, rather they are the net result of accumulated efforts.



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