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MG: rising popularity

It delights me no end to note the rising popularity of MG amongst the discerning readers. How do I know it ? I've been getting e-mails from those who log on to it and read my columns in it. I remain a firm believer that we must not be found failing the demands of the electronic age but keep pace with it. MG on the net is doing precisely that.
You can't imagine how great and taxing a demand there is, since Agra, on my time and energy. But I'm happy; at least people are reading, and that's what matters.
Karamatullah Ghori
[ex-Pakistan ambassador], Canada

Thanks for your consistent work in the field of Muslim journalism. Only wish that the general Muslim body would respond with more zeal. Whatever the result, we have chosen our path.
Mansour Ansari, Atlanta, USA

This morning I received your esteemed journal, The Milli Gazette. It was a very pleasant surprise for me to have received such a precious journal – out of the blue, so to speak. I went through it meticulously, and I must congratulate you on an excellent and superb newspaper. The articles on Islam are terrific indeed, and, with your kind permission I would like to reproduce them in Al-Balaagh.
A.S.K. Joommal Editor, Al-Balaagh
P.O. Box 1925, Lenasia 1820, South Africa

I have read with interest and pleasure the translation of my Urdu column. Please congratulate the translator for retaining to a large extent the flavor of the original. If I knew his identity, I would have written to him personally. Well-done.
Saeed Suhrawardy, New Delhi

Editor: The translation was done by MG editorial staff member Mr NA Ansari!

I have been reading your newspaper for a while now and find it very useful. I am interested to do some research on Indian Muslims.
John Auster, Sussex, UK

Tamil Nadu: beg to differ
Your highlighted item on the first page of your latest issue pertaining to removal of TN Governor, Mohtarma Fatima Beevi, I beg to disagree with your views. Notwithstanding the intention behind her removal, one thing which stands out as an act of gross indiscretion is her haste in appointing Ms Jayalalita within minutes of her submission of claim for the Chief Ministership of the state. The least she could have done in the matter was to refer it to the president who in turn would have consulted Supreme Court. To say that there is nothing in the constitution against criminals' claim to the high electoral office is to betray the lack of common sense, let alone wise judgement for which governors are appointed. This, in the face of a very wise, principled and brave stand taken by the Election Commission in debarring her from contesting election on account of her being a convict in more than one case. Appeal against conviction does not alter the position till it is disposed off in favour of the person and sentence set aside. Suspension of sentence is not the same as acquittal.
I am surprised that a periodical of your standard should take up a hopless case, despite the lame excuse used by the government who should have monitored the situation at the time of election results in the state just to ensure that letter of law does not supercede the spirit which is what a Judge is supposed to ensure. She being the luminary of law should not have taken shelter behind the faulty excuse of constitution being silent on the subject. If letter of law is final then why have lawyers and judges. Any literate person can read the law and rule!
Yours being a paper dedicated to the cause of Muslims and Islam should be more careful in safeguarding against the possible charge of being partisan.
AFMA Muqsith

The content of your publication are so one sided. Here are some facts for you:
1. The % of Muslims in India has grown from 11.5% in 1947 to 15% today. Conversely, [Pakistan] Hindus constituted 14% of population in 1947, now they are less than 1%. They have been driven out by Muslims.
2. Many important positions over the years in India have been held by Muslims. No Hindu name appears in Pakistan when it comes to high positions.
3. Do you hear any Hindu names among terrorists? But you do find many Muslim names.
4. How come Muslims are quarreling with every other religion in the world?
So, who is persecuting whom? Get the facts straight. Do not spread lies and hatred.
Anil Kalke

Does it require a top class CIA-type intelligence to detect the Chanakya mind working behind Gadar aiming at the re-creation of enmity between two minorities in our already strife-torn land? Do they intend to turn our 'Janma-bhoomi' into a total 'Jahannam-bhoomi?'
Ibn-e-Umar , Bharuch
In a multi-crore film industry with its 75-year long expertise in gauging public mood and packaging a product to make fortunes, it is not difficult to predict what will hurt the sensibilities of the people. Even the Censors know all about it. In commercial and political terms of trade, it is all deliberate. Gadar’s producer Keni is feigning ignorance when he so innocently says he is clue-less about what is offensive in the film. Both Dilip Kumar and Shabana Azmi who had most vehemently defended ‘fire’ and ‘water’, are silent because they are aware that it is their own liberal group of script writers who are deliberately stoking communal fires on both sides of the communal divide, by strategically targeting their own brand of ‘social reforms’ on the hard-liners in both Hindu as well as Muslim religious communities. Film industry has its own unwritten but widely respected list of do’s and don’ts. These so-called liberals are deliberately challenging the taboos to make both, a statement and a chance to make fast buck. They are not afraid if it causes country-wide law and order problems and results in dangerous polarization in the nation. In fact, they plan for it. After all it is all part of the revolution that they are all along dreaming. It is time such nefarious disruptive activities are fully exposed and the real culprits, however high or ‘respectable’, are brought to justice in people’s court, as their target is the very unity and integrity of our nation itself.
Ghulam Muhammad, Mumbai 400050

Agra Manoeuvres
Unless and until they stop fooling their masses through lying and showing occupation as self-rule, puppet rulers as popular leaders, defence as aggression, fight for freedom as terrorism and vice versa, the Almighty God who likes only the truth and justice and who favours neither Amar nor Akbar nor Anthony wrongfully will never make it possible for the selfish masses to live in peace anywhere in the world.
Sultan A Patel Khanpur Deh 392 150

In full sinc
Mr. Nayar is a beacon of hope for democracy and secularism in India. I havebeen following his writings for quite a while and had the opportunity to meetwith him in Dallas, Texas about a few years ago and have come to respect forthis outrightness.
I am in full sync with his ideas, in fact, I sent the following message to over1500 Muslims and Muslim Organizations around the globe. It is really time forMuslims in general and Indian Muslims in particular to condemn the ill acts of groups, who commit those crimes in the name of Islam. Indian Muslims mustbecome vociferous in condemning those acts, then the world, the Hindu brothers that we live with feel that we are all in the same boat - i.e., wanting peaceand prosperity for all, and we are all together in condemning the fascism and fanaticism.
Mike Ghouse (US)

Open letter to Mr Kuldip Nayar
Dear Kuldip Nayar Saheb, Adaab
I refer to your article ‘Why Muslims are silent on Kashmir or Pakistan?’
Before I take issue with some of your exhortations and presumptions, I must clarify that I hold you personally in highest esteem and have been most appreciative of your relentless efforts to solve the communal problem in the subcontinent. Your sincerity remains above question. And you have been persistent in your stand for fairly long time to think that your positions on secularism, Indian nationalism, Kashmir or Pakistan, has any opportunistic bias.
I will take issue with the title of the article itself: Why Muslims are silent on Kashmir or Pakistan? Being in media, you are not unaware, how Muslim voices are silenced. ‘Muslims’ are noticed and projected only when they are needed to support certain points of view that any given time are on the top of the media campaign. Otherwise, their existence, at least during the 40 year long Congress regime, was only needed to garner their votes. Neither the grass-root millions nor even intellectuals including Ulama have any continued presence in affairs of the state at all or any level, nor covered by the media.
The state and establishment not only has targeted and weakened Muslim community deliberately with a silent ongoing conspiracy to ghettoize the community and strip them of any economic, political or social power. Muslims are out of reckoning in employment, businesses, industry, agriculture, education. Their economic progress is targeted deliberately by staging communal riots, even or specially by the ‘secular’ Congress, under the overwhelming influence of old classic Brahmanical strategy of ‘ostracisation’ and ‘shudarisation’. Even now, police cases are pointedly framed against, famous Muslim names, who achieve some prominence in the field of business and industry. The aim is to silence the Muslim.
And you are asking innocently through screaming headlines ---why Muslims are silent on Pakistan or Kashmir. Muslim are silent or silenced on even bread issues and you want them to talk about cake!
In media, they are unceremoniously blacked out. If you take statistics of centimeter/column space in all print media, you’ll find that Muslim voices by Muslim leaders of any kind are almost infinitesimal. I have been writing letters to Times of India on Muslim related concerns, around 100 in the last 6 months, ------- though the same letters had got published in other publications like HT, Pioneer; but Times of India, Mumbai has published only 2 letters ---one countering Sudharshan’s statement exhorting Muslims and Christians to Indianise and another on the influence of Pak Jamate Islami and Jamiet Ulema e Pakistan on visiting President Pervez Musharraf-----none was carried on its web-site. Every two months Times of India publishes short interviews by S. Balakrishnan or Vidhyadhar Date, both Muslim-baiters, ----- with some local Muslim personages, deliberately selected to be the most unrepresentative of the mainstream Muslims.
An unprovoked midnight combing operation in the middle of city of Mumbai, on a sizable Muslim locality is inflicted by entering in each and every household, terrorising women, children, old people, looting valuables from homes which the terrified people could not object, manhandling and beating young boys and dragging them to police station ----all under the false and specious excuse of ‘a raid on SIMI offices’ in the locality. Ninety percent of the common people in the locality may not have even heard the name of ‘SIMI’. It is all done by the so-called secular Sonia Congress led Maharashtra Government, under the active leadership of ‘arch-secularist’ Sharad Pawar’s protégé, Chagan Bhujbal, the ex-Shiv Sena tiger, who has not yet shed its stripes.
No human rights protagonist raised a voice, ---just because Bhujbal has silenced them with the name of ‘SIMI’. While you are still stuck with Kashmir, even other parts of India are now becoming as dangerous as Kashmir, as far as Muslims are concerned. The same Muslim-hating mentality that had made a hell out of the paradise of Kashmir, is now spreading all over the country.
Times of India publishes the report of that mid-night combing operation in Kurla under the byline of its ‘crime reporter’. The only step now remains, is to declare the whole community as ‘criminals’ on the lines of British ‘thugs’ and ‘criminal tribes’ and deprive them of all civil rights.
Kashmir became a mess due to the Congress government’s anti-Muslim hate policies. They wanted territory; Kashmiri Muslims were expendable. The Muslim-hate policies persisting, now it is the turn of the whole of India to flare up like Kashmir. I appeal to you to focus on the fast deteriorating condition of the Muslim community all over India, which will certainly slide into the same abyss that destroyed Kashmir. You are one of the few sane voices that can see through the thick fog of religious divide. India is astride on a ticking bomb. Let no one feel complacent on that account.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai 400050


Dictatorship as ‘secularism’

Usama Khalidi (US)

Editor: Rashid Ghannoushi's views should not be read as if he is talking about secularism in India or the US. He is talking in the context of his country, Tunisia, which has seen worst kind of authoritarian rule right from Bourguiba times. All injustice and denial of democratic rights is justified in the name of 'secularism.' The other example of this extremist secularism is Turkey. That model of secularism is totally and utterly rejected and I will never even dream of living in a society like this which is in fact ruled by a clique, civilian or military, in the name of secularism. The same sacred-cliche-game is repeated in many Arab and Muslim countries where freedoms are denied in the name of 'democracy' or other cliches including 'Islam' as in Iran and Afghanistan. Ghannoushi is not propagating a Talibanist Islam but trying to address the problem of Bourguibist-Ataturkist dictatorship cloaked as 'secularism.'

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