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MG – A noble venture
I enjoy your Milli Gazette. It is nice and interesting Jazakumullah khairal jazaa. I am proud about you sir, for your dedication for Islam. 
Rizqon, Indonesia

It is a joy to see that human rights groups quoting extensively from Milli Gazette. Praying for continued progress of the journal and people connected with the venture. 
Saeed Suhrawardy, New Delhi

On BB Khan’s AIMPLB missive
May I refer to an open letter to AIMPLB by BB Khan, MG 16-31 July 2002.
With due regards to the sentiment of a former Minister, his proposal and expectation from the Board are quite controversial and need a sensible and deep review of the issues raised by him. It is not the fault of the provisions of Islamic jurisprudence, but it is because of defective system of the implementing machinery. It is the issue of interest that has genuinely caused a setback to the development of community programmes. Certain Muslims in the name of Islam have played nefariously with Islamic financial schemes and cheated Muslim masses. Muslim financial institutions like Al-Falah in Delhi can be cited as an example. It is saddening that the Family Planning, Animal sacrifice, Haj, Zakat or recitation of the Quran (in regional language) have been misunderstood. The system appears to be defective and irrelevant, because the followers, the implementing agency or the State and ulamas are lacking real sense of these provisions in true sense.
S. Shafiq Ahmad
Meerut (UP)

Anglican Church’s move 
The Church of England has initiated concerted moves to convert Muslims, Hindus and followers of other religions to Christianity. The decision was approved ‘overwhelmingly’ by the General Synod in York on 6th July 2002 (According to the Sunday Times of 7th July).
As usual, this shocking and insulting objective was pushed through by a Kerala Christian, George Kovoor. The Kerala Syrian Christians are the prime drivers of this renewed evangelical effort. They are the ones with most to gain politically and economically from conversions in Kerala and benefit through the rubber industry lobby and the Manorama group.
They are the very same people who supported the British against Gandhi and even suggested that Gandhiji be shot. There is clear evidence that the CIA has also funded the Syrian Christians in its long standing efforts to fragment India.
As the article says, "The idea of converting other faiths has arisen partly because the Church of England has lost nearly a quarter of its active membership since 1990." 
Almost defunct in its own home territory, the Church is launching a membership drive in Asia and Africa where groups like the Kerala Christians are still eager to do its bidding despite the resulting social and economic damage to their own countries.
We urge you to make people in India aware of this issue.
Dr Jayram Pillai
Overseas Hindu Professionals Association
Harrow, Middx (England)

Insensitive government
The government has devised stringent laws to combat terrorism, but it has failed to address the root cause. It is the prime responsibility of an elected government to mete out justice proportionately and speedily in order to curb crimes. Government must in no case differentiate between criminals so that an example can be set. In our city, a very educated and sophisticated family, was literally wiped off but even after more than four months, persons responsible for this barbarism have not been brought to book. 
Dr. Mohammad Saleem was a brilliant doctor and his daughter, who has just passed her MBBS, was bound to prosper as an exceptionally good doctor in view of her illustrious educational record. Dr. Saleem’s son was a graduate in Biochemistry, and his wife, who succumbed to her injuries recently, was showing her mettle as an entrepreneur. The extremely brutal massacre of the family is the worst act of terrorism, which deserves an exemplary punishment. Will the government initiate an impartial time bound investigation without further delay and allay the fears of the common citizens?
Dr. Salman Sultan
AA Abbasi
Rehan Rashid
Saeedur Rahman
Azamgarh (UP)

Self defence for Muslim women
This refers to the recent photograph in the print media showing Hindu women and teenage girls queuing up for combat training spearheaded by the right-wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in parts of Jammu and Kashmir.
The accompanying news also justifies that some 30 women and children have been killed by militants in Jammu region alone this year.
2000 Muslim women were raped and hundreds burnt alive within days in the recent Gujarat riots alone. Aren’t the Muslim women then the most eligible for acquiring arms and combat training?
But alas! While the Hindus get the government cover for such arms training, the Muslims get the title of "anti-nationals" the moment they utter even the word like "self defence". That’s what exactly happening in the largest secular democracy of the world.
Iffat Aara

Definition of terrorism
India and to be declared a terrorist state? If worst comes to pass, this will be the singular precious gift to the nation from super-patriots, Gujarat's chief minister Narendra Modi and VHP's Praveen Togadia, harvesting the killing fields of Gujarat. Even members of majority community are now committing suicide as the State faces the aftermath of genocidal mass mobilisation.
BBC TV's Asia Today, interviewed Ms. Lise McKean, from Impact Research Center, Chicago who said as much after having attended a multi-religious meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington (this week), which was also attended by Shankaracharya of Puri. She was apprehensive and so were NRIs in the US, about the "escalation of terrorism against Muslim community under the rule of Bharatiya Janata Party" and the growing world reaction to the communal violence in India, widely branded as ‘terrorism.’
This should come as a major blow to Sangh Parivar, as LK Advani in 
particular, had been continuously after the US government for over a decade to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state for its across the border support to militants in J&K. This week, US even categorically declined to do that.
It seems there is a vast difference in the definition of 'terrorism' as understood by the West and India.
Ghulam Muhammad, Mumbai

A smokescreen on Gujarat sins
APJ Abdul Kalam’s election has now been formalised and he is the President of India now. All political parties except the Left and Janata Dal (Secular) supported his candidature.
After all, what compelled the BJP to choose him for the highest post, when he had nothing to do with politics so far. He has been an eminent scientist and wedded to his profession.
Whatever happened in Gujarat recently is an open secret. The nomination of APJ Abdul Kalam by the BJP is a ploy to placate the minority community so that they forget the Gujarat incidents.
The BJP should not be credited for his nomination. It is, in fact, the Samajwadi Party which at first proposed his name for this highest post. Abdul Kalam’s election is in fact a smokescreen on the sins of Gujarat.
Ghulam Sarwar
New Delhi

Secularism test for Kalam
Kalam is the right choice to be made president. He is a Muslim and the world will know that Muslims enjoy equal rights in secuar India. Whenever he receives any foreign visitor or goes on foreign tour, he should take off his pants and show that he is cicumcised to prove that India is a secular state. His circumcised things should be shown to all before he takes oath of office.
Mukhtar Ali Naqvi

Misuse of POTA
"If you sow wind, you will reap whirlwind" is aptly applicable to Mr Vaiko.
The apprehensions expressed by the opposition parties and other organisations regarding the misuse of POTA is coming true. It is ironic that those who were its staunch supporters are themselves saying that POTA is being misused. Mr Vaiko was himself an unabashed advocate of the draconian law and was the first to support its implementation. Even the BJP, who brought this legislation, has disapproved of the use of POTA against Mr Vaiko. His party is an ally of the BJP. 
Now the ruling front is saying that POTA should be used against terrorists not politicians. But what if one indulges in acts of terrorism in the garb of politics.
If the top brass of the BJP have now realised that there is nothing to distinguish the use of POTA from its misuse, then the party should carry this concern to its logical conclusion, that is discarding this draconian law.
Obaid Ahmad
New Delhi

Failure of Muslim leadership
The review "Asleep Behind the Wheel" by SI Ahmad (MG 16-31 July 2002) regarding emergence of Muslim leadership failure, needs the mention of some basic factors which have hitherto been an impediment in the community's development in socio-economic and religio-political perspective.
Muslims in India are genuinely lacking in leadership, their history being the witness. Muslims came to India either as rulers or businessmen and embraced Islamic faith, they, however, followed the basic patterns of Indian cultural and social norms of life with minor changes.
Muslims as feudal, survived even in British India. The middle class which emerged in the British rule had vast socio-cultural divide amongst them virtually ignoring Islamic norms of equality (Musawat). This self-styled elite enjoyed privileges at the cost of poor masses while posing themselves as Muslim leadership material.
The Ulamas also did not play a genuine role, and instead favoured the rulers. They served the feudals at the cost of Islamic jurisprudence. Now, they are still with the powers-that-be and enjoying all the privileges and furthering their political ambitions -- all at the cost of Muslim ummah.
S Shafiq Ahmad
Meerut (UP)

About God and Bush
We do not want statement
We want only enactment
Allah also says it to Janaab Akbar
And so also Ishwar to Shri Amar
How do you call it God-worship
When it is almost Bush-worship?
Instead of seeking pleasure of God
All are yearning meekly for America’s nod
Who had smoked out the Japanese?
Who had terrorized the Vietnamese?
What has made the White House great?
The Watergate or the Zippergate?
And yet they are trying to terrorize the cowards of the world
By showing pictures of unarmed captives to the world!!!
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

Unscientific Indoctrination
Saffronisation of education, under Murli Manohar Joshi, is being undertaken fervently in the country. There is apprehension amongst the masses that this is likely to darken India’s multi-cultural society’s future.
According to many this controversy is a political one and so not noteworthy. But, the fact is that, the trend of saffronising public education is becoming a severe threat to both secularism and democracy which seems like moving towards fascism.
Tampering with the Indian history (facts) with the motive of Hinduising it is not a new trend. Giving acceptance to fascist thoughts which is gaining currency now-a-days, and then including them in school books is most likely to create vandals who would surely feel proud in Babri Masjid’s destruction or who would gain pleasure by disfiguring the world-famous Indian heritage like the Taj Mahal.
Just see whether the following can be called history education?: Government of Gujarat’s History (Samajvidyaa) text book for Std VI, there is a lesson ‘Shankaracharya’ showing several miracles on page 20. It is mentioned here that when Shankaracharya recited Kankathar Stavana Mantra it caused a rain of golden fruits. On page 21, it is mentioned that a crocodile which had caught the leg of Shankaracharya freed him when he persuaded his mother to allow him to become a Sanyaasi. What should a teacher reply when his students, after reading such things, ask natural and logical questions? Will the saffron brigade explain?
Another example of distorting history by telling not only untruth but also hiding half truth can be seen on page 55 of the said book where it is written that Aurangzeb was a temple-breaker and oppressor, who had killed numerous Hindus. On page 59 it has been revealed that Shivaji was a life-saver, a messiah for Hindus who saved them from Mughal rulers. But nothing has been said about how ruthlessly and indiscriminately the peace-loving citizens of Surat were looted by the same Shivaji not once but twice?!!
Let it be discussed where will such teaching take our future generations? What benefit will it give to our country (I mean the people of country including Hindus?!!) Let there be a national debate.
Ilyaas Patel ‘Babu’
Khanpur Deh, (Bharuch-Gujarat)

Wrong and Misleading Analogy
RSS chief spokesman MG Vaidya told a press conference in Krurukshetra on June 30, that if the government wanted to solve Ayodhya dispute, it could enact a law as was done to over-rule the Supreme Court verdict in Shah Bano case.
The saffronites have been trying to mislead people by equating Babri Masjid-Ramjanambhoomi dispute with the Shah Bano case. Shah Bano case was not one of illegal possession of a temple by creating a dispute over it. In fact, it was a case of misinterpretation of the Quran by the Supreme Court against the unanimous interpretation of Sunni and Shia scholars during last 1500 years. Muslims, Sunni and Shia sects both, peacefully protested against the judgment and got their grievance redressed through democratic and constitutional means.
On the contrary, the Supreme Court, earlier in the famous case of Krishna Singh Vs Mathura Ahir, AIR, 1980, S.C., 707-712, had ruled that part III of the constitution does not touch upon the personal laws of the parties. In applying the personal laws, the judge could not introduce his own concept of modernised and authoritative sources of Hindu Laws. In sharp contrast to this verdict, the Supreme Court has taken a totally different view in the Shah Bano case. How far is this judicious? Moreover, Babri Masjid case before the court is a ‘Title Suit’ which cannot be treated as parallel to the Shah Bano case.
G Hasnain Kaif
Azad Ward, Bhandara (Maharashtra)

Book transmission rates
It will be in accordance with our resolve to popularise libraries and encourage the habit of book reading if postage rate for transmission of printed matter is reduced to the minimum possible extent. Its application should also be defined more specially. Currently there is a lot of confusion in this regard not only in public but also in post offices. They should publish pocket-size Postal Guides as they used to do earlier.
Sultan A Patel
Khanpur Deh-392150

Plea for durable Indo-Pak Peace
Pakistan President General Musharraf has started a reversal process initiated by Late Zia-ul-Haq some 13 years back. It goes to the credit of General Musharraf, that he managed the affairs after September 11 attacks on the US, coolly and prevented Pakistan from international wrath by dissociating itself from the religious zealots, the Taliban. which it nurtured and supported. 
To ease the tension between India and Pakistan, Musharraf took some bold steps. In fact he openly dissociated Pakistan from any terrorist activities going on in Kashmir. Seeing the peace gestures of Pakistani General India should have grabbed the initiative. It is quite unfortunate that India is once again repeating the past routine to kill time and put the dialogue process deferred. Whenever the climate for a dialogue becomes favourable, India withdraws for the reasons known to India.
India, as such should welcome the peace gestures of Gen. Musharraf, and without killing the time should start negotiations with Pakistan for a durable and lasting solution to Kashmir issue.
Nasir Hussain Beerzadah
Research Scholar, Kashmir University

Who is behind MG?
I want to know if the MG is owned by a person, or does it belong to any community organization?
Mohammed Shakir Siddiqui, Paterson, USA

Editor: MG is not brought out by any 'organization' or Jamaat as such. It is brought out by me using mostly my own funds. Though some friends and like-minded people have extended a helping hand, still I have to bear the big deficit. The paper has been brought out to meet an acute need of a Muslim voice in English in this country where we constitute a community of around 200 million people but have no stake in the non-Urdu media and our voice goes unheard. Though MG has been appreciated a lot at home and abroad but this has not translated into resources and, as a result, we are unable to progress to a weekly and editions in other areas and languages.

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