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Hindutva’s Trojan horses
By IK Shukla 

These are dangerous times in India, with avowed fascists at the helm ravaging the nation ruthlessly. 

At this crucial crossroads in the polity, democrats and secularists can very well do without the services of religious revivalists and "culture-national" revanchists. 

Therefore, it is imperative to prevent the fight for freedom and peace, dignity and justice being hijacked by the double dealers and slick saboteurs. 

It is in this perspective that the antecedents and actions of some media-manufactured celebrities must be thoroughly scrutinized to ensure a measure of safety for the activists and to warn the larger campaign committed to eradicating fascism and bigotry, violence and corruption - sponsored and indulged in by the saffron Taliban. 

Judged from this angle, the fishy activities and sinister silence of Shri Agnivesh, an Arya Samajist, and Smt. Nirmala Deshpande, a Gandhian, as detailed and publicised by Dr. Shamsul Islam, Mrs. Neelima Sharma, and Mr. John Dayal are a cause for concern and call for unreserved denunciation. 

The role of Arya Samaj in fanning communal fires is a matter of record. As to Gandhians in Gujarat, most of them were exposed in their true colors as cowards, hypocrites and rank communalists both in particular instances like those at Sabarmati Ashram and Gujarat Vidyapeeth, and in their general behavior as an ideological collective which either remained moribund or actively and gleefully participated in bringing "pride" to Gujarat from rape, rapine, arson, and ethnocide via rivers of fire and rains of blood. 

Many Gandhians thus joined the fabricated and fiendish "mainstream" of an infernal Gujarat which declared a war on the minorities, Muslims being the latest victims. Even after the systematic series of unending pogroms targeting Muslims, Gujarat Gandhians, by and large, have not been very active or articulate against the saffronazis, choosing, instead, discreetly to sink in the saffron swamp.

A Swami seeking the blessing of an ace communalist, crowning him with a saffron turban at his Race Course residence, refusing to display Gandhi's photograph, carrying inflammatory Arya Samaj flyers derogatory of and inimical to Muslims, okaying the railway compartment draped in saffron at Delhi, etc., behaving in Gujarat in a suspicious manner and putting in jeopardy the lives of his fellow travellers without any qualm, without any explanation, is quite a sinister theme. 

And, he added insidiousness to infamy by refusing to respond to his repeated indictment. In public life, no one, no "Swami", no "Gandhian" is divinely privileged to claim immunity against transparency and accountability. 

Deshpande and Agnivesh owe an explanation and an apology not only to John Dayal, Shamsul Islam, and Neelima Sharma, all of them far more eminent in their fields and as indefatigable activists, but to all those engaged in countering the assault on our Constitution and diabolically planned liquidation of our minorities. They cannot hide behind the see-through shroud of silence. It only compounds their infamy and their indictment. 

Those of us who felt attracted to Agniveshji, are disillusioned. We don't need Trojan horses in any guise, in any garb. Not amidst us, not in our society, not in our polity. Certainly not in our fight against fascism, theocratic terrorism, bigotry, bellicosity, corruption, and perversion of history. 

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