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COMMUNITY NEWS: 1-15 August 2002

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 

The results of the Senior Secondary Board Examinations 2002 of eight schools of Delhi’s Muslim students have been both hopeful and depressing. Depressing in the sense that the percentage of last years’ pass-out students was 61, while it has been 60 percent this year. And hopeful in the sense that there has been an appreciable increase in the number of 1st division students. Out of the 434 students of eight schools only 44 students had secured 1st division in the year 2001 which is about 10 percent, whereas 72 out of 505 students of the same schools in 2002 have got 1st division which is 14 percent i.e. almost one and a half times more than the previous year. Still the results are not satisfactory in comparison with other schools which requires serious attention.

New Delhi: Former central minister CK Jafar Sharif said that without the progress in modern education, not only the safety but the very survival of Muslims would be in danger, because the fascist elements with their vicious conspiracies and slogans were provoking the minorities to come to streets so that the police and security forces may play a bloody game with them. He said in a press statement that Muslims were so backward both educationally and economically that they were unable to understand the dangerous game of communal elements and to give fitting reply to them.
He rejected the idea of floating a new Muslim party as well as joining hands with small parties to fight against communal elements. However the situation is not depressing as there is the platform of modern and scientific education where all Muslim groups without sectarian differences can gather together to think about their religious survival and overall developments, he said.

Bhopal: Modern subjects along with madrasa education are being taught to students in Madhya Pradesh. Talking to media persons, chairman of Madhya Pradesh State Madrasa Board Prof Halim Khan said that subjects like Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, History, etc. along with traditional religious education are taught there. He said that business courses are going to be started from October in madrasas of 35 districts of the state with assistance from Central Waqf Council. He further said that a two and half year Diploma course in Unani medicine was also going to be started from next academic year in all MP madrasas under Madrasa Board. Products of madrasas with Maulvi or Alim’s degree can take admission in it and after completing the course they would be eligible to carry on their practice. In reply to a question he said that there are about 5200 madrasas in MP. Among them 3300 madrasas have been registered by MP Madrasa Board, out of which 485 madrasas also get grants while the remaining ones are run by public assistance and cooperation. He refuted the claim that these madrasas are involved in anti-national activities.

New Delhi: Minister for Development, Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Delhi Haroon Yusuf inaugurated the third branch of Jamia Co-operative Bank on July 11 at Abul Fazal Enclave, Okhla.
Speaking at the inaugural function the minister said that most of the people living in Okhla were socially and educationally backward. The way the bank had been functioning was praiseworthy considering peoples’ needs. He said that the co-operative movement was spreading fast in Delhi.
Feeling the need of such a bank in Abul Fazal, Prof Asad Ali of Jamia Millia Islamia said that the purpose of setting up the bank was to improve the condition of people and to provide them with a chance to develop.
MFH Baig, director of JCB, said that the bank was set up on December 28, 1995. It was opening its third branch within a short period of six years. It had about 13000 accounts with a profit of about Rs 17 million rupees. However, he lamented that big companies took six per cent interest from other banks while they took more from JCB. Speaking about setting up a branch in Okhla he said that in this densely populated area forming about one million population there was neither a maternity centre nor any appropriate water or electricity facility. The area had no bank either, he said.

India preventing probe into riots
New Delhi: Human rights group Amnesty International said on 22 July that New Delhi had effectively refused its delegates access to Gujarat, where they wanted to investigate recent massacres and other human rights violations. The Indian government had failed to issue visas by a deadline of July 12 as agreed with its representatives in London, the group said in a statement. "Amnesty International believes that the refusal of the Indian government to grant access to the state will only reinforce the concerns that the government of Gujarat and the state police might have been accomplices in ... allowing (the violence) to occur and could be now attempting to cover up involvement of their officials." (AFP)

Madrasas asked to furnish lists 
The Uttar Pradesh government has asked madrasas receiving foreign aid and registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act in Sidharthanagar district bordering Nepal to furnish lists of their staff and students, a senior police official said on 20 July "As the majority of teachers and students in the madrasas in this district are from other states, including Jammu and Kashmir, they have been asked to furnish the lists," Superintendent of Police Mahavir Prasad said. The decision was taken after a murder in one of the madrasas in the district a few days ago, Prasad said (

Antulay quits
New Delhi: Former Maharashtra chief minister A R Antulay on July 12 said that he had resigned as chairman of the AICC's minority department calling the office as more a decorative piece in the museum of AICC. "This is more a decorative piece in the museum of AICC at 24 Akbar Road than a department which can effectively deliver," Antulay said when asked whether he resigned because the department was "toothless". Antulay, who had succeeded senior party leader Arjun Singh following reorganisation of the party secretariat last year, had a meeting with party president Sonia Gandhi. He had not been attending his office at the AICC for the past few months. Sources close to him said that he had put in his papers some time back. (PTI) 


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