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Ayodhya to be main BJP plank in U.P.
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh is cleverly bringing Ayodhya at the centre-stage of the state politics keeping in mind its deteriorating popularity among masses in this election-year inspite of the best efforts and every possible gimmick by the chief minister Mr Rajnath Singh. The saffron brigade knows it very well that if at this stage it will raise the Ram Mandir issue it will not only be opposed by its allies at the Center and the state but its hardcore supporters will also not take it seriously keeping in mind the track record of its political wing the BJP which compromised the issue for the sake of power both at the Centre as well as at the UP state level.

This time the think tank of saffron brigade has discovered a slow but effective poison. Ayodhya very cleverly has been put at the priority list of the ISI and other terrorists and subversive organizations. It seems as if the ISI and other subversive forces inimical to India have kept aside Kashmir and have made Ayodhya their priority. Every alleged terrorist who is arrested is blamed to be moving towards Ayodhya to capture the makeshift Ram Temple standing on the debris of demolished Babri Masjid and to hoist the Pakistani flag over it!. All these terrorists are killed in an ‘encounter’ with Special Task Force (STF) like sitting ducks even if they are always heavily armed having most sophisticated AK-47 & 56 rifles, grenades, RDX and other deadly arms and ammunition.

In the month of April this year three ‘dreaded’ terrorists were killed in Gomtinagar locality of the state capital in an encounter with STF jawans but not a single shot was fired by these 'dreaded terrorists' inspite of the fact that they were claimed to be carrying very sophisticated arms according to the police notice. According to the STF sleuths these terrorists were on their way to Ayodhya… Their plan was to capture the make-shift Ram Temple and hoist the Pakistani flag on it. That there are only the debris of the demolished Babri Masjid covered by polythene sheets and Ram’s idol has been put over this malba (debris), where the flag would have been hoisted was never considered by these sleuths..

Recently two youths, Abdur Rahman alias Altaf alias Rohit of Ambedkarnagar and Saleem Qamar alias Neeraj of Azamgarh were arrested by STF in the cantonment area of the state capital. On clues provided by these youths one Imran was shot dead by STF men in Ayodhya. According to the police theory Imran was the area commander of Lashkare Toiba and was supervising strike operations in UP and other states. According to Mr. Rajiv Sabbharwal the senior superintendent of police (STF), Imran fired many shots at the police party when he was challenged by them. After a brief exchange of fire he was shot dead whereas no policeman received even a minor injury!. Police claims that Imran’s plan to set off explosions at Hanuman Garhi, a temple in Ayodhya on June 13, had failed.

Paramhans Ram Chandra Das, president of Ram Janam Bhoom Nyas, decided not to lag behind and confirmed that Imran had met him as a 'journalist' a few months ago just before the murderous attack on him. However, the fact is that it was a sadhu named Vedanti who had attacked him over a dispute of land belonging to some temples in Ayodhya where such disputes are very common.

The communal approach of the administration may be understood by the fact that the explosion in a train near Muradnagar on 14 August is considered to be the handiwork of the students of Darul Uloom Deoband as the train had passed from Deoband and many passengers including a few students had boarded the train there, and if the authorities in Lucknow are to be believed there were some terrorists among these students and they did this dastardly act that killed five persons including a constable and injured many persons including these very students whose friends are being interrogated by the police in hospital.

By clubbing Ayodhya with every incident of terrorism in UP the BJP government and the saffronized administration are trying to create a sympathy wave among Hindu masses and brain wash them to realize that the Ayodhya issue has been taken over by ‘Islamic terrorists’ and only a BJP dispensation in UP can protect their religious interests and so it should again be given the chance to rule. This ground-level preparation will help the saffron brigade, particularly VHP and Bajrang Dal to mobilize the masses especially the hotheads to join their movement well before the D day i.e., 12 March 2002 when the VHP plans to start the construction of Ram Mandir.

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