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Libya: Basics facts and figures

Official name: The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
Location: Libya is located in North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea It has six neighbors: Egypt, Sudan, Chard, Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. The country’s location has enabled it to witness many civilization and became an important caravan trade link between Africa and Europe.
Area: 1, 775, 500 sq km with a surface comprising coastal plains, plateaus, and mountains. The Sahara desert extends deep into the south with its scattered oases and small towns. Green forests are found on Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar in eastern Libya.
Climate: A typical Mediterranean climate along the coast in the northern parts and dry desert in the south. Average yearly rainfall 240 mm. Average temperature is between 8C during winter and 38C during summer time.
Population: estimated in 1999 at 5.04 million; most of them inhabit the coastal areas.
Population age structure: 0-5 years: 12. 5%; 5-24 years : 51.4%; 25-64 years: 32.2%; and 65+: 3.9%
Religion: Islam.
Official Language: Arabic (English, French and Italian are widely understood.)
Currency: 1 Libyan Dinar (LD) =1,000 Dirhams
Political System: People’s democracy in which popular direct authority is the basis of the political system. Authority including legislation is exercised through the Basis People’s Congresses and implemented by People’s Committee.
Major cities: Tripoli, Benghazi, Tubruq, Darna, Al- Bayda, Misurata, Sirte, Zawia, Gharyan and Sebha.
Major archaeological sites: Tripoli, Sabrata, Libda (Leptis Magna), Shahat (Syrene), Germa (Garama), Ghadamas,Ghat, Kabawe among many others.
Major oases: Jalu, Awjila, Al-Jaghbub, Al-Kufra, Al- Jufra, Murzuq, Al-Qatrun, and Zalla.
Natural lakes: Waw An-Namus, Gabar Awon, Mindera, Umm Al-Ma, and Majzem.

Libyan Economy indications
GDP: Purchasing power parity: US$34.07 billion (1999)
GDP: per capita: US$6,760 (1999)
Foreign Trade: Libya depends primarily upon revenues from oil and natural gas in addition to petrochemical and other industrial products. Machines, transportation, foodstuffs, and animasl were of the major imports and exports in 1999
Libya imports/exports (in thousands of LDs):in 1999:
Exports: 3,682,182; Imports: 1,928,588

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