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J&K: Over 13,000 militants killed, 3100 surrender since 1990

Srinagar: Police and security forces in their continued combat against militancy and proxy-war have killed 13326 militants since January 1990 till ending July this year, according to official figures announced on 15 August.

While 3148 militants have surrendered to the authorities after realizing the futility of Pak staged melodrama of death and destruction, as many as 483 ultras have died and 1012 received injuries in 741 incidents of inter-group clashes.

The inter gang clashes of militants have not only taken their lives but also those of the families and relatives of rival militants. Consequently 173 civilians have lost their lives and 397 militants have sustained injuries in the inter-group clashes of militant outfits over a period of one decade The sustained pressure of police/security forces on the militants has forced them to choose and hit soft targets, an official spokesman said. They have carried out carnages of innocent people not only in the inhabited areas but also in the far off serene meadows where poor shepherds go to tend their cattle in summer and thus feed their families. Militants have also made extensive use of grenades and IED explosives causing massive human and material losses.

Since 1990 till July 2001, militants have killed 9319 innocent civilians. In addition, they have caused critical injuries to 13368 civilians by way of firing, hurling of grenades and triggering explosions. 1113 of the civilians have died and 9454 civilians suffered injuries in explosions and grenade attacks of militants alone. 4727 incidents of hurling of grenades and 4541 incidents of IED/Explosions were reported. 946 civilians got killed and 2893 injured in cross-firing between militants and police/security forces 4124 incidents of abduction at the hands of militants also took place during the period under reference.

So far 3053 police and security forces personnel including 191 SPOs and 54 VDC members have lost their lives in this proxy-war since its out-break. 516 of them have been officers and jawans of J&K Police and the remaining 2292 of other security forces. A mammoth seizure/ recovery of arms, ammunition and explosives itself demonstrates that it is not mere militancy/insurgency but a full-fledged proxy-war that the police and security forces are combating. Since the start of Pak initiated proxy war, the police and security forces have recovered from militants 22406 rifles of AK series 47/56/74 with 45405 AK magazines and 29.23 lakhs of AK rounds followed by 8910 pistols/revolvers with 8561 magazines and 1.85 lakh rounds, 984 UMGs with 1297 magazines and 1.19 lakh rounds, 73 carbines, 73 LMGs/SLRs with 31 magazines, 322 sniper rifles with 42154 rounds, 1.22 lakh of belted ammunition, 3857 rockets, 691 rocket launchers and 2087 rocket boosters.

The seizure and recovery over the period also includes explosive material besides weapons and ammunition. So far 42658 grenades/hand grenades, 23 tonnes of explosives, 4377 improvised ved explosive devices (IEDs), 47695 detonators, 4660 electric detonators, 5151 anti-personnel mines, 474 anti-tank mines and 52 quintals of deadly RDX have been recovered during searches, raids and operations with the co-operation and intelligence back-up of people.

In the meantime 3198 wireless sets, 507 binoculars and 15602 metres of cordex wire have also been recovered from militants.

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