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Moradabad repeated in Gonda
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

The blood spots of innocent Muslims of Sirsawan god village in Moradabad district were not even washed off when a similar tragedy in Gonda city shocked the entire Muslim community in UP. The administration as usual passed the buck to nomads, a ‘criminal tribe,’ that usually commits such crimes but resorts to murderous assault only if resisted.

According to information received at the state capital, six members of a top contractor family were done to death and seven critically injured by unknown assailants on the night of 18th August. The miscreants plundered the house and left unchallenged as not a single member of the family was spared.

Mr. Yusuf a retired railway employee turned contractor who lived in Mewatiyan locality of the city with his three sons Tariq ,Rizwan and Imran and their family members totalling about 14 in their house .All of them were found lying in a pool of blood .The entire house was ransacked but surprisingly all the valuables were found untouched.

The assailants killed Mohammad Yusuf (80) his son Rizwan (40) two grandsons Aman and Roomi by breaking their skulls by iron rod and stick.The driver Nakku was strangulated in a side room . Yusuf’s wife Shamsunnisan, Rizwan’s wife Imrana (35), their children Reefa, Noman, Chandni,and Guddu were critically wounded .Yusuf’s second daughter in law and wife of Imran, Saira (27) was also seriously wounded and died while being brought to Lucknow for treatment.

The injured were admitted to a private nursing home where they are struggling for life till filing of this report. Chief Minister Rajnath Singh and Health Minister Ramapati Shastri who belongs to Gonda distt. visited the nursing home and announced an ex gratia of Rs one lakh and full treatment on govt expenses. It may be noted here that just two days before this incident a similar incident took place in Lucknow where a soap factory owner’s house was attacked by same suspected criminal tribe and one person was killed for whom the govt has announced a compensation of two lakh rupees. Both these families are well off and were not in need of govt. largesse but the government totally ignored the poors of Sirsawan goad village and not a single paisa has been paid to them except Rs 25000/- each by Congress followed by Rs 50,000/- each by Samajvadi Party The UP govt. did not even bother to look towards these poor families.

Director General of Police Mr. RK Pandit and Principal Home Secretary . Mr. Naresh Dayal asserted that it is the handiwork of nomads popularly known as Kacha Baniyan gang. Quoting the information these officers got from distt. officials they said that prima facie the incidents were the handiwork of this criminal tribe as the victims were attacked by blunt objects the characteristic of these criminals . It is also said that the incident is the fall-out of the rivalry over railway contract.

Opposition is however not ready to accept this theory. Local unit of Samajvadi party gave a call for Gonda bandh whereas Congress has demanded the judicial enquiry in both Moradabad and Gonda incidents. Talking to MG Mr. Shri Prakash Jaiswal the UPCC president said that the theory of criminal tribe would have been true in British period but now the BJP is trying to hide it failures by raising the bogey of criminal tribe. Why are they afraid of judicial enquiry he put a direct question before the chief minister.

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