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The man Islam builds
By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The man Islam aims to build is one in whom a two-fold activity is set off at the same time, internal activity as well as external activity. As a result of this twin activity, on the one hand his spiritual development continues and on the other his intellectual development goes on unhampered. On the one side it is a consolidation of his personality and on the other its expansion.

Internal Development
How Islamic way of life sets off inner activities in man. The greatest reason of it is the concept of accountability. That is the feeling that for all one's word and deed, even intentions, one is accountable before God Almighty. And after death he will have to face the divine court of justice. His whole record of life will be examined. And then according to its verdict he will be sent either to eternal hell or eternal Heaven. This feeling surging within him is so strong and so powerful that it shakes the entire human personality Afterward, he becomes the picture of one described in the Hadith in these words: Reckon yourself before being reckoned with. Weigh yourself before being weighed. And prepare yourself for the Great Appearance on Doomsday. (Al-Tirmidhi)
Islam brings man to the realization that God is omnipresent and omniscient. The consciousness of the presence of God activates all the brain cells of a person. A hunter once made this observation: If you are walking along a jungle, and all of a sudden you notice that in a nearby fence a live tiger is standing, your blood circulation will transform into a blood storm.

This is the case of feeling the presence of a tiger. Islam brings man to the realization every moment not only of the creator of the lion but also of the Creator of the entire universe. One can judge that when the thought of the presence of a tiger turns man's blood circulation into a blood storm, then how great a storm the thought of the presence of the creator of the lion, that is God Almighty, will be produced within a believer.

Therefore, by his own inner compulsion, he becomes a man of character and a good believer. For him it becomes impossible to be immoral or unjust or dishonest in his conduct to his fellow men.

This concept of the presence of God is no negative concept. This is wholly a positive concept. Because God is not simply a source of power, He is also a source of mercy. In this way the storm brought about by the awareness of the presence of God awakens not only the feeling of fear, but a strong feeling of hope as well. Similarly, the feeling of the presence of God becomes a perpetual incentive for the positive development of human personality.

This is called spiritual revolution in Islamic terms. In short, the belief in Islam makes accountability to God the greatest perpetual concern. This psychology brings about within man such spiritual revolution as positively influences the whole human personality. Therefore this is the only course of the spiritual revolution Islam seeks to produce within man. The experience shows that this provides so powerful incentive that man undergoes a perpetual spiritual storm. The potential of spirituality latent with man are activated to the ultimate extent and turns man into a spiritual superman. The feeling of the presence of God Almighty makes man cut to size. 'And man cut to size' is the ultimate word in the spiritual dictionary. He succeeds in finding all those things, in the full sense of the word, what he ought to find at the spiritual level. He becomes a spiritual person through and through.

External Activities
The second aspect is that an Islamic man is one who experiences a perpetual intellectual activity, which results in the greatest brainstorming. Intellectual awakening or intellectual development of an Islamic man takes place on such an extensive scale that he becomes one whose brain particles are activated to the highest possible extent. What is that external factor which creates such kind of intellectual activity in an Islamic man. It is Da'wah work. According to the Qur'an Prophet of Islam is the final Prophet. No Prophet is going to come after him. But the mission of the Prophet continues. The Ummah of the Prophet is held responsible to carry on this mission after him.

Addressing the Ummah the Qur'an says: And thus We made you an intermediary nation so that you may bear witness upon the people and the Prophet may be a witness to you. (2:143) A commentator of the Qur'an has interpreted this in these words: Muslims are intermediary between the Prophet and the nations of the world: (Al-Tabari).

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