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Terrorism: greatest danger to Islam and Muslims - i
By Maulana Akhlaq Hussain Qasimi

The heading of this article was established by Dr Israr Ahmad, the famous Pakistani scholar and chief of the Khilafat Movement, for his organ, Meethaq (Lahore) in May 1993. He is not only a unique leader of Pakistan with regard to his Islamic philosophy and thought and Qur’anic insight and oratiory skills but he also enjoys international recognition. There was a time when the need was being felt to strengthen Pakistan in all respects to protect the sub-continent from the Russian forces in Afghanistan. This aggression was fought from Pakistan territory and success was achieved. This bloody war of 13 years had taken the form of jihad and obviously without such a feeling it was difficult to fight the Russian invasion. During the same period Kashmir movement also started and Pakistan’s religious zeal was diverted towards Kashmir. Some sections of Pakistani patriots always argued that Pakistani staking for Kashmir is wrong. Today when it is deeply involved in this dispute, influential political and religious thinkers are raising their voices and making efforts to extricate it from this difficulty.

Allama Iqbal’s concept of Pakistan
Late Allama Iqbal, who is considered the creator of the concept of Pakistan, is being projected by his son Justice Javed Iqbal, as the creator of a secular Pakistan and an extract from his articles which he wrote while explaining his Asrare-e-Khudi is being given below:
‘The success achieved by Islam in victory and conquest was, to my mind, very harmful for its objectives. Undoubtedly, Islam’s aim is absorption or attraction but subjugation or conquest is not needed for attraction. Simple and true teachings of Islam which are free from subtle and complicated problems of metaphysics and are exactly in accordance with the human intellect testify this fact. There are such hidden qualities in the very nature of Islam through which it can attain the height of success.’

Terrorism and revivalist movement
Dr Israr made a comprehensive review of terrorism and the growing trend towards violence in the movement of revivalism (‘fundamentalism’ in the words of Europeans)which is going on in Muslim countries
But before his review, the conclusion drawn by Dr Israr after reviewing the conditions of violence in Muslim countries is being given here below:
‘It is a matter of regret and shock that extremely valuable blood is being wasted. Human lives are being lost. According to them they are offering sacrifices and being martyred. But, as I will describe in detail, no result can be achieved from this point of view. The reason is that the methodology is not correct. A correct methodology is required for true objective. All things cannot be done with all methods or manners. There is a proper way of doing a thing. If the objective is Islamic revolution, i.e. domination of Allah’s religion, which was achieved by Muhammad (SAW), then definitely the same methodology should also be adopted which was adopted by Muhammad Rasoolullah (SAW). You cannot do the work by methods borrowed from others, which was not done by Muhammad Rasoolullah (SAW). (Meethaq, Page 11) The detailed review is given below:

Terrorism in Algeria
The real problem is that the method adopted by religious elements in Algeria is the same method of terrorism. A military truck is passing. Some body throws a bomb. A certain number of armymen are killed. Now what will be their reaction? Government agents and army people will cordon off the entire area and carry out house-to-house search. It is a bitter truth that when an armyman enters a house for carrying out search, he comes across ladies and sees female beauty. He becomes a hungry wolf. When these hungry wolves enter the house from sexual point of view, they do what we normally hear. Same is the situation in Algeria today. Twenty people were killed by one party, ten or twelve by the other party. Furnace is burning. We are not getting the correct news. But this is a fact that the Islamic movement there gave up the path of election and took recourse to terrorism.

Terrorism in Kashmir
Same thing is happening in Kashmir. A military convoy is going. Pro-Hurriyet elements hurl a bomb. Ten or fifteen soldiers are killed. Now, they obviously know that the persons must be somewhere in the same area. They demand the people to hand over the concerned person to them or the entire population of the area should come out. They surround the whole area, enter the houses on the pretext of carrying out search, molest and rape women and in this way worst kinds of barbarism takes place. All this is because a wrong methodology is being used there. This is, in fact, an immediate reaction of such methods and its result will definitely come out. This is what happened in Algeria and unfortunately it has already started in Egypt with even greater force.

Terrorism in Egypt
Leader of Egypt’s Jama’ah Islamia, Omar Abdur Rahman is a blind man and is a forceful orator. These days he is in the US. But unfortunately this party or organization also has taken recourse to terrorism. Its members raid foreign tourists coming to their country. They hurl bombs on their buses, explode bombs at various places. The result of all this is already known to you. Against them there is a stable and strong government, which has a regular army of its own, paramilitary forces, a trained police force and many other forces and above all, the sole supreme power of the world, i.e. USA is on its back. Hence no positive result can be achieved by such methods.

Conditions in Saudi Arabia
I am feeling the danger of the same tactics in Saudi Arabia. Probably you will be aware of the warning given by King Fahd to fundamentalists. Inside the country arrests of such elements have started. Some religious leaders of mosques have been arrested. As a result of the after-effects of the jihad in Afghanistan, in particular, a certain wave swept the youth. Hence I cannot say when the furnace will be lit. According to news, arrests of members of violent movements have already started in Saudi Arabia.

Conditions in Gulf states
Recently, on my return journey from Hijaz I stayed at Abu Dhabi and Dubai for a few days. There I came to know that there was a strong warning by Shaikh Zayed also. Shaikh Zayed has asked his ulama to cooperate with his government in rooting out the fundamentalist elements that are growing in his country because these people are interpreting Islam wrongly and projecting it in a wrong way. In this connection my curt stand is that they are projecting Islam correctly but if their methodology is based on terrorism, it cannot be called correct. Wherever this type of methodology is used, whether in the East or West, is not correct and it will not lead to good results.

Ikhwanul Muslimeen of Egypt
I want to go a bit back in time. People who have some knowledge about Ikhwanul Muslimeen should refresh their memory. The fact is that Hasanul Banna Shaheed was a very great personality. He was neither a thinker nor a writer. Truly speaking from the points of view of thought, philosophy and writings, Jamat-e Islami has provided material to the Ikhwan. Books of late Maulana Maudoodi, after being translated into Arabic, reached them, and all revivalist thoughts and philosophies and in fact all information about Islamic way of life also reached there from here but as far as the sentiments and zeal are concerned, they (Egyptians) were very much ahead. Even otherwise, a peculiarity of the Arab people is that their sense of zeal and sentiment is very high. From this point of view Hasanul Banna was a very great person. He had instilled such a strong sense of jihad that after his martyrdom there was no one in Al Ikhwan who could control the enthusiasm and sentiments created by him. Therefore, the Ikhwan got divided into many groups which also included the terrorist groups. As a matter of fact the steps taken by President Nasser were against these very terrorists. Subsequently one of these sub-groups groups, Al-Takfir wa’l-Hjrah, became very active. I met an important leader of Ikhwan in 1979 who is no more now. He admitted the fact that members of Al-Takfir wa’l-Hjrah are basically members of Ikhwan. All of these got provoked and now they are under no body’s control.

Terrorism in Pakistan
I fear that in Pakistan also some parties or organizations may probably adopt the same methods. I have specially taken up this topic for the same reason because I find that whenever there are talks of disappointment and failure because of election methods, Jamiatul-Ulema-e-Islam wields Klashnikov. Hence whether it is Maulana Sami-ul-Haq Saheb or Maulana Fazlur Rahman Saheb, both of them talk of Klashnikov. Once I happened to listen to the conversation of Maulana Shirani Saheb. He also talked of Klashnikov. That means there is a danger of this method being adopted now from their side. Similarly, a Jamaat-e Islami friend of mine told me that our youngmen too are now getting out of control Those youngmen say if they have to take the course of elections, why did they get military training in Afghanistan? And what for is their power?

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